How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Kitchen Faucet?

Planning to renovate your kitchen and wondering how much it costs to replace a kitchen faucet?

The kitchen faucets are available in various styles and materials, and the cost relies on the features and installation type.

The average price of the kitchen faucets ranges from $172-$378. The labor cost involves around $256. 

The cost, including job supplies and debris disposals, is $13 and $5, respectively.

To aggregate, the kitchen faucets will cost you $545 in total. 

How much does it cost to replace a kitchen faucet?

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Cost of kitchen faucet by type

Faucets act as a helping hand while you are working in a kitchen.

The sheer number of faucets with varying configurations and functions leads to confusion. 

The details of different types of widely used kitchen faucets and prices are given below.

It will help you in avoiding ambiguity while facing at the time of purchase. 

Single-hole Faucet

It is the most commonly used faucet.

Available in varying designs, its cost ranges from $50 to a maximum of $1000. 

Pressure is set by a built-in aerator and requires a single hole for installation.

It possesses a pull-down or pull-out spray option. 

Sometimes no sprayer options occur at all.

It provides a touching heart look to the kitchen.

The Pull-Down Faucet

Evident of the name, the pull-down pointed down toward the sink.

This kitchen faucet has a noticeable gooseneck arc. 

It is typically used for washing up dishes, vegetables, and fruits.

This kind of faucet is a bit larger than a pull-out faucet and will cost you $150-$1000. 

The faucet results in a significant amount of splashing while washing the dishes.  

The Pull Out Faucet

The pull-out faucet has an extended hose.

It provides ease in washing dishes. 

Its height is less than that of a pull-down faucet. 

It is pointed straight instead of downward and requires less space to fit in. 

To install that faucet, you need to spend $150-$300.

It is the most cost-effective faucet in comparison to the pull-down faucet.

The Motion Detection Faucet

That is one of the most beautiful faucets so far.

It is widely used in kitchens nowadays to prevent the spread of germs. 

Besides that, these faucets are being used in public places as well.

It comprises a sensor that activates the water flow on detecting hand movement. 

It has built-in sensors at the base of the faucet.

Temperature is adjustable without any complications. 

The cost of installing the faucet ranges from $160 to $600 on average. 

Pot Filler Faucet

This kind of faucet is suitable for bust kitchens of hotels or restaurants.

It fits just above the stove and has an arm extension for outward movement. 

It helps fill the pot on the stove instead of filling it at the sink. In most cases, it is rarely used in houses. 

The installation cost of the faucet falls between $200-$1200.

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Cost of Kitchen Faucet By Brand

Brands also facilitate you in choosing from a variety of exciting options in line with your budget and needs.

The details of the most popular and reputable brands are as follows.


The American-based brand has been providing its service since 1937.

Initially, they were known for creating single-handed faucets. 

The brand manufactures other fixtures like pull-outs, pull-downs, and side sprayers.

The top-rated faucets of the brand are Moen U by Moen Essie Voice Control Kitchen Faucet, which cost you $419. 

The other is the Moen Anabelle Kitchen faucet. You can get the faucet for $151 only.

The finishes are plastic and metallic. 

The faucets have a gooseneck design with monobloc and widespread style.

The average price of the Moen faucets ranges from $100-$400. 

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Kohler is the oldest company known for manufacturing faucets. 

The faucets are available in various designs ranging from traditional to modern.

The faucets comprised side spray, pull out, and pull down spray. 

The faucets are made up of bronze and brass-like materials.

The most qualified faucet of the product is the Kohler Coralais 3-hole kitchen faucet that costs you around $287. 

The maximum price of the Kohler faucet is $800, while the least cost is almost $170.


 The brand is known for its versatile products and stunning designs. 

The company always focuses on sustainability approaches to save water with groundbreaking technologies.

The brand has a variety of products with excellent features. 

The pull-down and pull-up faucets are equipped with Shield Spray technology.

The faucets have side spray and gooseneck spouts. 

The faucets are constituted of bronze and nickel.

