Where Is The Model Number On A Moen Kitchen Faucet?

Moen offers more than 10 different types of kitchen faucets currently as of February 2022.

Every model comes with different size configurations that require parts made for that model of Moen’s faucet only.

In certain situations, you might need to buy a spare part or accessories for Moen’s faucet, and a model number is required.

The exact model number of Moen’s faucet can be found on the box, bill of purchase, or on the bottom side of the spout part (which will be embedded). 

What Is The Model Number Of A Moen Cartridge?

an image of moen kitchen faucet - Where Is The Model Number On A Moen Kitchen Faucet

The model number on Moen’s kitchen faucet and the cartridge is a unique combination of letters and digits representing the faucet and cartridge variant.

The model number starts from “1”, “8”, “6” and “7”. 

It helps you identify if the component you’re purchasing is compatible with your faucet.

E.g., cartridges, drain pipes connector, and tap covers. 

Where To Find The Series Number On Moen Single Handle Spout?

You can find the serial number at the bottom or under the faucet’s spout.

The series number placement is the same for the dual and single handle spout.

You can also view the serial number on the user manual and the spout or faucet kit bill.

Series Number VS Model Number

The series number of your spout is unique, and there’s no other spout by Moen with the same serial number as yours.The model number is generic. It only represents the variant, and it’s not unique.
The series number is used to recognize that specific product by Moen for warranty or return claim.You can use the model number to recognize the product type (generically).
Because the series number is unique, you can also identify the model number. You can’t use the model number to recognize the serial number because the model number is always generic.
The serial number isn’t humanly memorizable. The model number is always humanly memorizable and easy to understand.

What Is The Difference Between Moen 1222 And 1225?

Moen 1225Moen 1222
Regular brass body.Brass body with a plastic cover to protect the cartridge from fungus and mold.
It is updated from the 1200 series (2nd generation).1st generation of 1200 series.
Works in the vertical up and down motion. Works in the horizontal left and proper position
You can use it to switch between hot and cold waterIt can only work in one stream, either hot or either cold.
X and Y-axis movementOnly X-axis support

What Kind Of Parts Do Moen Faucets Use?

All Moen faucets are made of stainless steel from the outside and high-quality brass from the inside without color.

The brass is used from the inside.

It offers the highest resistance against water damage compared to any other metal after gold and silver. 

Additionally, brass offers the highest resistance against corrosion and fungus compared to stainless steel and other common metals.

That’s why Moen uses brass in their internal water components, such as faucets and cartridges.

What Is The 1- 800 Number For Moen?

an image of moen faucets

The 1-800 is the contact number for Moen customer support.

The complete customer support telephone number is 1-800-BUY-MOEN or 1-800-289-6636.

You can also contact their support for any FAQ, warranty claim, product verification, replacement parts, and plumbing services. 

The timing for the customer support is: 8 am – 7 pm EST zone.


How To Tell If Moen Cartridge Is Bad

  • Leakage the water from the faucet even if the tap is fully closed. E.g., dripping of water drops or constant water leaking.
  • Difficulty in opening or closing the tap. E.g., you need to apply too much force in the opening or closing of the faucet.
  • Jerks in the tap when opening or closing the handle.
  • The in-consistent flow of the water from the faucet
  • Jamming of the tap

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Why Is My Moen Kitchen Faucet Leaking?

 Moen faucets can cause leaking due to these reasons:

  • If the leak only occurs when the faucet is on, the problem is probably with the seal of the faucet with the cartridge. Just change the O-ring, and the leak will disappear.
  • If the leak happens when the faucet is closed, most likely, the problem is with the faucet’s cartridge. The cartridge may run out.
  • The seal is broken, a cartridge crack, a wall loss, or any defect. In most cases, that problem is unrepairable, and you might need to replace the cartridge.
  • The leak can also occur if you don’t fit the cartridge properly in the water pipe. 

What Size Allen Key For Moen Kitchen Faucet?

All Moen kitchen requires a 7/64 inch hex wrench to fit the faucet.

How Can You Tell When Moen Parts Need To Be Replaced?

Here are the signs when you need to replace your faucet’s parts:

  • If corrosion is seen on the faucet, it’s time to change that part of your faucet.
  • If a leak is noticed, then most probably, the cartridge or seal has run out and needs a replacement.
  • If the tap isn’t moving correctly, you probably need a replacement in the cartridge or replace the top cover.
  • When the faucet has inconsistent water flow, it’s time to replace the cartridge.

How Do I Contact Moen Free Replacement Parts?

You can request the replacement parts from their Amazon page or call them at their customer support:

  • 1-800-BUY-MOEN or 1-800-289-6636 to place the order for your replacement part.

The timing for customer support is 8 am – 7 pm ET zone.

Where To Buy Moen Kitchen Faucets?

Here’re the three sources from which you can buy official and authorized Moen faucets and their cartridges:

Are Moen Kitchen Faucets Guaranteed For Life?

Nope, no physical machine or system can offer an infinite lifespan.

The same goes for Moen faucets.

A regular Moen faucet can last for up to 30-40 years, depending on your usage and style.

Are Moen Kitchen Faucet Spouts Interchangeable?

It depends on your faucet model.

If you’re using a non-interchangeable spout, then, of course, you can’t change the spout.

If you got a removable spout, you could replace and change the spout as you like. 

Are Moen Kitchen Faucets Good?

Moen is one of the oldest kitchen sanitary and water tap manufacturers.

It is one of the most grossing kitchen sanitary companies with an estimated net revenue of 500$ million – 1$ billion

Also, Moen offers the most reliable and long-lasting kitchen faucets of high-quality steel and brass that can last for at least 30-50 years without any issues.

So conclusively, yes, Moen’s faucets are 100% recommended.

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Can You Increase Water Pressure In Moen Kitchen Faucet 

The water pressure is dependent on the water coming from the back of your water pipe.

The faucet is only responsible for transferring that pressure from the pipe to your basin.

However, the pressure might get slower in certain situations due to the aerator. 

If your water pressure is slow in the faucet only, you can try losing the aerator of your faucet, located at the tip of the faucet.

However, by losing the aerator, the water stream will get narrow.

Which Is Better, Delta Or Moen Kitchen Faucets?

an image of faucet

Both are good. Delta and Moen are made for two different market segments.

Moen offers superior quality, reliable products, and premium quality faucets with premium class pricing.

Delta offers budget-friendly faucets, but they are not superior to Moen offers.

Where Is The Serial Number On A Kohler Faucet? 

The serial number on the Kohler faucet represents the unique identification number for the faucet made by Kohler.

It’s unique, and there’s only one serial number worldwide.

It’s usually used while claiming for the warranty or returns.

Where Is Delta Kitchen Faucet Model Number Location 

  • On the back of the box
  • On the bill
  • On the handle of the faucet. It’ll usually be engraved on the faucet.

The serial number is an 11-17 alpha-numeric identifier.

How To Find Brand Of Kitchen Faucet

  • From the store you’re purchasing, ask the helper or seller which brand this faucet is from.
  • See the box of the faucet. You can recognize the brand of the faucet from its package.
  • Search the serial number of the faucet on Google.

How To Identify Kitchen Faucet Manufacturer 

The brand of the faucet is the manufacturer of the faucet. Brand = manufacturer. 

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The Bottom Line

So now you know where to find the model number on your Moen kitchen faucet.

In case you are looking for replacement parts for your Moen faucet, this post will help you out.