Coffee Maker vs. French Press

Which one is the right choice for you?

There is an unending argument among coffee lovers on how to make the best cup of coffee.

To answer this question, it is essential to understand what your ideal coffee should taste like, which depends mainly on the brewing device.

According to a 2018 survey, More than 125 million people in the US consumed three cups of coffee daily.

45% of the consumers prepared coffee using a drip coffee machine, which remains the most common method for making coffee.

These figures suggest one thing; the decade-long debate is not ending anytime soon.

So what should you opt for: a coffee machine or a French press?

This post will help you decide which product suits you best.

A little about French press

an image of French press

Also known as the plunger, the French press coffee maker is an efficient device used since the 1920s.

The present French press design comprises a cylindrical container.

Which is typically made of transparent plastic or glass, fitted with a plastic or metal cover and plunger that fits firmly in the container.

Some brands also feature a nylon-made mesh filter.

Why choose a French press?

The French press has become increasingly popular among coffee lovers as it allows for easy preparation, portability, and stronger brews.

Using a French press is a fun and Indulging process.

This enables you to customize your extractions by changing the grind size or the time variable.

Many coffee enthusiasts like their coffee to be strong and rich in flavors.

While some argue that the French press would over-extract the coffee grounds.

It’s undoubtedly done exceptionally well in making a heavy cup of coffee.

Why not choose a French press?

Although the French press is good at consistently strong brews of coffee.

Some people do not like the subtle nuances of a flavor taken away due to the over-extraction of the coffee beans.

The French press doesn’t always come with a filter and will more often over-extract your coffee grounds, increasing your brew’s acidity level.

So if you have acid reflux issues, a French press may not be the right choice.

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A little about the Coffee Maker Machine

The use of drip coffee machines dates back centuries and is one of the innovations of French colonists from Europe.

Its coffee pot is usually made of enamel steel or ceramic.

Although newer models are glass-made with a conical shape necessary for the perfect extraction.

A coffee maker is the best choice if you always need a cup of hot brew on the go without spending much effort and time preparing a single cup.

Why choose a Coffee Maker?

A coffee maker is a famous appliance in almost every household and coffee shop across the US.

If you want a device that can prepare a simple cup of coffee and make multiple cups in a short time.

Then a coffee machine is more suitable for you than a French press.

It might not be the perfect brewing method if you want more control, but it is easy.

Why not choose a Coffee Maker?

Although a coffee maker may be good at keeping coffee warm and producing more volumes, it is not ideal for extraction.

The main issue with these appliances is the channeling or water holes due to design faults.

Water is not sprayed equally over the coffee grounds since the water head is fixed.

On the contrary, a French press pressurizes the coffee grounds with equal force as they are fully immersed in hot water.

Advantages of Coffee Maker over the French press

an image of coffee maker

1. Larger brew quantity

The capacity of a brewer depends on its size.

However, the average drip coffee maker makes more cups of brew than a French press.

A drip coffee machine can yield 12 cups of coffee in one brewing cycle.

A French press can yield 2 to 4 cups of stronger-tasting coffee in one cycle.

Secondly, drip coffee machines have heating elements that can keep your coffee hot for a long time.

Whereas a French press doesn’t have a mechanism for keeping coffee hot.

2. Easy to use

Compared to the French press, a coffee maker is more convenient for making coffee.

Its brewing method is automatic.

You have to measure the number of coffee grounds, put them in your machine, check your water level, and press the switch.

Conversely, a French press uses a complicated manual procedure.

It would be best if you considered so many factors, such as the plunge rate, brew time, and water temperature.

Moreover, to get the best French press coffee, you will have to reach the perfect ratio between steeping time and grind size.

3. Less acidity

A coffee maker produces a less acidic brew than a French press.

This is because it uses a filter for extracting coffee.

The finished brew has no sediments, which can cause acid reflux.

So if you suffer from acid reflux, a coffee maker is the best brewing device.

Advantages of French press over Coffee Maker

1. Greater control

A French press allows better control over the number of coffee beans, grind sizes, plunge rate, filling the reservoir, etc.

You can put hot water in the French press heated to its ideal brewing temperature of 195 – 205 F.

These factors let you choose the strength of your brew, which determines the quality of your cup of coffee.

