Kitchen Sink Reglazing Cost

So, your kitchen sink has changed its color, and now you are thinking of replacing your kitchen.

However, before replacing and buying the new kitchen sink, you can consider reglazing the sink. 

It’s cost-effective and gives a brand new look to your kitchen sink.

In this article, we’ve written a complete guide on kitchen sink reglazing costs,

  • What it is,
  • How long it lasts,
  • When you need it,
  • Every other technical detail of reglazing a kitchen sink.

The cost of reglazing a kitchen sink depends on the size and type of sink.

The average kitchen sink cost ranges between 200$-300$.

When Does Your Sink Need to Be Reglazed?

an image of reglazed kitchen sink

When would you know that it’s time to reglaze your kitchen sink?

There are some signs that you can consider which reflect the need for reglazing. Some of them are:

  • The sink gets pale yellow. It’s due to the hard water contaminants that react with the sink’s paint and make it pale yellowish.
  • The sinks get infected with fungus. It’s due to the reaction of Oxygen molecules that react with the paint of the sink in the presence of air in the environment.
  • Dullness of the paint. After a specific time, the paint or shinning of the sink will get dull. It’s due to an oxidation process. 

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How long does Reglazing a sink last?

It entirely depends on your sink’s usage and the type of water that flows within your sink.

However, the average lifespan of the reglazing is about 10-15 years. 

If the water quality is good, it may extend for 20-25 years;

If the water within your sink is hard, it may not even last for 5-8 years. 

The contaminants in the water play a significant role in the runout of the glazing of the sink.

Hard water contaminants, e.g., calcium, magnesium, and aluminum, react with the glazing layer and make the glazing run out faster.

Moreover, the glazing is also dependent on the humidity level.

A higher humidity level is likely to build fungus in the sink, which can reduce the lifespan of the glaze.

Is Reglazing a kitchen sink worth it?

Yes, if your sink only has cosmetic issues, not deep cracks.

The glazing is used to fix the looks of the sink.

It doesn’t fix the deep cracks and permanent scratches. 

Therefore, if your sink has deep cracks and permanent scratches, it might not be worth spending on reglazing.

Reglazing is good if the sink is refined inside without cracks.

How Reglazing Works

Reglazing is the process of repolishing the paint and shining the sink that makes it look brand new. 

In this process, the expert will first remove the sink from the wall for sanding the reglazing purposes.

Then, the expert will sand the sink thoroughly and remove the old glazing, and they will glaze until the clay coat of the sink emerges. 

Then, the expert will apply the new coat of paint and seal the paint with a transparent coat of epoxy or any other base shining material.

That’s it!

How long does it take Reglaze a sink?

The time it takes to glaze the sink depends on the worker’s expertise and skills.

The glazing process usually takes about 2-4 hours. 

After the glazing is done, it needs to get dried until usable.

It’ll take about 24-48 hours for the glazing to get dry entirely until usable.

The drying process also depends on the environment, e.g.,

  • Temperature,
  • Dryness,
  • Humidity
  • Low and high temperatures affect the drying time.

How much does it cost to reglaze a cast-iron sink?

The reglazing process of a cast-iron sink is the same as other ceramic sinks.

Most of the kitchens are equipped with cast-iron sinks.

Their reglazing isn’t too expensive. 

The average cost of reglazing the cast-iron sink ranges from $300-$500, depending on the design and size of the sink.

However, they use different glazing materials as compared to standard ceramic sinks.

Therefore, the drying time might differ in those scenarios.

How much does it cost to reglaze a porcelain sink?

Same as cast-iron sinks.

However, it may depend on the experts in your area.

They may charge higher or lower than the cast-iron sinks. 

However, worldwide, the average cost to reglaze a porcelain sink is about 200$ – 300$, the same as cast-iron sinks.

How much does it cost to paint the kitchen sink?

Well, it depends on how you want to paint your kitchen sink.

You have various options for repainting your kitchen sink, and each option offers different options.

If you want a very low-cost repaint, you can do it yourself.

Buy a spray can of paint that costs about 3$-6$, and repaint the sink yourself.

However, those spray paints aren’t scratch resistant and will get faded sooner.

If you want better quality work, hire an expert paint man to buy premium sanitary paint for the best quality paintwork and long-lasting paint.

This process will cost you about 40$-60$, but the output will be outclassed!

Unless you’re an expert painter, you can’t do the sanitary paint yourself, which requires a painter’s skills.

Otherwise, you might have an odd paint job and waste the whole sink + paint.

Can you reglaze an enamel sink?

Yes, you can. Enamel sinks glazing is low cost, easy, and takes lower drying time than other sinks.

They are 80% steel, and glazing on metal is easier and faster than on ceramics. 

An average cost required to reglaze the enamel sink ranges between 100$-200$ or even lower, depending on your location and area.

The enamel sink requires about 6-12 hours of drying time, as glazing on metal dries faster than ceramic and clay. 

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Can you reglaze a ceramic sink?

Yes, you can.

The ceramic sinks are made of special mud and clay, hardened till brick, and painted to be shipped to your home.

They are replaceable.

However, the reglazing of the ceramic takes more time.

It requires different coats of glazing, and the drying time of ceramic sinks is higher than that of iron casts and enamel sinks. 

It’s because ceramic ones aren’t metals.

Their molecules have a gap that absorbs the coats of glaze.

Therefore, ceramic requires more coats than metal and enamel.

And due to multiple coats, the drying time of ceramic increases more than iron-cast and enamel ones.

Sink reglazing Services

an image of kitchen sink

There are thousands of kitchen reglazing services available in the USA, so would you know which one to choose?

For your ease, below, we’ve hand-picked and mentioned the five best kitchen reglazing services in the USA:


DuraFinish is one of the oldest reglazing services in this article.

Launched in 1993 and available in more than 40 states of the USA.

They offer almost all glazing services, e.g.,

  • Kitchen sinks
  • Bathtubs
  • Tiles


If you’re looking for a more premium and budget category glazing, then TopRefinishing might be a better choice.

They offer glazing, e.g., enamel, iron-cast, and ceramic sinks.

According to the company, they offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t like their service. 

USA Refinishing

USA Refinishing claims to have ten years of experience in the reglazing field.

They offer precise reglazing services at the best rates.

You can also order your service only from their website and pay the advance digitally through your debit card.

However, we don’t know about their pricing, as they have not revealed their pricing section.

Other reglazing companies:

Kitchen Sink Reglazing Cost – FAQs

Do stainless steel sinks have a coating?

Mostly, they do have.

It depends on the type of sink.

If you’re going for a low-cost option, you might not get a coated steel sink.

However, if you got a high budget, you can find a coated sink that looks beautiful and awesome. 

How can I change the color of my sink?

By repainting. Repainting and reglazing are both different terms.

If you want a low-cost and DIY option, go with the repair.

If you want a premium look with more durable and long-lasting, then go with reglazing.

But note that repainting on the sink doesn’t last long.

Can I paint my porcelain sink?

Visit a paint shop, buy a spray paint bottle that costs about 3$-6$, and repaint your porcelain sink.

However, note that repainting doesn’t last long.

The spray paint is sensitive to small micro-Socrates and will run out after 1-2 months.

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The Bottom Line

Buying a new kitchen sink might be an expensive option.

They cost money + delivery charges and fair labor as well.

Why not opt for a reglazing instead of particularly if the only issue with your sink is the looks factor?

Using reglazing for that issue might be a cost-effective and best option.

In this article, we’ve written a complete guide article on kitchen sink reglazing cost and how it works in a straightforward style.