9 Of The Best Blender Juicer Combo

Do you want to find the best blender juicer combo?

Both appliances are helpful, and which one you choose is a personal preference.

But what if you enjoy both juices and smoothies and want a device that can handle both tasks?

What if you can have the best juicer blender combo

Cuisinart CFP-800 Kitchen Central is the best blender juicer combo as it can effectively perform juicing and blending tasks.

What is the difference between a blender and a juicer?

lemons with a juicer

Many individuals confuse juicers and blenders, believing they perform the same functions and procedures.

Here’s a quick rundown of how these two appliances work.

Blenders are versatile kitchen gadgets that may be used for various tasks.

Smoothies, shakes, and soups are all made with blenders.

Fruits and vegetables are pureed, sauces are made, and ice is crushed.

To cut and break down the produce, a blender uses fast-moving blades.

Blenders are quick, simple, and easy to use; therefore, almost everyone has one in their kitchen.

Whereas juicers are appliances that extract juice from fruits and vegetables and a variety of cereals. Masticating juicers, Triturating juicers, and Centrifugal juicers are the three types.

What is a blender juicer combo, and how is it different?

A blender juicer combo is a gadget that can effectively do juicing and blending tasks. Attachments are essential parts of these gadgets.

The device includes a variety of accessories that allow you to customize the functionalities.

Many products include additional features, such as grinding or chopping your food.

As a result, you will enjoy unrivaled versatility from a single device.

Another benefit is that you only have to buy one thing rather than two.

Not only will you save money, but it will also save room on the kitchen counter.

Best Blender Juicer Combo Reviews (2022)

Cuisinart CFP-800 Kitchen Central

This versatile machine will be a great pick in the long run as it will save up your time and counter space with its all-in-one functions and compact size.

This Cuisinart CFP-800 Kitchen Central can be a blender, juice extractor, and food processor.

Technical Details

500 Watts of power Motor

Its high-performance 500 Watt motor efficiently supports its blending, juice extracting, and food processing operations.


The 8-cup food processor can do several tasks like; mixing, chopping, puree making, shredding, and more.

The blender can be used to make smoothies and puree soups.

This high-power juice extractor can convert fruits into delicious juices in seconds.

Ease of use

All the functions can be performed efficiently with a dial turn.

Whether you want a glass of fresh juice or blend some leafy greens, turn to this fantastic combo machine.


Three attachments available.

Simple Dial control.

500 watts powerful motor to support all the functions.

Metal finish.


Limited 3-year warranty.

Not specialized in any function.

Current price

It is currently available for $149.95.

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 48 oz. Container, Black

This Vitamix is also a good option as it’s got exhilarating power and durability.

It’s beneficial in preparing quick meals. Below are the technical details;

Technical Details

Speed Options

It’s got variable speed controls. You can adjust it at different settings in the process and get the desired texture or just click the Pulse feature to get a power burst.


Blending thick and hard food can be a hassle sometimes, but this Vitamix blender has a specially designed tamper to process these stubborn blends easily.

High-Performance Motor

It is fitted with a powerful motor that supports the blender in transforming tough ingredients into smooth blends.

Stainless Steel Blades

The stainless steel laser-cut blades deliver quality results and will not dull or bend.

Container design

It has a precisely designed container that folds the ingredients back to the blades for faster and uniform blending.

Blade Friction Heating

Its blades catch the speed as soon as the blender is turned on, creating friction heating which helps bring cold to steaming hot temperature.


No overheating due to its radial cooling fans.

Ten variable speeds are available

The jar design pushes back the ingredients towards the blade

It can help self-clean by adding warm water and soap.


Unattractive look.

Limited capacity

Blending process requires a lot of manual effort

Noisy process.

Current Price

This Vitamix Blender Combo is currently available for $349.95 only.

Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt

This one is a top-notch blender in the Ninja Blender family.

It is equipped with Auto IQ technology, meaning there is no guessing involved in doing the job, be it blending, extracting juices, or smoothie making. Further details are as under;

Technical Details

Extractor Blades

Its extra-sharp blades can break down a whole fruit into pieces and then extract the maximum juice from them enriched with vitamins and minerals.

These are also capable of making nutritious smoothies and shakes.

Auto iQ Technology

This technology offers times and intelligent blending programs that make the work easy for you with accurately timed operations.

1200 watts motor

It’s got a powerful 1200 watts motor that is competent enough to work with frozen fruits or make nut butter.

Multi-serve Ninja cups

This juicer blender comes with multi-sized cups with sip and seal lids which means you can use them as a storage utensil and a glass.


The plastic jugs are BPA-free.

It is dishwasher safe.

Top-rated for making juices.

Multiple options for blending both automatic and manual.

Stainless steel blade.


There have been complaints that the blade gets dull if used repeatedly for crushing ice.