The top faucet with built-in ShieldSpray technology is the Delta Faucet Cassidy. 

You can own it for only $499 on Amazon.

The average price of the Delta brand is between $85-$400.


The products are made of different materials, including oil-rubbed bronze, nickel, and chrome.

The faucets are available in eye-catching designs and styles. 

The beautiful look of the faucet can transform the kitchen’s beauty to the next level.

Grohe Veletto is the top facet of the company, and you have to pay almost $205

The regular cost of the Grohe faucets is $250-$1000.


The firm is known for mastery in designing beautiful faucets of nickel and brass. 

Antiqued faucets are also available, but they are a bit costly compared to other items.

The typical price of the Watermark faucet ranges from $500-$4000. 

The best watermark faucet is the single-hand deck-mounted bar kitchen faucet.

It will cost you about $1038.


It is a well-reputed Swiss brand known for its high-quality products.

The brand provides iconic faucets in varying styles, finishes, and designs. 

The faucets the company provides are pull-out and pull-down in different sizes and shapes.

You have the pay the price of up to $600-$2000 for owning KWC faucets. 

The top-rated is the light touch pro electronically controlled faucet.

That will cost you around $3000.

Factors Affecting The Kitchen Faucet Replacement Price

an image of kitchen faucet replacement

Many factors affect the overall price of replacing the current kitchen faucet.

The details are given below.

  1. The current condition of the faucet determines the replacement price.
  2. In case of rust or corrosion, you must remove the old parts altogether. Installing a new one will cost you an amount of money.
  3. The type also affects the end price of replacing the current faucet.
  4. If the faucet does not precisely fit, you must buy a new one that will charge you extra money.
  5. Upgradation, like installing a filter to purify water, will be costly.
  6. Labor cost is another factor that affects the replacement price.
  7. The highly professional plumber will charge you more compared to the new one.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Kitchen Faucet – FAQs

How long does a kitchen faucet last?

The lifespan of a kitchen faucet is almost 15 -20 years.

The effectiveness of a faucet relies on the material of the faucet and the quality of water. 

How do I know if my kitchen faucet is bad?

Many ways will let you know that the faucet is terrible.

The pungent smell, sink leakage, and inadequate warm water in the hot water tap are included.

Is it hard to change a kitchen faucet?

Installing a new kitchen faucet is a bit easy.

While replacing the current faucet, which is affected by rust and corrosion, is tedious.

What should I look for when buying a kitchen faucet?

First, keep in mind the pros and cons of the faucet you are willing to buy.

Keep in mind the budget you have. 

Other things included are the cost of installation and repair and the number of faucets according to the mounting hole.

You should also consider the style and design of the faucet.

Are all kitchen faucets the same size?

The size varies from faucet to faucet.

There is no specific or standard size of the faucet to determine. 

The restaurants will need large-size faucets as compared to the houses.

As restaurants have many customers, they need to serve effectively.

Handyman to replace kitchen faucet 

If you are willing to hire a handyperson to replace your kitchen faucet, look at the website TaskRabbit.

Before hiring, keep in mind the handyman’s price, reviews, and skillset. 

The general information is available at Task Rabbit.

Do you need a plumber to replace a faucet?

It solely depends upon the condition of the faucet to be replaced.

Simple replacing of faucet you can do by yourself. 

Sometimes replacing the faucet needs special equipment and skillset.

In this case, you need to contact the plumber to get an effective outcome.

What is the cost to replace the kitchen sink and faucet?

The average cost of replacing kitchen faucets, along with the cost of labor, falls between $250-$1000.

Cost also relies on the locality and material of the faucet.

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Final Thoughts

The overall cost of the kitchen faucet replacement depends upon:

  • The material,
  • Your locality, and
  • The condition of the faucet.

The selection of a perfect faucet directly determines the overall look and beauty of the kitchen. 

Considering the available budget, you have to choose wisely the faucet that raises your kitchen appearance to a newer height.

Installing a new faucet and fixture will be a DIY project

But in case of replacement, you have to contact a professional plumber to get the job done.