What Is Stainless steel Kitchen cabinets cost?

Depending on the size and style of the cabinets and the floor plan of your kitchen, the cost of stainless steel cabinets can start from $100 per square meter and go up as high as $500.

Considering a mid-sized kitchen, it could cost you about $2,000.

Many households choose stainless steel when it comes to furnishing your kitchen with a modern touch.

People prefer their kitchen cabinets made of stainless steel because of their many advantages.

Stainless steel is a highly durable material that is very resistant to wear and scratches.

Heat, chemicals, and other organic and inorganic contaminants do not affect stainless steel much as other construction materials such as wood and acrylic.

Cabinets made of stainless steel are easy to clean, and their shiny appearance makes your kitchen look well-maintained and stylish.

Below we have provided some helpful information to give you a better idea of stainless steel’s usage in making kitchen cabinets, its cost, and its benefits.

What is stainless steel cabinet?

stainless steel kitchen cabinets

Stainless steel is produced by alloying iron with chromium or nickel elements.

The composition percentage of chromium in stainless steel must be greater than 11%, giving this material the anti-rust property.

When exposed to the atmosphere, chromium in the alloy forms a defensive layer that prevents it from rusting.

That is why stainless steel is a suitable material for making cabinets that have to withstand strong stresses and remain rust-free.

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Is stainless steel good for kitchen cabinets?

Stainless steel is possibly the most suitable material for kitchen cabinets because of its many advantages, some of which include;

  • Strong resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • High tensile strength
  • Resistance against chemicals
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Durability
  • Recyclability

Are metal cabinets expensive?

Cabinets mainly incur the highest cost in designing or remodeling a kitchen.

Metal cabinets are expensive compared to wooden ones because of their long life and durability.

You should keep a budget of at least $350 to $500 per cabinet for simple designs and about $750 to $1000 per cabinet for customized varieties.

This cost does not include installation charges.

Can stainless steel rust?

Although stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion under certain conditions, it can rust.

However, the process would be slower and not as severe as ordinary steel rusting occurs when stainless steel is exposed to strong acids, saline liquids, or steam over long periods.

The anti-corrosion property of stainless steel depends mainly on the percentage of chromium present.

If the chromium content is not evenly distributed near the stainless steel’s surface, a new layer of chromium oxide cannot be formed if the top layer gets removed due to scratches.

Because of this, the material becomes vulnerable to different types of rust.

How can you tell if the stainless steel is good quality?

As per many sources, the best quality steel has code 304, which is most resistant to corrosion and rusting and is highly durable.

The stainless steel with code 316 contains an additional element called molybdenum, chromium, and Nickel, making it even better for resisting moisture.

You can also perform a magnet test to check whether the stainless steel is of good quality or not.

Take a magnet near the stainless steel object and see if it attracts the magnet.

If the attraction is negligible, then it means that the stainless steel is of good quality.

What type of stainless steel is used in kitchens?

304 series of stainless steel is primarily used in kitchen appliances. This material has a bright shine because of the high percentage of chromium, making it highly resistant to rusting.

What is the disadvantage of stainless steel?

Stainless steel cabinets can get easily stained with fingerprints and oily smudges more than wooden cabinets, so keeping them clean is somewhat challenging.

Metal cabinets are generally more expensive and have fewer designs than wood.

Are metal kitchen cabinets durable?

The metal composition of stainless steel makes it highly durable and resistant to impact.

The tremendous tensile strength of stainless steel makes the cabinets resist warping and scratches and undergo high stresses.

Which steel is used in modular kitchen?

For modular kitchens, fewer designs are available in stainless steel than wood.

You can make the carcass and doors of the cabinets entirely made of solid stainless steel with a shiny chrome finish or a patterned finish.

Or you can also add patterned inserts made of wood and glass to add a decorative touch to the cabinets.

Hardware accents made of bronze or copper can also add visual appeal.

Are aluminum cabinets good?

Because kitchen cabinets made of stainless steel are expensive, some people opt for aluminum.

Aluminum is an excellent alternative to stainless steel cabinets, offering similar advantages as steel.

Aluminum cabinets are cheaper, light-weight, resistant to rust, and can be given different colors to suit the theme of your kitchen.

Which kitchen is best wooden or aluminium?

From the maintenance point of view, aluminum is a better material for kitchen cabinets than wood.

Aluminum cabinets are more durable and last longer as they resist wear and moisture. In contrast, wooden cabinets tend to degrade sooner due to the action of water and heat.

Is aluminum cheaper than wood?

Generally speaking, wooden cabinets are cheaper compared to aluminum cabinets.

However, as the life span of aluminum cabinets is much greater than that of wood, it can be said that aluminum has a better value for money in the long run.

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Final Verdict

Stainless steel beats all other materials in terms of durability, resistance to corrosion, and ease of maintenance.

No wonder, due to the high-end appearance of stainless steel, it is the most popular choice for kitchen cabinetry in domestic and commercial workspaces.

Although more expensive than wood or aluminum, the high cost of stainless steel kitchen can be considered a valuable investment in terms of the hard-wearing quality and long life span of the material.