What is the Best Wattage for a Microwave?

The best wattage for a microwave for a person depends on his needs.

Generally, a wattage of 1000 is considered best.

A microwave of this wattage is efficient in cooking and heating.

Do Watts Matter in Microwaves?

Yes, it does. The operating power/ capacity of a microwave is determined in watts.

A microwave with higher wattage will be quicker and performs the desired functions in a better way than a lesser watt microwave.

The right microwave wattage for you depends on your needs.

Some people might need a microwave for heating a beverage or making popcorn, while others might be cooking full meals in it.

So microwaves of different wattages will be needed for each.

Microwave Oven Capacity and How It Influences Wattage?

Electric Ovens are among the appliances that are referred to as the ‘heavy draw’ appliances.

The size of the oven plays a significant role in the power consumption of the appliance.

A bigger oven will consume more power to get heat up and so more wattage and more power usage.

A conventional electric oven has a power consumption that ranges from 2000W to 5000W, which totals around 410kWh per year.

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Best wattage for Microwave Oven of each type

There is a wide variety of microwaves available, and each comes with a different wattage as per the type.

Here we are going to discuss a few;

Countertop Microwaves

This one is among the most affordable and easily accessible options in microwaves. 

They are found in three models; compact, mid-size, and full-size

Their size is based on the cubic feet of space on the inside of the microwave or the cooking space available.

The wattage of these microwaves varies with their size;

A compact microwave with an internal space of 0.4 to 0.5 cubic feet has a wattage range of 600 to 950

A mid-size microwave with an internal space of 0.5 to 0.8 cubic feet will have a wattage range of 800 to 1200.

A large size microwave with an internal space of 0.7 to 1.5 cubic feet will have a wattage range of 900 to 1250.

Over The Range Microwaves

An over-the-range microwave usually comes in a size of 0.6 to 1.5 cubic feet with a wattage range of 850 to 1100

 A baking dish of 15 inches can be easily placed inside the size of an oven.

They are installed in place of an oven hood above the stove, so they free up a lot of counter space, and it eases cooking.

Drawer Microwaves

Drawer microwaves are loved for their accessibility and convenience.

You can pull them out of the kitchen cabinet at the time of use.

The size of these models can range from 0.9 to 1.1 cubic feet and have a wattage of 950 to 1100 watts.

How does wattage reflect a microwave’s electricity consumption?

The electrical power is measured in Watts universally, and so the wattage of a microwave reflects its electrical consumption.

It determines the efficiency of a microwave. The higher the wattage, the better it is.

A microwave of 800 to 1200 wattage is considered reasonably good.

What is the Best Wattage for a Microwave – FAQs

Here we are addressing some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the best wattage for a microwave.

How to Find Microwave Wattage?

It is not hard at all.

Usually, the wattage of the microwave is displayed inside the door of the microwave or on the front side.

You can also find the wattage in the features and specs list of a microwave.

The wattage shows the electric current induced when the power is turned on.

How many watts are a normal microwave?

A microwave of 1000 to 1200 Watts works best for most people as it is efficient enough to cook and heat evenly and quickly.

However, it’s not good for defrosting and other operations which require more heating.

Higher Watt microwaves come with higher tickets, as they can cook faster and better.  

Can I change my microwave wattage?

Yes, you can change the microwave wattage.

Wattage is the power required by the microwave to operate.

Most microwaves come with a power level of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.

So, if your microwave is of a 1000 Watt, and you want it to operate at 50% of its capacity, then select level 5, and if you want it to operate at 80% capacity, then select level 8.

If you are using the power at full, i.e, 10, then it is running at 100% capacity at full 1000 Watts.

Is 700 watt microwave powerful enough?

Generally, 700 Watt is a decent wattage for a microwave.

But it also depends on your needs, if you want to use it for cooking full meals for a big family, then it might not work that fine.

