4 Best Hot plates For Quartz Countertops To Buy In 2023

A hotplate is a flat-surfaced standalone cooking appliance that uses a gas-burning or an electric heating source.

Traditional stove tops work great.

However, now hotplates are more in demand due to efficiency and compactness.

Quartz is a stonelike material used in most countertops these days.

It is artificially manufactured; therefore, it is relatively resistant to heat.

However, using hotplates directly on quartz countertops is unrecommended.

But since cooking is necessary, we have compiled the best hotplates for quartz countertops.

Still, you must use hot pads or heat protectors to prevent damage to your countertop. 

Portable Countertop Burner with LCD by Duxtop

an image of hotplate

Duxtop is famous for its different cooking appliances.

However, their hotplates have earned a significant market reputation.

The hotplate features a big LCD screen for easy control.

The heating top of the gadget is non-stick, which is super-easy to clean.

Furthermore, there are additional security features like child protection and overheating protection.

The device also offers an automatic pan-detection system.

In other words, you won’t have to turn it on after placing the pot atop.

It allows dual cooking modes, temperature, and power modes.

The power mode allows you to customize the heating time of the plate.

In comparison, the temperature mode helps maintain a specific temperature for more precise cooking.

It is one of the best hotplates for quartz countertops, with a single burner and four sturdy placement feet to prevent surface contact.

However, still, using hot pads is an ideal practice. 


·         Warming feature

·         Security

·         Compact

·         Automatic timer


·         Require induction-compatible cookware

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Cusimax Ceramic Hot Plate 1800 Watts

Another product you can consider for your quartz countertop is the Cusimax dual burner plate, which is compatible with all cookware.

There are two thermostat knobs that you can use to control the heating time and the temperature.

For ensuring safety, the gadget features an automatic turn-off feature and an LED indicator to notify when the plate is ready.

The burners have a glass surface which makes them easy to clean.

However, placing the pot slowly rather than slamming it would be best.

Four non-skid feet help keep the plate in place on smoother surfaces like marble and quartz.

There is a single-burner of the same model available as well.

So if you are looking for a smaller and more durable option, this ceramic plate is ideal.

Also, the dimensions are compact, so you can easily carry it on camping trips or use it in limited counter space.


·         Steel exterior

·         Intelligent security features

·         Versatile cookware compatibility

·         Good power capacity (1800 watts)


·         Not ideal for pressure cookers

Hot Plate SUNAVO Single Burner

an image of hotplate

Single burners are capable of handling basic needs quite efficiently.

The hotplate from SUNAVO is ideal for economy and versatility, as it is compatible with the most common types of cookware.

The gadget’s power is 1500W, sufficient for cooking all flavoursome dishes.

The control knob is present to control the temperature of the hot plate.

The exterior of the hotplate is of stainless steel, which makes cleaning effortless.

The one-meter-long cable helps you move the plate quite flexibly.

It includes an exclusive tube heating technology which increases the heat efficiency by 20%, reducing cooking time.

The built-in handles don’t heat up during operation.

So you can move it during or after work.

However, it is not recommended when the plate is hot.

Less heat dissipation makes it an ideal candidate for the best hotplates for quartz countertops.


·         Sturdy construction

·         Requires less power

·         Portable

·         Power indicating LED


·         No smart security

Cast-Iron Single Burner by Cuisinart

Cuisinart is a famous brand used in most TV cooking shows, so there is no wonder that you’ll see its name in the best hotplates for quartz countertops list.

The hot plate consists of a single burner with a sturdy steel body.

Although the power is relatively less than other competitive models, it is ideal for everyday cooking and helps keep your quartz countertop safe.

However, you still need to take special care to using a hot pad with it.

Two indicative LEDs signify the power supply and readiness of the plate.

When the green light is lit, it’s good to go.

The thermostat knob includes six settings so you can adjust the heat of the plate according to your need.

The cooking top is a flat metallic surface that ensures quick cleaning.

Moreover, the overall dimensions are compact, making it a good option as a portable cooking gadget.


·         Easy cleaning

·         Budget-friendly

·         Anti-slip feet

·         Indicating LEDs


·         A shorter length of cord

Things to Look for When Buying the Best Hotplates for Quartz Countertops

an image of hotplate of quartz countertop

1.     Types of Hot Plates

Before you decide on one, you must know the types of hotplates available.


Gas hotplates require fuel to function.

That is why they are ideal for outdoor applications and not quartz countertops because fuel spills may damage your worktop.

There are mostly control knobs available, but they can dissipate more heat than electric or other hotplates.

However, they are compatible with all cookware.


The electric ones require electricity to function.

In some models, you see the coiled top; in others, an in-built heating element heats a flat plate.

These are more energy efficient and dissipate less heat.

These usually make the best hotplates for quartz countertops, but you should use a safety measure.

Electric hotplates with exposed coils require heavy bottom cookware to prevent uneven cooking.

However, for flat plates, you can use different cookware.


Induction hotplates use an electromagnetic field to heat the cooking top.

However, they only work with particular cookware (induction compatible).

These plates have less cooking time than gas and electric hotplates.

However, they are relatively expensive and need more care during use.

2.     Weight

Although quartz countertops are relatively resistant to heat and weight, it is best to consider the weight of the plate.

Many modern-day hotplates are significantly lightweight, but they have slightly steeper prices.

But you can find compact and light options in inexpensive hotplates like the Cuisinart model discussed above.

3.     Number of Burners

Although it is a user-based consideration, it is better to point it out so you can take advantage of it.

Hot plates with dual burners have a slightly small burner size.

However, if you want a dedicated large burner, you can opt for single burner hotplates.

It is preferable to buy multi-burner hot plates as you can also use the other as a warming plate.

The temperatures of each burner are individually customizable, so there is no worry.

4.     The Cooking Surfaces

Hotplates come in a variety of cooking surfaces.

You’ll find cast iron, glass, and coiled cooking surfaces.

Considering the ease of cleaning, the glass and cast irons are the best.

All you need is a damp cloth and no strong cleansers.

They are also ideal for quartz countertops as there are no accidental spills of cleaning agents.

5.     Safety

Safety assurance is always appreciated (especially if there are children).

Features like automated shut-off and overheat protection prevent overcooking and burning of food.

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Best Hotplates for Quartz Countertops – FAQs

Is it safe to place a hotplate on a quartz countertop?

Quartz countertops are reasonably resistant to heat, but it is advised to use a heat protector before placing a hotplate or pot on it.

How much does a hotplate cost on average?

Hotplates can range anywhere from 20 to 100 dollars or above.

It mainly depends upon the model, heating mechanism, and the number of burners.

Which are the best hotplate brands?

Some of the best brands for hotplates include Duxtop, Cuisinart, and Cusimax.

But there are many others as well.

How much electricity do hotplates use?

The power consumption depends upon the size and the number of burners of the hotplate.

However, hotplates usually require about 750 to 1800 watts of energy.

Does a hotplate get cool quickly?

Hotplates require at least 20 minutes to cool down.

Hence, you can use it as a warming plate after turning it off.

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The Bottom Line

Quartz countertops look celestial; therefore, most modern-day kitchen themes use them.

They are significantly resistant to heat.

But it is best to use heat protectors with hot plates on these countertops.

There are certain aspects to ensure purchasing the best hotplates for quartz countertops, like heating type, size, burners, price, etc.

But it may be a tiring process.

The list above will prove significantly beneficial as it includes non-skid, light, energy-efficient, and less heat-dissipating hotplates.