What is A Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet? An Ultimate Guide!

A dishwasher is a fantastic machine designed to do the most dreadful part of cooking, i.e., dish cleaning for you.

The dishwasher saves a lot of time, it’s hygienic and cost-efficient, but you still need to pre-rinse dishes before putting them into the washer.

For that, a pre-rinse faucet comes in handy.

So, what is a Pre Rinse kitchen faucet? Let’s file a test!

It’s that snaking water taps known for their strong blasts of water.

You might have seen it in commercials and restaurants as it’s quite’s fancy piece.

It is practical yet decorative. For this reason, it is usually a little pricey as well.

Features of a Pre Rinse Faucet

an image of pre rinse faucet

This gadget comes with a lot of variety in its features, styles, and usability;

  • Style 

The first thing you should consider while buying a pre-rinse faucet is its mounting style.

You can choose one of the two;

  • The Deck Mounted Faucet; 

It is mounted at the counter at the back of the sink compartments. 

  • Splash Mounted Faucet; 

It is also known as the wall mount. A splash mount faucet attaches vertically at the back of the sink compartment. 

  • The Blast Spray Feature

Along with eye-catching looks, a pre-rinse faucet is known for its powerful spray feature that is used for blast cleaning greasy plates, cutlery, or silverware. 

  • Hold down Rings

The hold-down rings of a pre-rinse faucet keep the sprayer valve of the faucet open. This prevents a user from fatigue if used for extended periods. 

  • Stainless Steel Built

Most of the pre-rinse faucets are made of durable stainless steel. 

Pre Rinse Faucet Parts

The main parts of a pre-rinse faucet include;

• Hoses

• Springs

• Spray Valves

• Wall bracket assembly Materials

• Handles and stems

• Stainless Steel Faucet Connector

• Pre-rinse and pedal valve bonnet

How does a Pre-rinse Faucet Work?

The function of a faucet involves stopping water from flowing when it is turned on and letting it flow out with pressure when it turns on.

To stop the continuous flow of water, a screw and a lever are needed to produce the force to stop the water.

The real purpose of a faucet is to hold back the water until the tap is turned on. 

How Much Will It Cost To Install A Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet?

an image of pre-rinse kitchen faucet

The price of a pre-rinse faucet varies from company to company but according to a safe estimate; it can

Range from $300 to $350 for a single faucet.

This estimate will apply if you are going for bulk installations of about 5 to 6 faucets.

A single installation will cost more. 

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Is a Pre-rinse Faucet Worth It?

A kitchen faucet is a worthy investment as it has several advantages and a few disadvantages.

Pre-rinse faucets are functional yet modern and add a distinctive touch to your kitchen. 

It is often installed in commercial kitchens as many chefs and restaurant teams prefer it due to its functionality.

Its high-pressure spray cleans the dishes of any debris in seconds. 

1. Design: Industrial style is one of the main reasons many homeowners and professional chefs prefer it. Its tall height, exposed spray hose, and professional features can give any kitchen the look of a pro chef’s space1. Prices: of pre-rinse faucets are quite a lot ranging from $650 to $1200. 
2. Effortless Cleaning: One of the most cherished benefits of a pre-rinse faucet is helps blasting pressure with which water flows out of it. It makes cleaning super easy while saving the dishwasher of any clogged drains. 2. Water Usage: The pre-rinse faucets are not known to be water-efficient, and this is a significant disadvantage.
3. Height: The height of this faucet makes it easy and more practical to clean dishes and fill large pots and pans. 3. Tall Height: One cannot have the overhead cabinets wherever a pre-rinse faucet is installed. 

Despite having some cons, a pre-rinse faucet is a worthy investment if you want to give your kitchen a high-end appeal and get some fantastic benefits. 

What is the Difference Between a Pre-rinse Faucet and a PulldownFaucet?

Pre Rinse FaucetPull Down Faucet
1. Definition: A kitchen faucet designed to aid in cleaning dishes and preparing food. These faucets come with long, flexible hoses attached to a spray nozzle. 
It is also called a “pull ou” faucet.” 
1. Definition: This faucet is counter-mounted and has a spray head that extends from the end of the faucet. The spray head of the pull-down faucet can be pulled out and out of the end of the faucet.
It is also called a “gooseneck faucet.”
2. Traditional Design: If you want to give a traditional look to a kitchen while using the more high-end fixtures. A pre-rinse faucet is the one to go for.2. Modern Design: A pull-down faucet is more suitable for a more sophisticated look. It instantly makes a statement in the kitchen with its elegant design. 
3. Spraying power: The strong spray of a pre-rinse faucet makes it incredibly easy to clean off large pots and pans.3. Easier to move: It is easier to move around the sink area with a pull-down faucet, to clean dishes or fill up any large pots and pans.
4. Heavy Splashing: A pre-rinse faucet can cause splashing when used in a shallow kitchen sink.4. Controlled Splashing: With a pull-down faucet, there is less risk of heavy splashing
5. Height: A pre-rinse faucet is perfect for deep sinks and is taller than a pull-down faucet, with a spout of around 12 inches or more5. Shorter Height: A pull-down faucet is short and cannot extend that far from the faucet itself.

Which is Better Pull Down or Pull Out Kitchen Faucet?

It’s entirely subjective as it depends on a person’s preference.

A pull-down faucet can be a good choice if you have limited space, and a pull-down is suitable for more open space. 

Another factor you can consider can be the depth of the sink

A pull-out faucet will be perfect if you have a deep sink, and a pull-down is the best for a shallow sink. 

Which Brand of Kitchen Faucet is Best?

Several brands provide excellent and reliable kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

However, among the brand loved by consumers, there are two most reliable;

1. Pfister

Deals in the high-end bathroom and kitchen fixtures have been in the market for over a century and have a flawless track record of fantastic customer service.

All of their products come with a lifetime warranty {Source}.

2. Kraus

It’s a UIt’ssed brand with a specified form for customer reviews only at which anyone can send their Kraus Fixtures photos.

Also, their customers can contact their experts for any pieces of advice or questions {Source}.

Are Pull Down Faucets Hard to Clean?

No, pull-down faucets are not hard to clean.

Due to its flexible build can be pulled down in the sink, making it easy to clean.

All you need to clean it is to spray the coil and use a microfiber cloth to wipe it. 

What is a Semi-Professional Kitchen Faucet?

an image of semi-professional kitchen faucet

A semi-pro kitchen faucet is an attractively styled faucet with some extra features you don’t see in standard kitchen faucets.

Some of the features of a semi-professional faucet include an easy-to-clean and easily accessible faucet finish.

They can also be installed easily on existing kitchen sinks. 

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Final Thoughts 

A kitchen faucet is a handy tool, and it’s impossible to imagine a kitchen without it.

Whether you need a pull-down or a pull-out faucet, you must decide after ascertaining your requirements and budget. A pull-out faucet can be a little pricey.