Comparatively, since a coffee maker uses an automated process, the rest is left to the machine after putting in the coffee grounds.

And some models do not heat the water to its recommended brewing temperature.

2. Richer taste

The French press coffee has a richer, bolder, and more flavorful experience.

The coffee sediments make the brew creamier and thicker, leaving a more textured and mouth-filling feel.

The coffee maker does not have a perfect extraction method, resulting in a filtered brew with a lighter texture.

3. Reliability

The French press is more reliable than the coffee maker.

Being a manual device, you can use a French press anywhere and anytime, providing you with hot water.

Since it has no electrical or moving parts, the French press is less prone to damage and has a longer life than a coffee maker.

On the other hand, a coffee machine contains a heating element that may go faulty at some point.

Secondly, being an electrical device, you cannot use it in a place without electricity.

It can also disappoint you in case there is an interrupted power supply.

4. Cost

A French press is much cheaper than a coffee maker.

An excellent French press costs vary from $15 to $150.

While the cost of a coffee machine costs between $50 and $350.

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What are some good brands for coffee makers?

an image of drip coffee maker

1. Cuisinart

Cuisinart is famous for making dependable and affordable kitchen appliances.

Their mid-range coffee makers are top-quality that have gotten lots of positive reviews.

Cuisinart has many coffee makers designed to suit different tastes and needs.

You can find single-serve models, pod-compatible machines, hot water taps, 14-cup carafes, and even an automatic cold coffee machine on Cuisinart’s list of coffee makers.

2. Keurig

Keurig is one of the SCAA-certified coffee brewers.

This means it has the proper water temperature, brewing time, water flow, and volume.

You will truly love this machine if you are looking for a classic, easy-to-use device that makes a great-tasting cup of coffee.

One specialty of Keurig is that their product can make tea and chocolate.

3. Mr. Coffee

You might not count Mr. Coffee to be among the best coffee maker brands on the market.

Still, it has become a popular name for budget coffee machines.

Featuring stainless steel thermal carafes, modern compact designs, and a variety of functions.

What you will get with the best Mr. Coffee maker are features like automatic shut-off, advanced filtration, and programmable settings.

What are some good brands for the French press?

1. Espro

If you are looking for a French press that delivers smooth, consistent flavor, we recommend the P3 French Press by Espro.

All Espro models come with the same bucket-shaped double filter, which is much finer and will keep your coffee almost grit-free.

2. Bodum

The Bodum Chambord produces an admirably consistent and tasteful cup of coffee.

Its simple glass beaker and elegant frame have a beautiful design.

The steel filter presses down without any stickiness or scratching, which is an issue with other devices.

It is simple to clean since all of the parts are dishwasher-safe.

And if anything breaks, the company supplies replacement parts.

3. SterlingPro

SterlingPro not only has excellent heat retention but also offers an impressive product design.

As the SterlingPro is made of only high-quality stainless steel.

It guarantees that no plastic will get in the way of achieving a great flavor of your coffee.

The high-end stainless steel used on the interior and exterior of the carafe should not ever rust or break.

Coffee maker vs. French press – FAQs

1. Can I have a French press and a coffee maker in my kitchen?

You can pair a coffee machine and a French press in your kitchen.

A coffee machine can make more cups of coffee than a French press if you have guests.

A French press can brew a more flavorsome coffee when you wish to enjoy a single serving.

2. In what situation is the French press most useful?

The French press is great when you want a cup of coffee rich in oils, appealing aroma, and luxurious flavor.

Also, if there’s a power failure or your coffee machine’s heating element is not working correctly.

You can rely on the French press to brew delicious cups of coffee for you.

3. Why does coffee taste richer in a French press?

As no paper filter is used in a French press, most of the oils inside the coffee bean get mixed into the brew, producing a richer taste.

4. Can you reuse coffee grounds in a French press?

You may use French Press coffee grounds twice, but the second cup will not be as strong and flavorful as your first cup.

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The Verdict

When the pros and cons of each option are put in the balance, they come out pretty much equal.

If you want a perfect, customized brew that tastes just as strong as you want, go for the reliable French press.

A coffee machine could be the better choice for you.

If you want an unending supply of cups of coffee throughout the day without the trouble of making a fresh brew each time.