Which Coffee Maker Makes The Hottest Coffee

People have a lot of preferences when it comes to drinking coffee.

Some would prefer a lukewarm brew; others like scalding hot or ice cold coffee.

So which coffee maker makes the hottest coffee, and what is the generally accepted temperature range for making the best brew?

The Redline MK1 8-Cup Coffee Maker brews the hottest coffee between 197.6°F and 204.8°F.

This is precisely what the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) recommended.

The optimal temperature for serving coffee is between 160°F and 175°F.

But there are many things to learn about coffee temperatures.

Like which temperatures make the most flavorsome coffee or at what temperature Starbucks serves its coffee these days.

So let’s keep reading!

The coffee maker with the highest heat setting

an image of coffee machine

If you have to make the hottest coffee, you should get a coffee maker that brews at around 200°.

The Specialty Coffee Association has some great recommendations about coffee temperatures and maker models that are the consumer’s choice.

They have handpicked some coffee makers that brew within the recommended temperature range in less than 4 minutes with precise brew strengths.

But topping the list is the 8-Cup Coffee Brewer by Redline, which has some excellent reviews.

Its brewing temperature lies between 195-200° and is priced just above $100, not to mention the 60-day return policy and 2-year warranty.

So if you want an economy coffee maker that brews the hottest coffee and has excellent reviews at a great price.

Then RedLine is the one you should get.

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The ideal brewing temperature for a cup of coffee

As you probably already know, coffee brewing and drinking temperatures are two different things.

In both cases, keeping too high of a temperature can spoil the flavor and damage the beans, causing your coffee to be too acidic or bitter.

Therefore the SCAA prefers coffee makers that brew at around 200° and not at the boiling temperature of the water, which is 212°.

On the other hand, Starbucks, the most successful coffee chain in the world, makes its coffee at 190°.

The ideal serving temperature for a cup of coffee

The recommended temperature for serving coffee is approximately 160°F.

If it is hotter than 170°, most people would have to wait to let it cool down.

Thereby losing some flavor at its peak right after brewing.

If you serve below 140°, it gets closer to kids’ temperature and becomes lukewarm, which most coffee fans don’t prefer.

They either like hot coffee or iced and not anything in between.

Remember, the right amount of heat in the water releases the oils and aromas in the coffee.

The delicate balance in the temperature for both brewing and serving concocts the right flavor.

Coffee makers that brew at 200 degrees

Below is some coffee maker top picks that brew at around 200 degrees.

  • Cuisinart – CPO-850 Coffee Brewer, 8-Cup, Stainless Steel
  • Mr. Coffee – 10-cup thermal Programmable Coffee Machine
  • Bonavita – 8-Cup Coffee Maker with One-Touch Pour
  • BUNN – Velocity Brew 10-Cup Coffee Brewer
  • BLACK DECKER – QuickTocuh Coffeemaker

Which is the hottest small coffee maker?

If you are looking for a small coffee maker, a single-serve coffee machine is an obvious choice.

In the US, the single-serve market is ruled by the Keurig brand.

The K-Mini Plus by Keurig is one of the smallest coffee machines under 5 inches wide in its line-up.

How hot does a Cuisinart coffee maker get?

The water in a 14-cup Cuisinart coffee machine can reach about 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 93 degrees Celsius.

This is within the optimum temperature range, which is just below the boiling point of water, i.e., 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius.

Which k-cup coffee maker makes the hottest coffee?

The best k-cup coffee machine you can buy is the Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker.

It has great brew temperature control, which lets you maintain the temperature between 187 – 192°F.

Which thermal carafe coffee maker keeps coffee the hottest?

an image of thermal carafe coffee maker

The OXO Brew 8-Cup has a thermal carafe whose vacuum-insulated design keeps your coffee hot for up to two hours with 8 cups.

If you do not want a full pot.

You can select the ‘2-4 cups’ option to brew half a carafe or brew a single cup instead by replacing the carafe with a mug and sliding the top lever.

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Which coffee maker makes the hottest coffee – FAQs

1. Does coffee brew faster if you use warm water?

You may be tempted to use hot water in your coffee maker to speed up the brewing process, but it is not advisable.

Because too hot water can pass through the hot water pipe faster and overfill your coffee filter.

Which would result in over-extracting your coffee beans, thus producing a bitter cup of coffee.

2. Is it bad to put hot water in a coffee maker?

It is not wise to put hot water in the coffee maker as the boiling water siphons faster.

Since most coffee makers do not have a mechanism to control the water flow into the filter basket.

This can cause an overflow that can damage the machine if the water finds its way to the heating plate.

3. Does the grind of the beans affect the brewing temperature?

Finely crushed coffee beans create a larger surface area, speeding up the dilution process.

Therefore, if you brew the coffee right after grinding the beans.

You will be able to extract a greater concentration of these oils, which gives the coffee its distinct taste.

4. What temp does Starbucks serve coffee?

Starbucks, the most successful coffee chain in the world, makes its coffee at 190° and serves at 165°.

5. What temperature does Mcdonald’s serve coffee?

McDonald’s serves its coffee between 176–194°F.

6. What temperature is Dunkin Donuts coffee served at?

Dunkin Donuts coffee is typically served at 165 to 180°F.

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The Bottom Line

To reiterate, for making a great cup of coffee, you want the water temperature to be between 197-205°.

Coffee making is an art in itself, the secret of maintaining the perfect brewing temperature.

Because no matter how sophisticated the coffee maker is, no matter how advanced the brewing method is.

A good cup of coffee begins and ends with the right coffee temperature.