Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Cost – An Interesting Sneak Peak

Lacquer kitchen cabinets are something that can give your kitchen a contemporary, traditional, and modern look at the same time.

The simplicity and elegance they add to the whole kitchen interior are a plus.

That is the reason why they are significantly trending these days. They are easy to clean and last longer than other finished cabinets.

So whenever you decide to renovate or upgrade your kitchen, always prefer lacquer coatings for your kitchen cabinetry. And don’t worry, they will not cost you a lot.

They won’t wear out quickly and will spare you from spending money on renovations of old cabinets again and again.

To make it easy for you, I have come up with the cost of lacquer kitchen cabinets, so you can decide to invest in them more effectively,

Lacquer kitchen cabinets cost you around  $4 to $10 per square foot.

The cost includes labor and materials, making it quite economical.

What Are Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets?

lacquer kitchen cabinet

Lacquer is a finishing material used to add coating on surfaces(mostly wood or metals).

Besides giving cabinets a glossy look, it requires little maintenance as it is waterproof.

Also, It comes in both colorful and transparent finishing.

It is widely used for kitchen cabinetry for its durability and longevity; these two features of lacquer finishing give it a preference over any other finishing coatings. 

Is Lacquer Good for Kitchen Cabinets?

As a long-lasting and water-resistant coating, lacquer is ideal for finishing kitchen cabinets.

The best thing is that lacquer gives the ‘Look Big’ illusion.

Lacquer cabinets, therefore, are ideal if you have a small kitchen, as they give it the appearance of being more significant than it is.

Moreover, they are cleaned quickly with a microfibre showing that they are the best choice for kitchen cabinet finishing.

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How Much Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

The total cost of these cabinets, including the labor, starts at $1,500.

It is the most basic price, including both the labor and the material itself.

The cost may go higher in between the range of $2,800 to $6,000.

It depends on the kitchen size and the number of cabinets.

High Gloss Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Cost

It might cost you somewhere between $100 per square meter to $800.

Considering this, a mid-size kitchen cabinets lacquer finishing can be done quickly for $1200.

Again, it depends on cabinet size and the number of cabinets you have in the kitchen. The price may also vary depending on the painting method.

White Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Cost

The cost of white lacquer finishing depends on several factors like cabinet size, material cost, and cabinets’ condition.

On average, it costs somewhere around $3 to $10 per square foot of cabinetry or $30 to $60 per linear foot.

Lacquer vs. Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

They both have their pros and cons but talking about kitchen cabinets, lacquer finishing is fragile and hence needs more protection from the sun.

Regular cleaning can make it last longer.

Laminate being a more robust coating requires less maintenance comparatively.

Lacquer vs. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Lacquer and paint both are good options for renovating your kitchen cabinets.

Paint is a comparatively cheaper, but it can not last long as lacquer does.

Also, lacquer gives a thicker glossy finish which paint cannot.

What is the Difference Between Lacquer and Varnish?

Lacquer and varnish give the wood a shiny coating, but they are not the same.

Lacquer can be colorful or transparent, and varnish is transparent coating material.

Comparatively, lacquer being more resistant to damage provides more protection to the surface it is applied.

Which is Better: Lacquer or Varnish?

Among the two coatings, lacquer is the toughest. Lacquer is generally preferred for its durability.

Varnish can look beautiful, but it doesn’t last as long. So for the kitchen cabinets, lacquer is the best option.

Is it Better to Use Lacquer or Polyurethane for the Kitchen Cabinet? 

Lacquer’s ability of resistance against water, its permeability, and chip resistance makes it the prime choice of kitchen cabinetry over all other coatings, including polyurethane.

Polyurethane also provides durability, but lacquer penetrates more, which is why it lasts longer than all. 

Do Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Turn Yellow?

Lacquer finished cabinets, if not appropriately cleaned regularly, can turn yellow.

If they are prone to excessive sunlight, it will also discolor them.

So opt for regular cleaning and protection against the sunlight to ensure the longevity of your kitchen cabinets’ finishing.

How Long Does Lacquer Last on Cabinets?

Lacquer lasts longer than ten years if protected well against sunlight.

So applying a new layer after this period will restore the glossy appearance and, as a side benefit, protects the wood.

