Standard Kitchen Drawer Size – Everything You Need to Know!

Planning out a whole kitchen layout or renovating your kitchen can be tricky.

Most importantly, you must be sure about the size of your kitchen drawers.

Since storage determines how neat your kitchen looks, you must ensure your kitchen drawer size serves you efficiently. 

You might wonder about the Standard kitchen drawer size and which size will give your kitchen the desired look.

With an expert survey, the most straightforward answer is; that the standard kitchen drawer may be 24 inches deep and 34.5 inches tall.

Widths may vary with base units 9,12,18,24,30,33,36 and 48 inches. 

This article will answer all your queries and explain which drawer size is optimal for which type of storage. To find out more, read the article till the end!

How deep is a standard kitchen drawer?

Silverware drawer

A standard kitchen drawer will have a depth measure of about 24 inches.

This is a specified standard measurement so that counter-tops will fit with a slight overhang.

Hence, your drawers will be 24 inches deep for standard base units.

In the case of base units for the kitchen island, the drawers will still have the same depth or up to 36 inches. Thus, your drawers will be deeper with more storage space.

How deep is a silverware drawer?

The standard depth for a silverware drawer to accommodate your cutlery is about 18 inches wide above the deeper drawers.

For items like Aluminum foil, sandwich bags, etc., the drawer should be about 11.5 inches deep and 15 inches wide.

How wide is a cutlery drawer?

Generally, cutlery doesn’t take up much space.

Therefore, a drawer about 25-30cm wide will be sufficient to keep your silverware (excluding any woodware). Even though cutlery is an essential part of our lives, it is easy to be stored in your kitchen.

How deep should kitchen drawers be for pots and pans?

Conventionally, drawers holding pots and pans are about 10 inches deep. Such kitchen drawers should be 30 to 36 inches wide.

However, their depth is determined by the height of your base cabinets which may typically be about 24-36 inches deep.

How deep are base cabinet drawers?

If your base cabinet has drawers, you want to know how deep they are.

Thus, the drawer of your base cabinet is about 6 inches tall, with a door beneath it of about 24 inches.

If your base cabinet has no drawer, its door is approximately 30 inches in height.

How deep should a spice drawer be?

A spice drawer should ideally be around 19.5 inches deep.

Essentially, your spice drawer must be 2 inches tall.

However, they should be 3.5-4.5 inches tall to store more spice containers. This way, they can fit in a large number of containers.

How thick are drawer slides?

The girth of your drawer slides is dependent on whether they are light or heavy-duty.

A light-duty slide is about 1/2 inches thin, while a heavy-duty one might be ¾ inches thick.

To determine the length, go through the manufacturer’s chart to simplify things yourself.

You will find drawer and cabinet size and depth written there.

What Size Drawer Slides Do I Need?

To determine the drawer slide, you will need for your drawer, you must make correct measurements beforehand.

Begin at the back of your drawer and measure till the front. Make sure to exclude the face of the drawer while doing so since it works to stop drawer and cabinet intersection.

Please measure the length accurately and round it off. For instance, for a 24.5 inches long drawer, you will require a 24-inch drawer slide.

In case of complexity, while measuring, you might also take the drawer with you before purchasing the slide.

How wide can a pull-out shelf be?

Pull-out shelves will help you extend each shelf from the cabinet to maximize your kitchen storage.

Their width can range from about 6 inches to 30 inches.

Also, they are about 20-22 inches deep, allowing more space for your kitchen items.

These pull-out shelves are ready to use and pre-assembled. You only need to fit the screws in place, and you are good to go!

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How Many Drawers in a Typical Kitchen Layout?

Drawers are preferred over cabinets for storage. You don’t have to stoop to get things out of the drawer; instead, simply sliding them out and bringing them is a preferable alternative.

Also, drawers are more specific to different item categories so that you can organize them better.

Therefore, experts suggest that a standard kitchen layout has at least one drawer cabinet if you have a double-door cabinet.

Other than that, your storage requirements will determine the number of drawers in your kitchen.

How Do You Measure for Kitchen Drawers?

measuring for standard kitchen drawer

The standard size of a drawer ranges from 12 inches to 24 inches. However, if this non-custom size doesn’t fit you right, you can customize a drawer per your needs.

However, you should first measure your kitchen drawers correctly. With the correct measurement, you can create the space you have always wanted for your kitchen.

To proceed, make sure you have a measuring scale or tape. Next, this is how you measure the size of your kitchen drawers step-wise:

  1. Measure the length from top to bottom in a vertical manner.
  2. Horizontally measure the breadth from left to right.
  3. Choose the mount; you may want a side-mount or an under-mount drawer guide.
  4. Finally, measure the depth of the drawer from front to back.

How Much Space Do You Need Between Kitchen Drawers?

When building your drawers, it is essential to know how much vertical space to leave between them. It is preferable to go about an inch or so for a more consistent look. 

However, builders who wish to accommodate a large number of drawers within a cabinet may, after a precise measurement, leave a space of ¼ inches between the drawers.

Standard Kitchen Drawer size – FAQs

How wide are kitchen cabinet drawers?

The size of your kitchen drawers depends on your cabinet’s dimensions. However, for base cabinets, the size of kitchen cabinet drawers lies between 6 to 36 inches.

Where should the cutlery drawer be in the kitchen?

For your convenience, make sure things you need more often are just a few inches apart from you. Hence, it is advisable to have a cutlery drawer next to the sink. 

How far do kitchen drawers come out?

How far the drawers come out depends on the depth of your kitchen drawers. For instance, the drawers in lower cabinets are about 17 to 23 inches deep, while those on upper cabinets have a depth of about 12 inches.

Can drawer slides be shorter than drawers?

Yes, drawer slides are typically shorter than the drawer. For instance, for a 20.5 inched drawer, you need to purchase a drawer slide about 20 inches long or less.

Can drawer slides be longer than drawers?

Simply put, No. You cannot use a taller or broader slide than your kitchen drawer.

What size drawer slides for a 21 cabinet?

For a 21-inch cabinet, the supported drawer slide size would be a 16 or 18-inch drawer slide.

How much space is needed for under-mount drawer slides?

In case of less horizontal space, you need under-mount drawer slides. Such slides require only 3/16 to ¼ inches of vacant space.

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Final Thoughts – Standard Kitchen Drawer Size

Hence, if you begin renovating your kitchen or analyzing the proper storage, you must know the standard kitchen drawer size. Further, it would be best if you learned what items take up the most space and designed your kitchen layout accordingly.

Hopefully, this article answered all your questions about your kitchen drawer size and will help you practically apply the queries we addressed. If you still feel confused, feel free to reach out!