What Is An Average Custom Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Everyone has their style and their favorite design when it comes to kitchen decor. If you are a true fan of unique ideas, you would want to have custom-made kitchen cabinets.

The average cost of custom kitchen cabinets is around $160 – $380 per linear foot for a semi-custom style, excluding the installation and material costs.

On the other hand, a fully custom kitchen cabinet costs $4,693. An average cost of a custom kitchen cabinet ranges from $15,000 to $25,000.

The average custom cabinet cost varies on multiple factors, including the material, size, type of cabinet, the finished look, and even the location.

The average custom kitchen cabinet cost in the US could be around $700 per linear foot, excluding the extra charges for custom moldings, finish, material, etc.

Average Cost of Custom Kitchen Cabinets Per Linear Foot

brown custom kitchen cabinets cost

The average price of custom kitchen cabinets per linear foot would be around $500 -$1,200 per linear foot. Now let’s break it into:

  • Customized kitchen cabinets installation cost would be $200-$450 per linear foot
  • Custom kitchen cabinets material cost would be $300-$750 per linear foot
  • Custom kitchen cabinets’ average price is around $850.

Semi-custom kitchen cabinet

These types of cabinets will cost about $160-$380.

Custom kitchen cabinet cost

These types of kitchen cabinets will cost you about $700,as you will get them made from scratch and according to your own preferences.

Prefabricated cabinets cost

These types of kitchen cabinets will cost you only about $80. Prefabricated cabinets are the cheapest as you can use old cabinets by newing them.

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Average Cost of Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Material

Custom MDF cabinets

These will cost an average homeowner less than $10 per linear foot.

Custom Maple cabinets

These will cost an average homeowner $13-19 per linear foot.

Custom Birch cabinets

This will cost somewhere around $13- $19 per linear foot.

Custom Red Oak cabinets

The red oak wood used in cabinets will cost around $13- $ 19 per linear foot.

Custom White Oak Cabinet

This wood will cost you $15-$22 per linear foot.

Custom Cherry cabinet

This cabinet cost is estimated from $16- $23 per linear foot.

Custom Walnut cabinets

The cost for this cabinet ranges between $17- $24 per linear foot.

Custom Mahogany cabinets

The custom mahogany cabinet will cost same around $ 17- $24 per linear foot.

Custom Steel cabinets

These will cost an average homeowner $1000 – $1500 per linear foot.

Average Cost of Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Design

The average cost of custom kitchen cabinets is based on many factors, including the material used, designing, making, and so on.

A few custom kitchen cabinets by design are enlisted below:

Custom Rustic Cabinets

The average cost of custom Rustic-designed cabinets is $19,000. It features a timeless, evergreen style like a farmhouse look. 

It’s a rustic look kitchen cabinet layout which can be achieved by unsmooth or not sanded wood finish to give it a proper warm rustic image.

However, the wood can be stained or painted with deep hues of natural wood shades.

Cottage Style Cabinets

This design features a classic style formal appearance of the inset frames.

For 10×10 cottage kitchens, cabinets cost $2,000,however it can exceed this price if you want intricate molding or paneling.

 It is a trendy and in-demand style, can be achieved with an interior panel that is not flat or raised. Mostly these are in white finished look but could be made in blue and gray tones.

You can even give it a combination of both white and one of these blue/ gray.

Custom Tuscan Cabinets

Within the price range of $13,500 to $15,000 ,this style features an actual less elegant but straightforward cabinetry style.

 These can be glazed or painted or have a natural finish to them. The hardware plays a crucial role in creating a statement piece with these.

 They are usually paired with wrought iron hinges and pull knobs on the wooden cabinets to create the perfect Tuscan style.

Custom Slab Cabinets

This features one of the most contemporary, minimalist look cabinetry to create a statement kitchen. The cost of these cabinets varies from $12000 to $20000.

These cabinets have a smooth glossy finish. These cabinets are usually available in bright and bold color palettes.

They complement color schemes such as a white cabinet theme with few black cabinets in a row of bright orange, blue, or gray color contrasting cabinets.

This way, it breaks the monotony and creates more depth and dimension in the overall look.

Average Cost of Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Size

A great benefit of opting for a custom cabinet is getting a particular customized size or different style cabinets according to your liking and kitchen space.

Playing with sizes works in your favor if you have unusually tall ceilings and require tall cabinets or vice versa when you don’t have enough space and need just enough to suit your space.

Usually, the most common change in cabinet size is how deep they are. 

However, a few inches change in the cabinet size doesn’t make a massive difference in the price unless the length changes too much.

The three standard sizes of kitchen cabinetry widely available are:

Tall cabinets

This type of cabinetry is installed as a pantry with no countertop. They are usually between 12” to 18” deep and 98” and 94” tall. The price of tall cabinets range from $300 to $400.

Base cabinets

This type of cabinetry is installed on the floor. With a countertop mounted on top and the sink sitting on one of them, the size ranges between 34&1/2” to 36”.

Base cabinets cost $110 to $210 per square foot.

Wall cabinets

These cabinets are installed right above the counter or over a fridge, stove, or oven. 

Within the price range of $95 to $ 165,they are usually in different heights like 12”, 15”, 18”,30”,36” and 42”, plus they are 12” to 18” in depth.

Average Cost of Custom Kitchen Cabinets by Location

Custom kitchen cabinets can be installed in a variety of places. People often place them in bathrooms, offices, home study, or even in the laundry room.

