Best 30-inch Refrigerator

Refrigerators are a necessity in our daily lives.

But buying one can be a complicated and confusing experience owing to the variety in size, types, and features. 

Every brand claiming their appliance to be the best and introducing new functions can add to this tumultuous experience.

Here is a list of top picks for the best 30-inch wide refrigerator;

  • Haier HRF 15N3AGS 15 cubic.ft. Refrigerator
  • Frigidaire FFTR1821TS 18 cubic.ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator
  • Arctic Air AWR25 Commercial Refrigerator
  • SMETA Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator
  • Kenmore 4673139 Wide French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Best 30-Inch Refrigerator

an image of 30 inch refrigerator

Thirty inches wide refrigerators with French Doors are in trend these days.

There are many other features that you may want in your appliance.

Here is a list of the best refrigerators with 30 inches in width.

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a. Frigidaire 20.4 Cu. Ft Top Freezer Refrigerator

It’s a 30-inch refrigerator with plenty of room for storage;


This amazing refrigerator deserves the top spot on our list as it has many patented features.

This one comes with a top freezer and maximizes usable storage space.

It’s 20 cubics.ft top freezer occupies the same space as an 18 cubic.ft freezer but has more storage capacity.

Humidity Controls

It has got humidity control drawers that keep the fruits and vegetables fresh.

The Door Storage space provides room for keeping bottles and milk gallons.

The wide wire freezer shelf helps in the hassle-free organization of items.

Reversible Door

Its doors can be installed to open either way, left or right, based on your needs.

There is also a clear bin for dairy items storage.

b. LG 21.8 cubic. Ft. French Door Refrigerator Stainless Steel

It comes with an amazing 21.8 cubic.ft of storage capacity.

It has ultra-modern features like;

  • Low decibel operation
  • Hidden hinges and
  • The digital temperature controls

Smart Cooling System

Its Smart Cooling System is designed to react to even the slightest fluctuations in temperature quickly and surrounds the food with cool air regardless of the placement of the appliance.

Glide N’Serve Drawer

Its French Door has a full-width Glide N’ Serve Drawer that eases the placement and storage of food.

If your refrigerator door is left open accidentally for more than a minute, its door alarm will alert you.

c. Maytag® 19.68 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator

Maytag is quite a famous brand nowadays; consumers love its long-lasting performance and premium customer service.

This one has a modern look and will give your kitchen space a high-end look without spending too much.

Wide-N-Fresh Deli Drawer

Its Wide-N-Fresh deli drawer can conveniently accommodate large party platters and big-sized trays.

The humidity control Fresh Lock feature keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh and flavorful.

Stainless Steel Built

It’s got stainless steel built, which is also fingerprint resistant which gives it a beautiful exterior.

It also comes with a 10-year limited parts warranty on the compressor.

d. Whirlpool 18.0 Cubic Feet Top Freezer Refrigerator

This Whirlpool refrigerator is space-efficient and offers great value for money.

It does way more than just keeping your food and beverage chilled.

Flexi Slide Bin

One of its impressive features is a Flexi-Slide Bin that can move from side to side for easy storage.

You can create space for items like a tiered birthday cake or a pitcher of lemonade when you need it.

Electronic Control Feature

Another awesome feature is the electronic temperature control.

You can choose the ideal temperature for the foods you’re storing with this feature.

Its freezer also has adjustable controls.

It also has a quiet cooling option that gives you a noise-free kitchen area.

It’s ideal for a small kitchen and is also a wallet-friendly option without compromising performance.

e. Miele MasterCool™ 16.0 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

This Miele refrigerator adds to the layout of your kitchen with its beautiful exterior and many unique and efficient features.

Besides keeping a low temperature for preserving vitamins and minerals.

Ice Maker

Its MasterCool Ice maker function gets your drink ice-cooled quickly, and its ice dispenser has a capacity to make 150 ice cubes daily.

No-Frost System

Its refrigerator and freezer have a no-frost system that saves you from the hassles of defrosting while preserving your food.


Its brilliant lighting shows the refrigerator’s interior in the best light even when the inside is fully loaded.

It has light strips on the sides, which slowly get brighter on opening the fridge for a better view and to keep eyes from strain.

Push2open Door

Its Push2open door system senses the pressure on the door and gently opens by itself.

Due to this advanced opening technology, it doesn’t need any handles.

It also has many other smart features like;

  • The Active AirClean Filter
  • MasterSensor
  • DuplexCoolMaxLoad Hinge.

f. Beko 30″ Freezer Bottom Stainless Steel Refrigerator BFBF3018SS

It’s a 30 inches wide bottom freezer refrigerator.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

This Beko refrigerator can lock in the freshness of fruits and vegetables up to three times more than other refrigerators.

With its advanced technology, it stimulates conditions similar to natural light.

Which extends the process of photosynthesis in the fruits while being inside the refrigerator.

Cooling Systems

Its NeoFrost system cools twice as fast as a normal cooling system.

