Chef Knife Bag – Review and Buying Guide (2022)

Despite the cooking place or time, chefs and culinary students feel the need for their knives.

And they face more trouble when their knives are far away in their hour of need but can’t get them from their homes.

At this time, the best chef knife bag appears to be helpful.

This bag lets you carry your knives and protect them from any damage while traveling. 

Keeping your needs in mind, we reviewed the best chef knife bags for you.

So scroll down and choose the knife bag that best suits your needs.

Why is the Chef’s knife bag essential? 

an image of chef knife bag

What will you do if some of the Kai, Boning or Paring knives pop out of your random bag and start hitting you?

At this time, you need something safe to carry your knives safely.

Here the best chef knife bag comes into action. 

The chef knife bag is one of the essential accessories like other kitchen accessories for an experienced chef and a cooking student.

The chef knife bag is the safest case for the Chefs and students to carry the knives wherever they go.

At the same time, home chefs also find it helpful to keep their knife sets safe and avoid accidents.

You can easily understand its importance if you know how essential a backpack is for a student to carry books.

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What to look for when buying the Best Chef Knife Bag? 

Construction Material 

Although the material type does not look essential to you.

It matters a lot when keeping your knives and yourself safe and efficient in handling sharp nips.

The construction material is also essential for kitchen cleanliness because you will not want a fabric that gets dirty quickly.

Therefore, keeping the importance of the construction material of the chef knife bag in mind.

Nylon, canvas, metal, and leather are the most suitable fabrics for the chef bags.


Do you want to get a bag to keep only knives or other appliances?

Asking yourself this question can help you get a chef bag of an appropriate size.

In the same way, if you don’t like to keep the knives separately in the bag’s pockets, you should consider going for a giant bag. 


Well, the price for the best chef bag depends upon the factors listed above.

However, if you are just a beginner, you can buy a cheap and smaller bag rather than purchasing an expensive one.


Like the styles of other things, the type of the chef knife bag also varies according to everyone’s choice.

So it depends on whether you want a chef bag in the backpack, toolbox, case, or roll style.

Carrying Ease 

The chef knife bags are now available with a portable strap that can be rolled.

So you can go for them if you want to carry the bag easily.

The 7 Best Chef Knife Bags

1. Bodric Seventeen-Pocket Chef Knife Bag 


It holds the best position for being a giant, lightweight leather chef knife bag with a cotton-crafted canvas.

You can get it in an attractive black color with a manageable strap.

It’s long-lasting with a premium quality fabric and cleaning ease.

It can easily hold your whole knife set and other kitchen utensils with seventeen pockets.


  • Long-lasting
  • Manageable strap
  • Portable 


  • The color fades after some time.

2. Asaya Chef Knife Roll Bag 


It is one of the best chef knife bags made up of nylon, which is hard enough to hold the knives and light in weight to carry easily.

Although it weighs 2 pounds, it can lift 20 pounds.

When opened, it’s 20 inches wide; in the closed state, it’s 16 inches wide.

It has 20 pockets with a stunning blue color, making it more attractive.

It has a warranty of 12 months.

Therefore, you’ve enough time to exchange if you face any defects.


  • 12 months warranty
  • Carrying ease
  • Lightweight
  • 20 pockets


  • No flap for covering the upper knives

3. Wessleco Chef Knife Bag


The Grayish Wessleco Chef Knife Bag comprises eight slots, flaps, and space for holding seven culinary knives.

It’s composed of lightweight polyester.

Moreover, it is double-stitched and waterproof.

Thus you don’t need to worry about wear and tear, and it comes with a long-term guarantee.


  • Composed of 600D polyester
  • Water-resistant
  • Double stitched


  • Knives can stab into the material.

4. Everpride Chef Knife Bag 

an image of lather knife bag


The ergonomic design of this bag has about 16 slots and three utensil pockets.

So you can easily keep 12 knives, a meat knife, and other kitchen utensils in your pockets.

The knives can be 19 inches.

Its fabric is leather, giving it a premium quality.

This knife chef bag has a strap and a tight handle as well.

However, chefs who travel frequently can find its business card helpful. 


  • Large space
  • Composed of high-quality fabric
  • Attractive design 


  • Not waterproof

Hide and Drink Chef Knife Bag (homeostatic)


The Hide and Drink Chef Knife Bag is composed of durable leather in a vintage style, along with an incredible shade given by beeswax.

Eight pockets are good enough to hold your knives safely.

Its antique style and the internal surface of cotton are other lucrative features.


  • Strong strap
  • Vintage style
  • Composed of leather


  • Slots don’t have zips.

Hersent Waterproof Chef Knife Bag 


This chef knife bag offers a good appearance and protection for your knife set.

Its exterior is composed of waxed canvas and has a side zipper pocket to keep your other culinary tools.

It has a side flap to protect your knives from getting dirty.

Moreover, you can roll it due to its quality and flexible construction material.


  • Waterproof
  • Handmade design
  • Construction material can resist cuts and scratches.


  • Small size

7. Shun 8-Slot Chef Knife Bag Roll


It’s one of the most durable chef knife bags with a sturdy steel floor and a zipped cover to protect your culinary things from filth.

You can keep up to 8 knives in it.

An additional benefit of this bag is that it can carry up to 1500 pounds of load, making it portable with a Velcro strap.

However, extra zipped space is also available to keep your additional culinary goods.


  • Carry eight knives and extra tools
  • Sturdy strap
  • Zippered slots


  • Delicate construction material

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The Best Chef Knife Bag———FAQs

1. Why do chefs carry a personal knife bag? 

Some chefs carry the knife bag to use their knives, and some chefs use the bag to carry knives safely.

2. Is a knife bag needed? 

If you’re a chef or culinary student, you will need a chef knife bag to carry your culinary tools wherever and whenever you need them.

3. What are some advantages of a knife bag?

A chef knife bag’s essential benefits include protecting your knives from getting damaged and making their portability feasible for you.

4. What things can you keep in a knife bag? 

Although the chef knife bag is used for carrying knives

It also has slots for carrying other culinary tools like a spatula, other utensils, a grater, and a Roche spoon.

5. What are the types of chef knife bags?

The most liked chef bags are the chef knife roll bag, which is best for beginners.

However, professional chefs prefer large-size knife cases. 

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Wrap up of our Best Chef Knife Bags Guide

Professional chefs often take business tours.

Therefore they need a safe carriage to carry their knives and other culinary tools.

Here the best chef knife bag comes to help them.

If you ever decide to go for a chef knife bag, you can easily make a practical purchase by keeping the above steps in mind.