Colorful and Fun Gummy Candy Kabobs: A Party Favorite!

Bring a splash of color and joy to your next party with these Gummy Candy Kabobs!

Easy to make and even more fun to eat, these sweet treats are perfect for kids’ parties, BBQs, or just a creative snack to brighten up your day.


  • Assorted gummy candies (bears, rings, worms, fruit shapes)


Select Candies: Choose a variety of gummy candies for color and shape variety.

Skewer Candies: Carefully skewer the gummies onto kabob sticks, alternating types and colors.

Arrange: Arrange the candy kabobs on a plate or stand.

Serve: Display at a party or as a fun snack.


These Gummy Candy Kabobs aren’t just a treat to eat; they’re a visual feast as well! They’re sure to be a hit, bringing a whimsical and playful element to any occasion.