Does Lacquer Crack?

Yes, it can, but the cracks are easily repairable. A single re-coat, and it will be good to go.

That is why lacquer finish is preferred over all other coatings like varnish and polyurethane for kitchen cabinetry.

Is Lacquer Waterproof?

Lacquer has good resistance against water.

In addition to regular dry cleaning, wood cabinets can be deep cleaned with a wet microfibre once finished with a lacquer coating.

How Many Coats Lacquer Cabinets Need?

Well, it depends on how smooth the finish you want. For regular lacquer finishing, three layers of coating can work well.

However, you can also apply more than three but do not overdo it to the point that it starts looking scruffy.

Can You Touch Up Lacquer?

Yes, it is doable. Just make sure to remove the already applied lacquer coating to the damaged area of the cabinet.

After that, carefully spray lacquer on that area.

This small trick will give you a better glossy finish.

How Do You Clean Lacquer Cabinets?

Cleaning gives the best results if done with the microfibre.

Use a dry microfibre to remove any dust particles from the surface.

After that, use a damped piece of microfibre to remove any deeply penetrated dirt or dust.

You can damp microfibre in a mild detergent as well. Repeat dry microfibre cleaning after wet cleaning.

Can You Lacquer Laminate Cabinets?

Doing so is entirely optional. If you do it, it will give an extra glossy look to the cabinets.

Use 400-grit sandpaper for sanding the last coats of paint gently. It is the best way of giving an extra even finishing.

The streak-free cabinetry finishing can be achieved by lacquer lamination.

What Colour is Lacquer?

lacquer kitchen cabinets

Raw lacquer color appears light brown. For use in kitchen cabinetry finishing, it can also be tinted with other dyes.

And that’s how the desired color is achieved.

However, if you would like, you can also go for transparent lacquer. They are also available.

What is Harder, Lacquer or Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is more rigid than lacquer.

That’s why it is applied with a brush, unlike lacquer which can be used with the help of a spray bottle.

Lacquer has the consistency of water. It makes its application easier than other coatings.

Also, reapplying lacquer finish coating is a lot easier, making it a top choice for kitchen cabinetry.

What is Lacquer Checking?

Lacquer checking means making sure there are no cracks on the cabinets after applying a lacquer coating.

Checking whether cabinets look smooth or if there are any parallel lines visible is also included in the lacquer checking process.

These lines can be removed by applying another smooth layer of lacquer finish to ensure cabinets are finished well.

How Do You Fix a Broken Lacquer?

Spraying a thinner layer of lacquer coating can quickly fix all the undesirable cracks or lines.

It will be absorbed by the surface, giving it an even and textured finished look.

The best part is that it is easily doable at home, and you do not need to spend extra money hiring a worker to fix broken or damaged lacquer.

Just be careful while spraying and remove the coating from the damaged area and then reapply.

Lacquer Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Finding the right lacquer paint is a little challenging task as the market is saturated with many products.

That’s why I have rounded up some best paint brands for you, including:

Deft Interior Clear Wood Finish Satin Lacquer

  • It has a fast-drying ability.
  • For wood cabinets it is an ideal choice as it provides extra protection to the surface.

Rust-Oleum Watco Lacquer Finish

  • It gives more shiny gloss than other finishing coatings.
  • With this coating, no need for any filler is left; it is enough both for coating and fillings.

Deft Interior Clear Wood Finish Gloss Brushing Lacquer

  • This lacquer finish does not turn out yellow even after a long time.
  • It is easy to apply.

What is a Lacquered Surface?

Any well-textured and even surface obtained by applying lacquer coating is referred to as lacquered surface.

It is glossy and well-toned. Mostly lacquered finishing is applied to metal or wood surfaces.

Besides giving a shiny look, Lacquered coating also protects the surface where it is used.

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The Bottom Line 

Lacquer kitchen cabinets are the best choice for any kitchen cabinetry.

No one can undermine the supremacy they hold, whether appearance-wise or protection-wise; lacquer coatings are best in both.

I have tried my best to provide you with a detailed outlook of everything about lacquer kitchen cabinets cost.

As you have reached this point in the article, you should have gotten over any reservations about lacquer finishing you might have had before reading.