It is also not suitable for blending hot liquids.

The plastic jugs are prone to scratching and scaring.

Current Price

This Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender is priced at $159.99 currently.

Ninja Mega Kitchen Juicer Blender

If you are looking for a premium quality appliance, then this Ninja Mega is a perfect option that would suffice all your requirements. Here are some technical details;

Technical Details

Four Versatile Functions

This blender juicer combo has four versatile functions: blending, mixing, crushing, and single-serve. It has a powerful motor of 1500 Watts to perform all these functions.

Food Processing

It has an 8-cup food processor that does even chopping and can prepare 2-pounds of dough within 30 seconds.

Crushing Ice

It can reduce ice to snow in seconds and make you creamy smoothies and frozen drinks in its 72-oz pitcher. It has two plus horsepower motors to support its functions.


It has a stacked blade assembly for the pitcher, a specialized dough blade, and a chopping blade for the processor bowl, and not just that, but there are also Nutri ninja blades for the single-serve cups as well.

Dough making

Its efficient and powerful dough mixer can quickly fold the ingredients and prepare 2 pounds of dough in less than 30 seconds.


Lightweight appliance

Powerful 1500 Watt motor.

The package includes a blending pitcher, food processor bowl, and travel cups.

Its interface is easy-to-use and,

It has got several blade features



No pulp filter available.

Difficult to clean with hands

Pitcher is not durable.

Current price

This Nutri Ninja Mega is available at a discounted price of $159.99.

NutriBullet Juicer Blender Combo

This NutriBullet Blender Combo is a reasonably mid-range option for people who want to have a high-end machine but don’t want to spend a fortune.

Technical Details

Three Precision Speeds

Its Pulse function and extract program are designed to give the user complete control at a mere button press.

You can make; smoothies, nut butter, soups, and sauces, in this combo blender as it’s fitted with a 1200 Watts powerful motor to perform all the functions smoothly.

Easy-twist Extractor

It’s got a powerful extractor blade made of stainless steel that functions with cyclonic action.

BPA free plastic

Its pitchers and cups are made of high-quality BPA-free plastic.

Easy Cleaning

You can rinse this combo machine in a dishwasher; however, the extractor blades should be hand-washed.


Juice containers with generous capacity.

Pulse Control.Nutrient Extracting Blending

Multiple speed options.

Twist extractor blade.


Unattractive black design

Noisy functioning.

As per some consumers, it does not produce a smooth blend.

Current Price

It is currently priced at $127.97.

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Cuisinart CBJ-450 Compact Blender with Pulp Ejection Extraction

This Cuisinart combo blender will be a good choice if you want a performance that matches that of larger-sized models but in a more convenient size.

Technical Details

16 Ounce Container

It has a 16-ounce blending container with a flip-top lid that can also be used as a travel cup.

Rubber Feet

It is fitted with rubber feet that don’t only firmly hold the blender in place but also serve as a vibration dampener, stopping the vibration from reaching the countertop.

Compact Size

It measures 19.15*11*8.25 inches so that it won’t occupy much space on your countertop.

Powerful Motor

It can handle the toughest blending jobs conveniently, backed by a powerful 250 watts motor and culinary stainless steel blades.

Rotary Dial Interface

It’s easy to use and has minimalistic four-dial settings, ideal for people who like a hands-on approach to preparing food.


Doesn’t occupy much space.

Simple controls.

Stainless steel blade.

Ideal for making small batches of food.


Limited capacity.

Not many speed settings available.

Current Price

It’s priced at $79.99 only.

Oster Juicer and Blender 2 Go

It’s incredibly compact, unlike the other juicer and blender combination machines. It will be an ideal fit for a small kitchen.

Technical Details

Powerful Motor

For its relatively compact size, it’s got quite a powerful 400W motor. No matter how hard fruit or juice is, it will quickly extract juice from it and provide you with a smoothie or puree.

Convenient To-go Cup

It is equipped with a to-go cup in which it will blend and make juices. So, not many utensils will be used to mix or make juices, and cleanup will be effortless.

Pulp Collector

It’s got a generous-sized pulp collector that will keep the pulp from spilling out so you can continue making juice without having to empty the pulp container again and again.


Small enough to be left on the counter for frequent usage.

Excellent at blending and extracting juices.

Its to-go-cup is made from BPA-free material.


·    Difficult to clean the metal strainer.

·    Metal strainer leaks on frequent usage.

Current Price

This Oster Juicer Blender is available for only $89 currently.

Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender Gunmetal

blender juicer combo

It’s one of the best-performing and most versatile combo blender juicers available on the market.

Technical Details

Minimalistic Design

It’s best for people who don’t want anything fancy. It has simple dial control with a few settings like; on, off, low, high, and pulse.

