Electric Griddle Vs Gas Griddle: Which One Suits You Best?

Electric or gas? Which type of griddle provides the best flavor and cooking experience?

If you want to cook for a small family, wish to save money, and don’t want to deal with gas tanks.

Then the best buy for you would be an electric griddle.

However, if you own a restaurant that would require extensive use of a griddle that can reach high temperatures faster.

Then the right choice should most definitely be the gas griddles.

You would not have to worry about sudden power outages, as a gas griddle does not require electricity for cooking.

This blog will discuss the primary differences between gas and electric griddles related to the amount of heat.

What dishes can one cook on each device, and what are their respective costs?

A little about electric griddles

an image of electric griddle

Electric griddles use electricity to power the heating element.

These appliances work slower than the gas models.

However, one advantage of electric griddles is that you can take them anywhere.

These units are also perfect for insufficiently ventilated kitchens.

Besides being more efficient and energy-saving, its startup costs are also lesser than the gas models.

Moreover, you can set the product up without needing professional assistance.

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A little about gas griddles

In these models, the gas burners are located below the griddle plate.

Gas versions heat up faster than the electric variants.

Also, the cooling process is faster in the gas version.

These products are best for perfectly heating foods to the desired temperature.

Their burners can reach up to 60,000 BTUs in a considerably short time.

Most countertop units take up significant kitchen areas available.

It would be best if you also had professional assistance installing the kitchen equipment.

Critical differences between gas and electric griddles

Gas GriddleElectric Griddle
Amount of Heat
If you’re looking for perfect heat control, then a propane-fueled griddle is right.
Having a constant flow of evenly distributed heat, your griddle cooks faster and throughout without hot or cold spots.
Hydrogen formation burners reach temperatures of about sixty thousand BTUs.
Any meat cut will cook perfectly on a Blackstone griddle, all thanks to burners set to distribute heat smoothly that keep the warmth locked in.
Electric griddles have a lone heat source that takes time to heat up
The mechanism produces between 4 to 5 KW of heat using a resistor.
Once it finally reaches a set temperature, this heat is focused on the areas directly above the heat source, creating irregular cooking zones with very hot pockets and others that are barely warm.
Most models will heat up to twenty thousand BTUs.  
Quantity of food
The spacious cooking surface of a gas griddle can fit up to 28 burgers simultaneously.
Imagine that you are cooking up a large meal for your friends and family.
Everyone is served at once.
No eating in phases.
No waiting around. That’s the benefit of a gas griddle.
Electric griddles are made for small meals like sausages, bacon, or pancakes, with a maximum of six items at a time.
More than that, and the appliance won’t handle it.
Don’t expect more than four pancakes and a couple of eggs in one round.
If you are cooking for a large group, you will need several rounds before everyone is fed. 
The price range of a gas griddle might be greater than an electric griddle.
But if you are new to the griddle world, do not want to spend a lot, or don’t feel the need for an extra-large griddle, you can get a 17-inch tabletop version for less than a hundred bucks. 
Cheaper upfront cost.
You can buy an electric griddle for thirty bucks. But don’t forget about the power bill.
If you live in a state with high power tariffs, you will pay a lot of money each time you use your electric griddle.

The best gas griddle

The 36-Inch Cooking Station by Blackstone is one of the best gas griddles.

It is powered by propane with a rolling cart and four separate burners.

The cart has four wheels with locks, allowing you to easily move the griddle into position and keep it in place.

It also contains two side shelves plus a lower shelf.

One of the side shelves has a removable cutting board and a trash bag holder.

Yet, the best feature is the expanded griddle surface with a cooking area of 720 square inches, which is enough to cook up to 28 burgers.

The best electric griddle

an image of best electric griddle

The 22-Inch Presto electric griddle is one of the smartest electric griddles designed for your kitchen.

It features a cooking space of 231 square inches and a 22-inch aluminum tray with a nonstick coating.

The griddle has a heat control knob with a maximum temperature of 400 ° F.

The heat control knob and the handles are removable for easy cleaning and storage.

You can fully immerse the griddle in water after detaching the handles and heat control,

The Presto griddle also has a small drip tray for collecting oil while cooking.

The drip tray is an excellent feature for those people who are concerned about grease.

Electric Griddle vs. Gas Griddle – FAQs

1. Which griddle surface is best for pancakes?

Steel griddle surfaces are considered ideal for making pancakes.

2. Can you use metal utensils on an electric griddle?

You can use metal utensils with stainless steel and cast-iron griddles.

But it would be best if you never used metal utensils on electric griddles having a nonstick cooktop, as they can scratch and damage the nonstick coating.

3. What kind of griddle do restaurants use?

A gas countertop griddle is a preferred choice for restaurant kitchens.

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Whether you plan on cooking indoors or outdoors, griddles are perfect for every situation.

Countertop gas griddles are convenient for camping, whereas griddle carts are useful for backyard cooking.

Basic electric griddles are best for cooking breakfast meals such as eggs and pancakes.

In the end, gas or electric, whichever you select, will give you more options to cook.

Remember to think about where and how you intend to use the griddle.