How Long Does It Take To Install Kitchen Cabinets?

Want to know how long does it take to install kitchen cabinets?

This query is highly subjective but in an ideal case scenario, removing and replacing it should take around a day or two.

Renovations and remodeling from time to time are necessary to make the house more efficient, functional, and modern.

But that always looks like an uphill task whenever they are due, especially when they involve the most important room in the house; the kitchen.

Among home renovations, kitchen renovations are the most common.

If you are planning to change your kitchen cabinets you might be having blurs about a lot of things like the cost, labor, time, etc,

But worry not; we are going to address your most important concerns regarding the installation of your kitchen cabinets.

Factors That Determine The Total Time Period


Time taken to install the kitchen cabinets is dependent upon a variety of factors;


First and foremost is the size of your kitchen, the larger the size the more time it will take.


Then comes the Scale of your upgrade.

If you are installing cabinets that are somewhat similar in style and size to your previous ones, then it would take way less time than going for an entirely different material, style, and size.


The Structure of your walls; in some older homes the plumbing and straightness of the walls and floor might not be perfectly leveled

In that case, it will take some extra time to counter that obstacle and will increase the time of installing your kitchen cabinets.


The Complexity of style; if you ordered a unique style to give your kitchen space a personal touch then it might take a bit longer depending on the amount of work it takes to bring your vision to life.


Last but not least is the Manpower, more labor will get the work done at a quicker pace than fewer ones.

What is the fastest way to install kitchen cabinets?

The fastest way to install kitchen cabinets includes installing pre-made cabinets and the only thing you have to do is to hang and fix them onto your walls.

In this case, you need to order your new cabinetry and have the layout of the cabinets planned.

 Then comes the installation part,

1.      Use a Line Laser measure around the perimeter of the room to find the unevenness or the high and low spots of the room, to make sure that you are working on a leveled surface.

2.      Mark out the cabinet locations based on the layout using your line laser. This will help in visualizing where the cabinets will go and also any obstacles that you might have to face.

3.      Mark out the stud locations on the wall using the stud finder and transfer/ mark them on the back of the cabinet that you are installing.

4.      Drill holes at the back of the kitchen cabinets.

5.      Lift the cabinet up onto the ledger strip and then drive in the screws to fix the cabinet in place

6.      Install the rest of the cabinets using the same process and check if you need any plumbing and leveling.

How much does cabinet installation cost?

Cabinet installation cost is entirely subjective as well.

It depends on several factors, such as the style, size, specialty elements, islands, etc.

The main expenses in installing cabinets are material, hardware, and labor required per labor foot of installation.

Hence the stock cabinets cost the lowest, custom cabinets cost the highest, and the semi-custom cabinets are in the mid-range.

  • Stock Cabinets – $100 to $300 per linear foot.
  • Semi-custom cabinets – $150 to $1200 per linear foot and
  • Custom cabinets – $500 to $1200 per linear foot.

Also if you are constructing your kitchen from scratch cabinets installation will cost more than what it would cost on only replacing the old ones.

Kitchen cabinet installation tools

how long does it take to install kitchen cabinets: wooden cabinets

If you are thinking of installing the kitchen cabinets yourself, here is a list of all the tools you will need. You might have some of them at home already depending on your carpentry skills.

Cabinet Clamps

This tool helps keep everything in place while you are installing the cabinet. It will keep the frame fixed while you work.

Power Drill

It is used for assembling or hanging cabinets

Laser Level

It’s a laser used as a control tool to ensure that your cabinets are horizontal to the floor.

Stud Finder

It helps you find the framing studs that are on the drywall behind the cabinets.

Touchup Kit

It is used to cover up any small spaces or holes that may be left after the installation.

Miter Saw

It is used to cut the cabinet trim or crown molding at a precise angle.


Cabinet shims are slender wooden blocks that are used for leveling base cabinets if the floor is uneven.

Six Foot Level

This tool is essential for cabinet installation and is utilized for a couple of things like leveling the gaps, checking the cabinet alignments, and ensuring the flatness of the bottom cabinets.

Are Cabinets hard to install?

For a professional, installation of cabinets would just be routine work and nothing hard.

But if you are not a pro and just trying to install ready to hang cabinets or ready to assemble cabinets (in which case you would have to even assemble the cabinets yourself) it will be harder for you.

In this case, it depends on your prior expertise and how well can you follow instructions from manuals and the information available on the internet.

Can I install kitchen cabinets myself?

kitchen cabinet installation tools

Well, yea you can but here are some points that you need to keep in mind…

DIY installation allowed

The first thing that you need to make sure of is that the supplier of your cabinets allows a DIY installation.

Custom shops may not allow for a DIY installer but if you buy from a Home Depot or some online store then it might be allowed.

Your Skills

It all comes down to your skills, like using tape measures, some addition subtraction, using drills without fear, and an eye for detail to ensure that everything is leveled and perfectly installed.

The Tools needed

Of course, it’s impossible to install the cabinets without the tools, you can see the above list of the tools needed.

Lifting Weights

While installing cabinets you have to lift them to the top cabinets are heavy and you should be able to lift at least 40 to 50 pounds to do the job correctly.

If you lack most of these then it’s better to let a professional do it.

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The Bottom Line

So by now, most of your concerns relating to the installation of kitchen cabinets must have been addressed, from the time to the cost, tools used in the installation, and also the DIY method of installation of cabinets.

Installation of new kitchen cabinets seems like a tough job but renovations enhance the life of the property in addition to making it more comfortable, modern, and efficient.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it greatly influences the experience of being at home.

It’s the place where people bond, eat and sit together, and an upgrade is always a good idea.

Good luck!