Ninja Blender vs Magic Bullet: Which Is Best For You?

Blenders are the must-have appliances in any kitchen.

But it is hard to decide what kind of blender is best to get.

The Ninja Blender and the Magic Bullet are two of the most famous options, but which one is the best?

Overall the Ninja Blender is much better than the Magic Bullet blender.

Magic Bullets have their benefits, but Ninja Blenders are far more powerful, with a significantly more extensive range of options and features.

Let’s examine the differences between Ninja Blender and Magic Bullet blender, so you can better choose whichever suits you.

Key Differences between a Ninja Blender and a Magic Bullet

an image of ninja blender

Let us explore the differences between both brands regarding each machine’s overall design, performance, durability, and cost.


The Magic Bullet uses a cyclonic blending technique that shoots liquid upward and then directs it back toward the blade.

It has a simple push-button switch, a lockable lid that fits into the motor base, and several container sizes to attach.

The Nutri Ninja operates similarly.

Its start button has additional speed variability, and its Auto-IQ Technology automatically regulates the blender’s speed.

The FreshVac feature is a little new-fashioned, but if you want to store your drink for more than a few hours, it will keep the contents fresh.


Consuming 250 watts, the Magic Bullet will perform satisfactorily for simple tasks, but it dims against the 1100-watt Nutri Ninja by a large margin.

While the Magic Bullet struggles with chopping ice or frozen fruit, the Ninja blender tears through more complex substances like a piece of cake.


The Magic Bullet has a history of its blades and rubber seals breaking down after frequent use.

Also, replacing the parts is no easy job.

If your Magic Bullet starts going faulty too often, you’d be better off purchasing a new one.

On the other hand, the Nutri Ninja is known for its overall durability, though, as with any appliance, hard and repeated usage will wear it out.


The Magic Bullet stands at the lower end of the spectrum regarding the price of all capsule-type blenders.

Its low power output and limited features are the reason for its low upfront cost.

For a Nutri Ninja, you will pay more than three times as much, but the performance is also much higher, which means a more considerable gain on your investment.

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The Pros and Cons of Ninja Blender

With a blade power of 1100 Watts, the Ninja Blenders perform more consistently than their competitors.

Moreover, the high durability of these devices sets them ahead of the Magic Bullet blender or the other popular blenders on the market.

The high-end Auto-IQ technology of the Ninja blenders ensures they function at the required speed for separate blending tasks.

Although the technology may be modern, the design is stylish, simple, and user-friendly.

Besides, the Ninja Blenders do not occupy much space on the countertop and can be perfect for even a tiny kitchen.

Ninja Blenders include various accessories for simplifying operations, like :

  • seal lids
  • Dough blades
  • Food processor bowls
  • Blending containers

These add-ons aim to increase the functionality of the blender and your kitchen as a whole.

Interestingly, the entire blender and its attachments are also easy to clean.

Most accessories easily detach from the blender and throw in the dishwasher.

The blender is also simple to use and can easily blend tough vegetables and fruits.

That way, making nutritious and healthy meals doesn’t have to be boring.

Although the Ninja Blenders are a bit more costly than the regular blenders, they are worth their weight.

The reason is that they offer more efficiency and functions for their price.

Hence, purchasing a Ninja Blender is an effective and reliable investment anytime.


  • Strong built, so it is durable.
  • A powerful motor
  • Ease of cleaning


  • Expensive
  • It can be pretty noisy.

The Pros and Cons of Magic Bullet

an image of magic bullet

The Magic Bullet is one of the best budget blenders, bringing simplicity with elegance to the kitchen.

It is a useful compact device and one of the earliest capsule-type blenders.

The magic bullet is a small-size blender with fantastic performance.

With its 250-watt output, this versatile kitchen appliance performs basic tasks effectively thanks to its ergonomic design, milling blade, and short cup.

The Magic Bullet is an ideal blender for personal use, from gym-goers to casual users living on a tight budget.