Maintains optimal humidity conditions in the refrigerator and also keeps the refrigerator frost free.

Ion Guard Technology

It creates a fresh air environment inside your refrigerator with its Ion Guard technology.

Which keeps the food fresh and odorless for more extended periods.

Digital Displays and LED Lights

You can adjust your cooling and freezing settings with its inner digital display, which is easy to read.

The interior of the refrigerator is uniformly lit with its efficient LED lights.

f. 30-inch Amana Top Freezer Refrigerator with Glass Shelves

This top-freezer refrigerator has got a 30-inch width with glass shelves.

Temperature Control

This one comes with all the advanced features like the up-front temperature control.

It allows you to control temperatures without reaching over the pans and jars.

Gallon Door

Its gallon door enables you to store big-sized bottles and milk jars while keeping them easily reachable within the sipping range.

Reversible Doors

This feature enables you to open the refrigerator and freezer door on either side, suiting your convenience.

Storage Capacity

Its 18 cubic feet capacity allows you to conveniently store all your tall or oversized items with its various storage spaces like :

  • Flip-up storage
  • Dairy bin
  • Gallon door storage bin.

g. Blomberg BRFB1920SS

Sleek Style

It’s a 30-inch refrigerator with a bottom freezer.

It’s got a sleek contemporary European design and integrates seamlessly with cabinetry.

Some features include:

  • Hidden hinges
  • Full door height
  • Front end leveling for the back feet balancing
  • 3D door adjustment etc.

Energy Star

Blomberg has got the 2021 Energy Star award for its innovative technology and advanced features that ensure maximum food safety and freshness.

Its Energy Star certified refrigerators conserve energy and are built on 99.9% lead-free materials.

Totally free from harmful gases to the ozone layer and use 85% recyclable components.

Duo Cycle Cooling

This Blomberg refrigerator has advanced no-frost, multi-cycle technology with a silent cooling feature.

Each food compartment has its own independently controlled cooling system that maintains even air temperature and humidity in the refrigerator.

It means there is no transfer of air or odor circulation in the food compartments.

Blue Light Technology

Blomberg refrigerator has blue light technology that keeps the fruits and vegetables fresh and nutritious.

This blue light helps in continuing the natural process of photosynthesis to prolong the shelf life of the fruits, preserving their natural goodness.

Ion Freshness

It is an advanced and exceptional technology.

It helps in circulating fresh and clean air in the refrigerator by capturing and neutralizing the airborne bacteria, harmful gases, and odor-causing microbes.

Which extends the life of fruits and vegetables.

Large display

It features a bright and accessible digital display that you can easily change and control and monitor the performance of your refrigerator.

h. Miele KFN15943DE

This refrigerator from Miele will be an excellent addition to your kitchen area.

It includes:

  • Bottom freezer,
  • Led lighting,
  • Door alarm,
  • Ice maker,
  • Sabbath mode.

Dyna Cool

Dyna cool feature enables uniform temperature distribution, and the ventilator ensures even cold air circulation.

Interior LED Lighting

It has efficient and durable LED lights that give perfect illumination to the interior space.

Comfort Clean

It has a comfortable, clean feature, making the filtration process very easy.

It can also be thoroughly cleaned and maintained, and most of its components are dishwasher safe.

No Frost system

Cool air circulation keeps the temperature of every item in control, doesn’t allow ice to form, and also rids from the hassles of defrosting.

Soft-close Hinges

It has a gently self-closing door that prevents the items from falling out and closes quietly.

Ice Maker

Its ice maker has a separate control and can produce up to 100 ice cubes daily.

i.  Liebherr CS1400RIM

This one comes with many superior and unique features;

German Engineered

This is a premium quality appliance with cutting-edge design and innovative features to keep your food fresh and nutritious.

Its exclusive components and materials ensure energy-efficient performance for years to come.


This technology provides superior performance and preserves food by creating optimal temperatures in refrigerator and freezer compartments.

It allows no transfer of air, moisture, or aroma of different foods among the compartments, which keeps the flavors and freshness of the food intact.

Super quiet

It has got virtually silent, speed-controlled compressors that keep the noise to a minimum with no compromise on performance or energy efficiency.

Smart steel

It has got smart steel built, which reduces the visibility of fingerprints on the refrigerator and is scratch resistant.

It just needs a wipe of a damp cloth to maintain its beautiful exterior.

Frost Safe Compartments

Its removable frost-safe drawers have got large spaces that can accommodate large amounts of food.

You can fit more in it while keeping the cold air trapped for maximum freshness.


This GE appliance comes with a stainless built.

It has got a 21 cubic feet capacity, with 14.93 cubics.ft fresh food capacity and 6.04 freezer capacity.

LED Lighting

It has an LED light feature that brilliantly illuminates the interior and gives you easy access to what you are looking for under clear and crisp lighting.

Sliding Snack Drawer

It has this sliding drawer feature that can move across the entire width of the fresh food section, enabling you to store it wherever you need it.