But for simple tasks like heating beverages or leftovers, cooking instant meals or making popcorn, etc.

Is an 800-watt microwave powerful enough?

It depends on your needs and for what purpose you want to use it.

An 800-watt microwave is only slightly better than a 700-watt microwave. It does work more evenly, quickly, and efficiently than a 700 Watt one.

Are 900 watts good for a microwave?

A 900-watt microwave is considered good enough for an average user.

It is better than a 700 and 800 watts microwave and slightly more inefficient than a 1200-watt microwave.

It can boil a cup of water for 2 to 3 minutes.

It can defrost stuff easily and cooks evenly as well. It is good enough to cater to a big family.

Is a 1000-watt microwave powerful enough?

Wattage is equal to the power in microwaves, and a 1000-watt microwave is considered the optimal and is considered a high end among conventional microwaves.

Boils water quickly, cooks raw food evenly and makes popcorn almost instantly.

It also comes with a variety of settings that aid in cooking.

What is the difference between a 1000 and 1100-watt microwave?

In simple words, an 1100 Watt microwave can cook 10 times faster than a 1000-watt microwave.

A recipe that takes 5 minutes in an 1100 Watt microwave will take 30 seconds more in a 1000-watt microwave.

Will a 900-watt microwave pop popcorn?

Yes, it can pop popcorn, but it’s slightly overpowered for a simple function like this. Popping corns can easily be done in a 500 to 700 Watt microwave.

Are higher watt microwaves better?

Yes, the higher the wattage of the microwave, the better it works. As the wattage increases, the price tags also increase.

Higher watt microwaves will do the work more quickly and properly than lower watt ones.

How much time should I add for a 1000-watt microwave?

The time to be added depends on the recipe you are making. Generally, a 1000-watt microwave cooks and heats evenly and at a faster pace.

Microwave wattage calculator

The wattage can be calculated using a simple equation.

Power Consumption= Rated power in kW * time in hours

Suppose we are calculating wattage for a 1000-watt microwave.

Assuming that it runs for an hour, the power it will consume will be;

Power Consumption= 1000 watt * 1 kW

Power Consumption= 1 kWh

Now, suppose we are using a 1000 watts microwave for 15 minutes; the power consumption will be;

1000 watts * 0.25h= 0.25 kWh

( “*” implies multiplication)

What is the best wattage for a home microwave?

There is no single best wattage for a microwave. However, a 1000 watts microwave does many of the tasks expected of microwaves pretty well.

What is the best wattage microwave to buy?

The best wattage microwave to be bought is a subjective decision, as it’s different for different people.

Someone who wants a microwave for heating leftovers and popping corns will be fine with a 700 watts microwave, and someone who wants to prepare full meals in a microwave would need a 900 to 1000 watts microwave.

What is the best 1200-watt countertop microwave?

The best 1200 watts countertop microwave, based on a customer rating of 9.8, is the Panasonic 1.2 cubic feet Countertop / built-In Microwave Oven, 1200W Inverter Power, and a Genius Sensor.

Its inverter technology cooks seamlessly even at lower power settings.

You can also use it for poaching, brazing, and steaming delicate foods. It can automatically set power levels for cooking and defrosting.

What is a good wattage for a small microwave?

A good wattage for a small microwave can be 500 watts. A microwave with this wattage can do simple tasks like heating food easily.

What is the best 1100-watt countertop microwave?

Out of the many good 1100-watt microwaves, the best-selling is the Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven.

It comes with many advanced functions like a pre-programmed sensor menu, large digital display, power-saving mode, etc.

Best wattage for microwave popcorn

You would need at least 500 watts microwave for popping corns, but a 700 watts microwave will work best.

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Sum It Up

A microwave is every household’s need. While buying a microwave, you will come across different types of wattages, and it’s good to know what wattage will work best for which work.

In this article, we have discussed all of the possible questions regarding microwave wattage.

It will ease your microwave shopping experience.