BPA free

It has a 32-ounce BPA-free blending pitcher made of BPA-free material and two 16-ounce travel cups with lids. It also has a chopping cup perfect for grinding spices or making nut butter.

1 Hp Motor

It has a 1 Hp motor and a solid drive drain, which can conveniently perform blending functions for smoothies and butter.

Compact Size

If you have limited counter space, this 10.5*7.5*13.88 inches Hurricane juicer blender combo is ideal as it doesn’t require much space.


Good performance at a very reasonable price.

Compact sized and lightweight.

Dishwasher safe.

Stainless steel blade assembly.

Multiple blending containers.


Limited in performance due to compact size.

Limited features.

Current price

This Cuisinart Hurricane Blender Juicer Combo is available at an affordable price of $89.94.

Hamilton Beach wave Crusher Blender

It is a lightweight blender and food processor with a convenient single-serve feature. It comes with a lengthy 3-year warranty.

Technical Details

700 Watt Motor

 Its multi-function blender has a strong 700-watt motor that conveniently performs all the functions: blending, crushing, mixing, chopping, slicing, or shredding.

3 in 1

It’s got a 3-in-1 functionality. It is capable of blending large batches and can also make single-serve batches or use the food processor for slicing, shredding, and chopping.

Wave Action

Its 700 watts powerful motor functions to pull the constituents of the mixture down towards the blade, which appears like a wave motion on the outside and gives consistent, smooth, and even results.

BPA free

It comes with a free travel jar that is leakproof and made of BPA-free material.


Lightweight and inexpensive.

Single-serve feature.

Blend-in travel cup.

High-quality blending jar.

Food processing feature.


No specific juicing features

Complicated interface.

Limited capacity

Noisy operation

Less durability.

Current Price

This Hamilton Beach Wave Blender is priced at only $64.99 currently.

Breville BJB815BSS 3X Bluicer Pro Juicer Blender

This Breville Blucier Pro is a high-end yet expensive choice if you are looking for a heavy-duty juicer blender combo, but it will deliver significant value and will be one of the best products that you’ve ever used;

Technical Details

3X Bluicer Pro

This Bluicer pro can do many operations with its 3.5 inches wide chute, cold spin technology, five one-touch programs, and 10-speed settings.


You can blend a juice for yourself, make combinations or mixes, and enjoy all the nutrients, making fresh, healthy, and easy food for yourself.

Five one-touch programs

Its smoothie and green smoothie programs are designed to make you silky and creamy smoothies.

It can also turn ice into snow with its ice-crushing feature and makes cocktails with the frozen cocktail one-touch program.

After performing all of the operations mentioned above, it can be cleaned easily with its one-touch auto-clean function.

Shorter Prep Time

It saves your time by allowing you to make juice of whole fruit and vegetable without having to cut or chop them into small pieces.

KINETIX Bowl and Blade

This Bluicer is not only a powerful blender but also does food processing tasks efficiently. It can crush, chop, aerate and make creamy smoothies and soups.


Cold Spin Technology raises the temperature of juices to less than 2 degrees.

Can perform food processing functions.

Can create frozen drinks

All parts are dishwasher safe.


Occupies a lot of space.

Can be complicated to use.

Current Price

Its prices at $399.99/- only.

How To Find The Best Blender Juicer Combo?

What are the consumption requirements?

Your choice of blender juicer combo would depend on your needs, budget, counter space, and personal preferences.

What would it be worth to you?

Yes, it would be worth it as it would be cheaper and take up less kitchen space.

Style and design Of The Combo

Blenders come in various shapes and sizes, making them ideal additions to any kitchen.

A total blender is a regular blender with enough power to break the ice. Food processors are smaller versions of blenders used for finely chopping food and making tiny sauces.

Hand-held blenders, stick blenders, and immersion blenders are some of the other types of blenders available. These blenders are essentially tiny blades on the bottom of hand-held sticks.

These blenders are practical because they attach to the pot or basin where the ingredients are mixed.

These quickly gain popularity in the home, as they have been in the culinary business for many years.

There are only a few different types of juicers, and they all perform the same functions.

The most important thing to look at is how the food is placed and how much juice is extracted for juicers.

Although all juicers have these features, each one performs differently.

While some juicers allow you to juice the entire item, others require you to chop it beforehand.

The Bottom Line: Our Pick For Best Blender Juicer Combo

 Juicer Blender Combos are the most up-to-date kitchen appliance technology. 

This combination indicates you’ve chosen a single product that can be used for juicing and blending.

Although we were previously unaware of juices and blenders on their own, producers are now developing juicer Blender combos.

Cuisinart CFP-800 Kitchen Central is a cost-effective and long-lasting product. It’s also dishwasher safe so that you can clean it quickly.

Then, the blades are constructed of stainless steel, improving the appliance’s overall functionality.