QQTube – My Honest Review (2024)

I primarily wanted to monetize my YouTube channel fast.
I tried to look for a few online services and came across QQtube.

It looked most legit to me and also offered $1 as a trial.

I first tested out their trial version, and they sent me 50 subscribers. 馃檪
The thing that made a difference was whether those subs are counted towards YouTube channel monetization or not.

And was surprised to see those subs also being added up on the YouTube Studio “EARN” page.
I was glad and then tested out their watch hours feature. I bought 500 watch hours for $60.

This is expensive, but to my utmost pleasure, I also saw those watch hours being counted towards monetization.
So far, QQTube has been up to my expectations.

I also tried their Pinterest followers feature and also gained some followers over there.
I will probably buy 2000 more watch hours from them this month, which will make my channel eligible to apply for monetization.

This service appears legit and I didn’t see any drops in my numbers.
Recommended to give your YouTube channel and social media an instant boost.

Below is a screenshot of my QQtube Dashboard.