Advanced Water Filtration

Its advanced water filtration feature traces pharmaceuticals from water and ice.

Upfront Temperature Control Feature

It has easy-to-reach temperature control displays, which you can change and adjust as per need.

k. Miele MasterCool™ 16.0 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

It’s a 30 inches wide freestanding fridge-freezer with a lot of storage space.

It will be a beautiful yet valuable addition to your place.

No Frost System

Both the refrigerator and freezer in this appliance have a sophisticated no-frost system.

It means you do not have to put much time into defrosting.

The evaporator unit is also protected by this automatic defrosting.

This no-frost system also keeps the appliance cool all the time as it is always free of ice.

Brilliant Bright Light

Its brilliant bright light shows the inside of your refrigerator in the best light.

It also has high-quality LED light strips on the side panels that add to its lighting.

On opening the door, the light gets brighter slowly and then gets completely lit.

Protective Storage for lasting Freshness

The inside of this Miele refrigerator provides the perfect environment for the freshness of the food to last. 

Due to its innovative Smart Fresh technology, the temperature of the fridge is low, which preserves the minerals and vitamins for longer.

Handless Design

This Miele refrigerator has a Push2open Handless design. It is activated by light pressure on the door.

Then it opens gently and allows you access to the inside.

It doesn’t need any handles and can be integrated into every kitchen environment.

Odor Protection

In this Miele, refrigerator food gets not only a cold but also an odorless environment.

This odorless environment is controlled by its Active AirClean filters.

It has got an innovative combination of active charcoal and chitosan, which is capable of eliminating any odors.

Perfect Food Storage

With the DynaCool feature, you don’t have to worry about the placement of the food.

You can store food anywhere inside the refrigerator, as this DynaCool feature ensures cold air circulation to all parts of the refrigerator.

DuplexCool Pro

an image of best 30 inch fridge

This feature creates safe storage conditions in the bottom parts of the refrigerator.

Two compressors ensure a powerful cooling system, and there is no air exchange between the bottom and top compartments.

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Best 30-inch refrigerators – FAQs

a. What is the best 30 in the fridge?

The best refrigerator, 30 inches, is the one that caters to all your needs.

There are a few brands with the best refrigerators, including:

  • Frigidaire,
  • LG,
  • Maytag
  • Whirlpool.

b. What refrigerator brand is most reliable?

The most reliable refrigerator brands, according to consumer reports, include:

  • LG
  • GE
  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung.

c. Which refrigerators have the most problems?

Based on research, some refrigerators are more prone to having problems than others, including;

d. Which brand of refrigerator lasts the longest?

Whirlpool refrigerators tend to last longer than any other brand and are considered quite durable.

e. How long should a refrigerator last?

As per the information given by the U.S appliance industry standard, refrigerators usually last from 10 to 18 years, with an average life expectancy of 14 years.

f. Is a 30 refrigerator too small?

They are not too small and are considered perfect for couples and single people.

Small Refrigerators are normally 24 inches in height and 30 inches in width.  

g.  What French door refrigerator brand is best?

A few refrigerator brands have the best refrigerators, including :

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Whirlpool.

h. What fridge has the biggest freezer?

GE GTS22KSNRSS has got an amazing large freezer with a 6.68 cubic foot capacity for the freezer.

i. What size is a 30 refrigerator?

A typical 30 refrigerator measures 30 inches in width, has a height of 67 o 70 inches, and a depth of 29 to 35 inches.

j. What is a standard-size fridge?

A normal refrigerator is 24 to 40 inches in width, 62 to 72 inches in height, and 29 to 36 inches in depth.

A refrigerator with French doors or side-by-side refrigerators has larger dimensions.

k. Which is the best buy 30-inch refrigerator

GE 20.8 cubic.ft French Door Refrigerator is the best buy 30-inch refrigerator.

l. Which is the best-rated 30-inch refrigerator

Haier HRF 15N3AGS 15 cubics. ft is the best-rated 30 inches refrigerator.

m. Which is the best french door 30-inch refrigerator

LG 26.2 cubics.ft is the best option French Door refrigerator brand.

n. Which refrigerator brand is the least reliable?

Bosch is among the least reliable refrigerator brand.

o. Which is the best high-end 30-inch refrigerator

The best high-end 30-inch refrigerator includes:

  • LG Steel French Door Refrigerators,
  • Beko Stainless Steel Freestanding Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
  • Amana Top Freezer Refrigerators.

p. Which are the best 30-inch refrigerators in 2020

LG Stainless Steel French Door is the most reliable 30-inch refrigerator of 2020.

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Final Thoughts

It’s hard to imagine a kitchen without a refrigerator.

It’s a necessity in today’s modern life.

However, when shopping for a new refrigerator, one is bound to get boggled with the choices, with each brand claiming theirs to be the best choice.

Our top pick is the LG’s 21.8 cubic.ft French Door Refrigerator.

Due to its many advanced features.

Its smart cooling system reacts to the slightest fluctuations in temperature and maintains optimal cooling within the refrigerator.