Standard Size For Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

What is the standard size for a double bowl kitchen sink?

The conventional size is 22×30 inches (Length by width).

However, the size is influenced by the interior width of the sink cabinet.

Generally, the cabinets are 36 to 42 inches high, 25 to 26 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. 

Even though a base cabinet measuring 36 inches can be filled with a 33 × 22 inches sink conveniently.

The standard 22 × 33 inches sink dimensions can also fit perfectly inside this size. 

But the average size will vary based on several features, like the environment and material of the sink. 

Imagine that the kitchen is too cramped to install an average-size sink.

This is why it’s crucial to learn about the size before finalizing your decision. 

What is a double bowl sink used for?

an image of double bowl sink

A double bowl sink adds convenience and ease to the kitchen chores.

For instance, you can employ one side of the sink for washing dishes and the other for prepping food.

Similarly, use one side to wash dishes while you dry the cleaned utensils.

Likewise, you could soak your dishes at one end and wash them at the other.

In short, make dishwashing a breeze with the double bowl sink. 

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What is the best material for a double bowl sink?

The most valuable material for a double bowl sink is stainless steel.

In all modern homes, this is a frequently used sink material. 

The sink looks chic with this material and can easily be paired with stone, granite, or wood countertops.

Some advantages of this material are listed below:

  • Durable.
  • Very affordable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • A hygienic material.
  • Resistant to heat.
  • Available in many styles and sizes.
  • Thinner gauge models are easy to install and lightweight.

Other common sink materials are fireclay, enameled cast iron, stone composite, and granite.

You can choose the one that fulfills your needs the most. 

Which is better, a single or double kitchen sink?

Depending on the available space and the homeowner’s requirements, both have advantages and drawbacks. 

A single bowl kitchen sink is cheaper, doesn’t require much space, and offers more space for washing big pots.

However, there is no division in a single bowl kitchen sink, and they aren’t disposal-friendly. 

When it comes to a double bowl kitchen sink, it makes dishwashing easy, can be used to prepare food simultaneously, and the garbage disposal is accessible. 

Hence, the homeowner is supposed to weigh the pros and cons to decide which type is suitable for them. 

Are all double kitchen sinks the same size?

No, double bowl sinks come with different width measurements based on the selected size of the separate bowl.

Unlike the maximum width of a single sink measuring 23 inches, a double bowl sink can have the highest width of 48 inches. 

What is the average width of a double sink?

The standard width of a double bowl sink is 22 inches.

Either the bowls can feature the exact dimensions or differ in width. 

How much does a double kitchen sink cost?

Low cost: $800.

Average cost: $1k to $2k.

High cost: $4k to $6k.


Are double sinks worth it?

Double bowl sinks are a smart idea to create more space and enable you to carry out different chores simultaneously.

Double sinks can also feature a low divider. 

Are kitchen double sinks outdated?

Before the invention of the dishwasher, double bowl sinks were famous.

But now, the trend is undoubtedly shifting away, and many homeowners think it’s outdated. 

What is a 1.5 bowl sink used for?

A 1.5-bowl sink is a great choice that boasts additional space.

These sinks display a helpful secondary half-size bowl aside from the main bowl. 

When the main bowl is utilized, the other can be used for other chores.

You can even fit a food waste disposer in the second bowl.

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What are 2 sinks for?

an image of 2 sinks

The essential purpose of double bowl sinks was to simplify dishwashing – one bowl with clean water for rinsing and the other with soapy water.

But after the introduction of dishwashers, these sinks are hardly used now. 

What is a double sink called?

The double kitchen sink can also be termed a double basin.

Both terms mean the same thing.

What is the most popular kitchen sink style?

Nowadays, self-rimming sinks are the most demanding kitchen sink style.

It is available in porcelain, stainless steel, and enameled cast iron.

It’s also known as a drop-in sink. 

These can be installed easily, and the sink’s weight is supported through a rim.

The rim extends above the countertop surface. 

What is a 60/40 sink?

Among the many styles of the double bowl kitchen sink, the 60/40 is the most famous.

This configuration indicates two bowls in the double sink of different sizes. 

The bigger bowl is usually used to soak utensils, whereas dishwashing can be executed in smaller ones.

What is a dual mount sink?

This sink showcases a flat rim, usually the same width as the material, apart from the Quartz sink with a thicker rim. 

A double-mount sink can be installed as an under-mount or drop-in sink.

This allows flexibility when the homeowners have to choose a countertop. 

What is a triple bowl sink used for?

A triple bowl sink makes cooking and dishwashing much easier.

In one bowl, the user can dry the dishes.

On the other, it can be used for other general purposes. 

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The Bottom Line

This concludes our guide on double bowl kitchen sinks and their sizes. 

Remember to consider your kitchen chores and demands before selecting a design.

For example, if you spend much time there, try the triple bowl sink, and vice versa.