The main reason behind putting these in areas other than the kitchen is its size.

They are customized according to the need and the unusual size of the place; you could even get more storage options with these custom cabinets according to your needs.

Generally, the kitchen needs more storage than laundry rooms, bathrooms, or home offices. So, it would help if you planned according to the space.

Custom kitchen cabinets can be installed in smaller places like between and around your washer and dryers to give you more storage and a neat and organized look.

  • In bathrooms will be $2,500-$7,500
  • In the garage will be $5,000-$10,000
  • In the kitchen will be $15000-$25,000
  • In the laundry room will be $2,500- $7,500
  • In the home office would be $5000-$10,000

Average Cost of Custom Cabinet Door

A vast range of custom kitchen doors is available in the market today. The average cost to reface kitchen cabinet doors in a standard-size kitchen is around $ 4,200 – $ 8,000.

If a kitchen is larger, the expenses will increase. It will cost you up to $8000- $ 10,000. Similarly, a smaller kitchen will cost comparatively lesser, almost around $ 1000 to $ 3000 only.

Average Kitchen Cabinets Cost

The regular-sized kitchen, which is 10 by 10 feet with 20 linear feet of cabinetry, will cost the homeowner somewhere around $2,800 – $ 6,500 to replace their kitchen cabinets.

A 12 by 12 feet kitchen with 25 linear feet of cabinetry will cost the homeowner around $3,800 to almost $8,500 to change their kitchen cabinets.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Cost

The cost ranges between $300-$500 per cabinet for a medium-grade IKEA kitchen cabinet.

Installation cost:

The installation pricing is based on the merchandise value. For instance, $3,000-$3,499 spent on cabinets will cost $ 779 installation price. For $5,000, cabinets installation charges would be $1,079.

Home Depot Kitchen Cabinets Cost

Typically, a 10 by 10 layout of Home Depot cabinetry will range from $1,500-$3,000 and up.

Similarly, the price will be around $1,440 for finished particle board cabinets and $ 1,990 for plywood cabinets for a 10 by 10-foot kitchen.

Cost To Replace Custom Kitchen Cabinets

For the standard kitchen size, the average homeowner is likely to spend $3,800 to $ 5,500 to replace their kitchen cabinets. 

However, it depends on the size, material, and other factors.

The kitchen cabinet installer has the liberty to quote the charges by the kitchen size like 10 by 10 feet or in measurements like linear foot per cabinet.

Labor Cost to Install Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The 2020 US national average cost of custom kitchen cabinets is $18,000, ranging from $20,000. However, the installation cost may vary according to the region and zip code.

As per the research, custom cabinet installation is more expensive when compared to semi-custom cabinets installation charges.

The labor cost to install custom kitchen cabinets would range from $12,500-$18,100. Per linear foot, the price ranges from $500 to $12,00.

Replace Kitchen Cabinet Doors Cost

The replacement cost of cabinet doors truly depends on the size and quantity of your cabinets.

However, the cost of replacing cabinet doors for a regular 10 inches 12 inches kitchen would be $1,800- $3,500 for rigid thermofoil material ( a durable plastic).

The price range for a plastic laminate cabinet door would be $1,000 – $ 4,000.

For plywood veneer, it will cost up to $2,500, and for solid wood cabinet doors, it will cost you the highest $2,500 -$ 6,000.

Average Cost of Custom Kitchen Cabinets – FAQs

How much do custom garage cabinets cost?

The average custom garage cabinets cost is about $5,000- 10,000. The height and size would impact the price.

What’s the cost of a custom bathroom cabinet or vanity?

A custom bathroom cabinet or vanity is between $700 -$7,500.

Is building cabinets cheaper than buying?

Yes, building cabinets is way cheaper than buying.

Why are custom cabinets expensive?

The custom cabinets are expensive as they are usually made of costly woods like maple, hickory, or pricey imported exotic woods. So, the better-quality material makes it expensive.

How do you charge for building cabinets?

Building a single cabinet starts at $1,019-$1,236. The cost depends on job size, options, and other conditions.

How many cabinets does the average kitchen have?

The standard size 10 by 10 kitchen model will have 12 cabinets, including two same-sized cabinets and the remaining 10 of different sizes.

How do I change my kitchen cabinets on a budget?

The primary way to change the kitchen cabinets on a budget would be to repaint them, replace the doors, or install a pull-out cabinet shelf. Another way could be to insert it under cabinet lighting.

Which kitchen cabinets are most expensive?

The custom kitchen cabinets are the most expensive ones as they are made with the best quality material.

What is the difference between custom and semi-custom cabinets?

The main difference between the custom and semi-custom cabinets is that the semi-custom cabinets are made once the order is placed to the manufacturer.

The custom cabinets are made from scratch as per the customer’s choice and preferences, which adds up the cost.

Which wood is best for kitchen cabinets?

The best wood for kitchen cabinets would be hardwood like oak, but cherry, maple, and hickory are good options.

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The Bottom Line

Once you have the detailed information and analysis on average kitchen cabinet prices, it makes it very easy for you to decide what you want and more importantly would suit your budget.

There are a wide variety and choices for custom kitchen cabinets to select from compared to semi-custom cabinets and others.

Custom-made kitchen cabinets provide you the luxury to mix and match, to play with colors and styles to create your kitchen cabinet layout.

You have the liberty to ask for unique finishes and ideas rather than the usually available stuff in the market. Happy budgeting fellows!