How Many Ounces Are In A Blender Bottle?

A blender bottle is a helpful tool for those who want to blend their drinks on the go.

Whether it is used for protein powders, smoothies, or other drinks, a blender bottle gives an even consistency while you are on the go.

A problem arises since there are so many types on the market; how can you tell what size you need?

Depending on which brand you purchase.

A small-size blender bottle is a traditional 20-ounce one, whereas the standard medium size is nearly 28 ounces, and the largest we have found to be 45 ounces.

This post will discuss how many ounces in a blender bottle are necessary for your daily routine.

A little about blender bottles

an image of blade blender bottles

A blender bottle is a drinking container with a snap-close lid and a wire whisk that is used to blend powder or mix drinks.

Most blender bottles contain only one whisk, while some include electric versions with actual blades.

The traditional blender bottle style contains a round metal ball that does the same work as a whisk.

The whole purpose of a blender bottle is to evenly mix the ingredients, which is achieved by shaking the bottle up and down.

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Blender bottle sizes

Firstly, the size you need depends upon what you regularly use the bottle for.

Each size has its advantages and disadvantages.

As such, we will give you a complete rundown of what each size is good for.

1. Extra small

An extra small blender bottle is great for juices, supplements, and pre-workout or post-workout drinks.

This is because most of these powders have a serving size of at least eight ounces.

Larger bottles would make the liquid splash around while mixing and make it difficult to drink quickly and efficiently.

2. Small

A small blender bottle is good for frozen treats and portable smoothie bowls.

You can easily store 12 to 16 ounces of liquids in a small blender bottle without feeling like you are going overboard.

Besides, there is enough space for the whisk to do its work.

3. Medium

A medium blender bottle is suitable for multiple servings of protein shakes.

Larger smoothies or supplement drinks you can consume throughout the day.

Being more convenient than mason jars.

The medium size blender bottle uses the blender ball whisk to give a quick shake to your drink and get it back to the right consistency.

4. Large

The maximum size of a bottle blender is 45-ounce.

Which is not recommended unless you want to drink multiple servings or are trying to gain weight.

This serving size is more than enough for an average person’s needs to go about the day.

Three best blender bottle brands

1. The Strada Shaker Cup

With a pure stainless steel blender ball whisk, this bottle can keep 24 ounces of protein shakes thoroughly mixed and cool for a long time.

Whether you need a refreshing drink after an intense workout or carry your protein shake along with you on a hot summer day.

This double-wall insulated cup keeps your drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

This reliable, BPA-free bottle can be used as a water bottle or a shaker bottle, depending on your requirements on a given day.

2. Ello Splendid Glass Shaker Bottle

The Ello Splendid Glass Shaker Bottle is different from any other stinky shaker.

With odor-free glass, a protective sleeve, and a removable silicone shaker ball, this 20-ounce blender bottle may also function as an everyday water bottle.

The silicone parts are all made of FDA-approved silicone.

Including the protective sleeve and lid seal that allows for a comfortable, no-slip grip.

3. BlendJet 2 Electric Blender Bottle

The BlendJet 2 can blend hard ingredients like ice or fruit to make fancy shakes on the go within 20 seconds.

This portable blender can hold 16 ounces and lasts for fifteen blends per charge.

The USB-C charging port is water-resistant, so you do not have to worry about spills.

What is the right pick for you?

an image of blender bottle

Firstly, consider your goals and what drinks you have already been drinking.

If you work out in the gym, attend lectures, or attend events, it is best to pick a size that can help you reach your daily goals.

We would say that bigger sizes are ideal for those who don’t want to waste extra time preparing their next drink.

The smaller sizes are suitable for snacks, breakfast, and mini beverages to help them kick-start their day.

Medium-sized blender bottles provide you with much room for protein shakes, frozen treats, and other drinks.

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How many ounces in a blender bottle – FAQs

1. What can you put in a blender bottle?

The primary use of a blender bottle is to mix up protein shakes.

Though they can also be used for drinks ranging from juice to iced coffee to sports drinks or just plain water.

2. What is the ball in a blender bottle for?

Its purpose is to mix up the powder so there are no clumps.

It helps to make the drink evenly smooth and consistent.

3. Can you put ice in a blender bottle?

Yes, putting ice in a blender bottle is normal, even if you also put the wire ball in.

But don’t forget that adding too much ice will prevent the ball from moving around.

4. Can I put coffee in my blender bottle?

A blender bottle is unsuitable for warm or hot liquids like coffee.

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Blender bottles have many shapes and sizes.

So choosing one seems to be a challenge at first, but if you give some thought to it, you will be able to find the one that matches your needs.

We’ll opt for the standard medium size if we recommend just one for you.

It is perfect for most protein drinks, supplements, or smoothies to keep you energized throughout the day.