What Size Hole For Kitchen Faucets?

Nowadays, kitchen faucets come in unique styles, advanced functionality, different size holes, and moving techniques. There is an ideal specification for all these things.

Regarding the size hole of the kitchen faucet, the Internet is full of different measurements and sizes. They are different for various brands and models. 

The ideal size hole for a kitchen faucet is 1 ⅜ which is 1.375 Inches or 34.925 mm in diameter. It mainly differs depending on the model and brand.

What size hole do you drill for a kitchen faucet?

what size hole for kitchen faucet

As you know that each kitchen faucet has a different size hole. It is best to drill the hole according to the size hole of your kitchen faucet.

Ideally, it needs at least 7/16 inches in diameter with or without the tube. 

Size holes of about 1.25 and 1.5 inches can easily fit standard faucets, but sometimes it doesn’t match escutcheon plates.

Bigger plates can solve the problem and give the kitchen an aesthetic kitchen faucet. 

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What Is The Ideal Thickness Of A Faucet Hole 

The ideal thickness for kitchen faucets depends on the type, brand, and model you want to install.

The thickness is proportional to the water flow. Broader size holes have less thickness, which is ideal as the water flow is more significant.

Some kitchen faucets may require a wider size of about 1.5 inches to fit their sink space. 

How to choose the right size kitchen faucet

There are simple steps to find the right size kitchen faucet. 

Step 1: Measurement 

Measure the height, spout reach, and size hole you want. According to it, choose the best- kitchen faucet. It should be pocket friendly too. 

Step 2: Take Stock of the Sink and Mounting Holes

Checking the compatibility of your new faucet with your exciting sink is essential. It determines the number of mounting holes available sometimes.

Faucets can be mounted on the wall, but mainly, they fit on the sink.

Check all the configurations to get the best kitchen faucet. 

 Step 3: Measure the Faucet Centers

To get the correct measurement, it should be less than the “minimum faucet center” width. The list is present under the faucet’s specifications.  

Step 4: Check the Surrounding Space

To find the maximin faucet base depth, measure the distance from each mounting hole to the center.

If you have cabinets or windows above your sink space, then for a better and more comfortable fitting of the kitchen faucet, Find the overall height. 

To determine the appropriate spout reach, measure from the center mounting hole to the center of your sink.

This ensures that the sink will reach the center even if your installation holes are further away from the edge, making dishwashing more comfortable.

What is standard faucet spacing?

The faucet’s installation configuration determines the faucet hole spacing.

Furthermore, the standard is a single hole, center set, mini spread, or widespread faucet drilling. Vessel and wall-mounted are two less popular forms.


Single-hole is the most common configuration, and as the name shows, the faucet requires just one hole.

Sometimes escutcheon plates cover the rest of the holes to make it a single-hole faucet. 


The handles in the center set faucet are four inches from the outlet. It has three holes in one base, including the nozzle and two handles.

Both faucet handles are sometimes set on a single plate six inches apart.


Mini spread faucets and center set faucets are nearly identical. A single plate does not join the spout and handles in this case.


Three-hole faucets are compatible with the widespread sinkhole configuration. Furthermore, the distance between the nozzles and the handle is six to sixteen inches.


The sinks are usually higher in-vessel configuration, and holes are not drilled into the sink. They come in single handles and are known as high faucets. 


As the name shows, they are not mounted to the sink but installed on the wall.

Wall-Mounted contains a long spout to extend the contact range with sufficient basin clearance. 

How far should the faucet hole be from the sink?

The distance between the faucet hole from the sink depends on the model and style of kitchen faucet you are installing.

The space usually is 2 to 4 inched so that spout can entirely clean the edges of the sink. 

Can I drill my faucet hole?

There is nothing you cant do at home nowadays. Yes, you can drill your faucet hole. Electric drills are best for faucet holes. Make the place you want to prepare.

Practice before drilling in the sink to avoid any inconvenience. Apply pressure to the mark and drill slowly.

It’s better to watch a tutorial beforehand. 

How Many Holes Are Required For A Faucet Installation?

The number and size of holes required for a faucet installation depend on the look and the style you want.

There are single-hole to four-hole fixtures. Many single-lever faucets have a large base to accommodate three sinkholes if they are 4 inches apart or closer.

If your sink has three holes, you can still utilize a spout designed for one or two holes.

How do you measure kitchen faucet holes?

Vernier caliper is used to measure the size hole of the kitchen faucet. a vernier caliper is a measuring tool with the accuracy of +/- 0.001″ to +/- 0.0015″ (+/- 0.02 mm to +/- 0.04 mm).

Using it, you can get the proper measurement and find your perfect size hole for the kitchen faucet. 

Steps to measure the size hole of kitchen faucet

  • The inner jaw of the vernier caliper is placed against the inside of the tap hole 
  • Then Slide the scale outwards until you reach the maximum distance.
  • Now Measure the space correctly and note the reading
  • it gives the accurate size hole of the faucet. 

What is 8-inch faucet hole spacing?

8-inch faucet hole spacing means the faucet will fit the sink with outer holes 8- inches apart. It’s the difference in distance from the faucet—hole to the sink.


  • Eye-catching Designs
  • Large Faucet
  • Extremely Popular Design


  • Can Be unmanageable
  • Tricky installment 

What is the extra hole in the kitchen sink for?

Extra holes help to prevent the overflow with the drain stopper engaged.

It provides air to get out of the drain without blocking it.

Without an extra hole in the kitchen sink, the basin would drain slowly, and air resistance will occur. 

Is the 4-inch center set faucet standard and spacing?

The standard and best choice is the 4-inch center set faucet specification.

It has the handle, and the spout combined through the plate but is unnecessary for a single plate design.

Spacing means the distance between the two furthest mounting holes. 


  • Small Faucet Design
  • Simple Installation Process
  • Multiple Faucet Styles
  • Various handle 


  • Not suitable for large basins
  • It can be harder to clean. 

Do all kitchen faucets fit all sinks?

No, there is no universal kitchen faucet that fits all sinks. Each sink and faucet vary in design and setting.

Select according to your need and check the compatibility between both for better working. 

What does 8 inches spread faucet mean?

Eight inches spread faucet means they have three pieces of faucet widespread.

The distance between the outer holes to the center is 8 inches, making it an 8-inch spread kitchen faucet. 

Delta kitchen faucet hole size 

Delta kitchen faucet is a famous and trustworthy brand. The size hole for the kitchen faucet is one 1/4″ to 1 1/2″, and the maximum deck thickness is 3″. It varies in size from 1 3/8″ and 2 1/2″ maximum deck thickness (source).

It has a single-hole fit installation with 360 degrees swiveling spout. It is made of solid brass construction, an insulated body, and a spout to reduce heat transfer. 

What size hole for moen kitchen faucet

Moen kitchen faucet is another brand type with a hole size of 1 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ and a maximum deck thickness of 2 1/2″.

It has a high arc spout that reaches to fill and clean large pots easily. 3/8″ Flexible supply lines, rotating spout with side spray, and quick installation.

By default, it operates in aerated and spray streams in eco-performance mode.

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Are all kitchen faucet holes the same size

No, not all faucets are the same in size. The standard size is 1 3/8 inches, but it doesn’t mean it will be the same for all the sinks.

There are different configurations and dimensions when selecting a sizing hole for a kitchen faucet.

Select according to your need and desire. 

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Final Thoughts 

Although a standard faucet hole size is 1 3/8 inches, various brands and models are different in their dimensions and size hole of the kitchen faucet, the deck thickness, several holes, sink size, and all these factors play an essential role in selecting the best size hole for your kitchen.