Its small footprint, minimalist style, and convenience make it well-suited for those who are always on the go.

The blender has a compact shape that’s easy to store.

As a result, it does not cover much room in your kitchen, so you may choose to store it on the counter or in your cabinet.

The Magic Bullet comes with 3 blender cup sizes for various serving needs.

However, one downside is the small size of these cups, which are too narrow for larger servings.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • The speed cannot be changed.
  • It tends to malfunction after time.
  • Doesn’t chop hard foods quickly.

Ninja Blender vs Magic Bullet: Which is Quieter?

The Ninja Blender is relatively louder than the Magic Bullet.

The noise level from your Ninja Blender depends mainly on what you are blending.

For example, hard items like ice cubes or frozen fruit produce more noise than leafy vegetables. 

The volume of the noise of Ninja blenders ranges from 69 – 88 dB.

However, the noise level also depends on the specific model you have.

You should expect the Nutri Ninja Pro to be louder than the Nutri Ninja Fit because of its powerful 900-watt motor.

On the other hand, the Magic Bullet blenders make much less noise. 

This is because its speed remains consistent regardless of blended food items.

In addition, the fast motion of sharp stainless-steel blades makes it a quick job of chopping, making much lesser noise.

Ninja Blender vs Magic Bullet: Which is More Powerful?

A Ninja Blender is much more powerful than a Magic Bullet.

A Ninja Blender can accomplish multiple tasks.

Interestingly, it can carry out all the Magic bullet’s functions and some more.

The Ninja also has a sturdier design and a power output that surpasses a Magic Bullet many times over.

Although the Magic bullet has a compact design and is easy to use, the Ninja Blender offers more significant advantages than the Magic bullet.

The most significant difference is wattage, as higher power capacity allows Ninja Blenders to have a higher speed and greater efficiency for blending.

Ninja Blender vs Magic Bullet: Which is Cheaper?

A Ninja Blender has a higher price tag than Magic Bullet.

On average, the price of Ninja Blenders varies from $40 to $170, with a mean cost of $80.

By comparison, Magic Bullet blenders typically have a retail price under $50.

Although the Magic Bullet blenders come at a lower price range, the Ninja Blenders offer more benefits and last longer.

In addition, the Ninja Blenders have a more excellent power rating motor, making them faster and more efficient.

So, it is right to conclude that the higher price of a Ninja blender is worth considering all the additional features and better performance.

Ninja Blender vs Magic Bullet: Which has the better warranty?

an image of blender

The Magic Bullet and the Ninja Blender both come with a similar warranty.

Both companies offer a one-year limited warranty that covers materials and manufacturing faults within the warranty period.

The Ninja Blender does not provide a better warranty than the Magic Bullet.

The warranties become valid from the date of purchase, but there are some conditions for availing of the warranties.

For example, this warranty does not include wear and tear caused by the regular use of these devices.

Moreover, these warranties are non-transferrable, which implies that only the original customer can enjoy them.

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Ninja Blender vs Magic Bullet – FAQs

1. Why are Ninja blenders so popular?

Great build quality and ease of cleaning are the two most important selling points of the Ninja blenders.

2. Do Ninja blenders crack easily?

Typically, Ninja blenders have a heavy-duty build that will not crack or break easily.

That’s why they are suitable investments, as they would last for a long time with proper usage.

3. How long can you run a Magic Bullet?

Never run the Magic Bullet blender for over one minute at a time, as permanent damage can be caused to the motor.

4. Does Magic Bullet break easily?

The Magic Bullet blender is mainly made of plastic from the power base to the cups.

It feels durable enough, but one should not expect it to last forever.

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Final Thoughts

The Magic Bullet is an easy-to-use model, while the Ninja blender has more tech.

To compare the two is like matching apples against oranges.

Although both models have a huge customer base.

In our opinion, the higher power and extra features of the Ninja blender make it the clear winner in this competition.