How Much Does Kitchen Flooring Cost? Best Kitchen Floor Lining Under Budget

Kitchen flooring provides solid protection to the floor and improves the aesthetics.

Getting suitable kitchen flooring under budget is a thing that most house owners need help with.

Do you know how much kitchen flooring costs?

It ranges from $3 -$20 per square foot.

Its price depends on the type of material used and the different installation processes.

So today, we will discuss different kitchen flooring types and their costs.

Also, we will discuss some pre-installing instructions.

What are the benefits of Kitchen Flooring?

an image of kitchen floor

Kitchen flooring is an essential component of housebuilding.

Before installing kitchen flooring with different materials, you should know some of its benefits mentioned below.

1.      Protection and Prevention

The primary purpose of installing kitchen flooring is to protect the ground from damage and prevent accidents.

The kitchen flooring aids in making a uniform floor that is tough to damage.

This resilience prevents water leakage, rough ground exposure, and an extra barrier between the ground and the kitchen.

So you can put any load on these floors, and there won’t be damage to underground pipes and fittings.

2.      Improve the Look

Kitchen flooring is not only for protection but to enhance look as well.

These floorings come in different textures, materials, and colours to complement your house’s aesthetics.

You can easily find any flooring per your house theme and budget, no matter how much kitchen flooring costs.

It enhances your house’s look and gives it a tidy and appealing view.

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Different Types of Kitchen Flooring

You can select the best kitchen flooring material from the options below.

1.      Stone Tiles

These are flooring materials made of limestone, marble, slate, granite, or soapstone.   

·         Have food aesthetics

·         Very durable

·         Have no duplicate pattern

·         Are expensive option

2.      Ceramic and porcelain tiles

The most preferred flooring material under budget, ceramic and porcelain, competes with expensive materials.

·         They are durable

·         It comes in a variety of designs and patterns  

·         Has good grip and is waterproof

·         The only problem comes when the grout lining becomes black

3.      Hardwood flooring

It gives your kitchen a more natural, woody look with a neat pattern.

They make expensive but suitable kitchen flooring materials because

·         They look timeless

·         Very long-lasting

·         Comfortable

·         Waterproof

4.      Engineered wood

It is considered the top best kitchen lining material.

Engineered wood is made with layers of fibred wood scattered in multiple directions, which makes it stronger than regular wood flooring.

·         Feels luxurious

·         Comfortable

·         Durable

·         Waterproof

5.      Vinyl

If you want to give your kitchen floor a great look on a low budget, vinyl is to look for.

·       It is relatively cheap

·         Easy to install

·         Water-resistant and comfortable

·         It comes in a vast range of designs

You can either choose sheet vinyl to lay them on a flat surface.

Also, to give your kitchen floor a tiled look, you can grab some tile vinyl.

How much does Kitchen Flooring Cost with Different Materials

an image of wood floor in kitchen

The average cost of kitchen flooring is between $3-$20, depending on the material, which is as follows.

Tile flooring costs between $1-$20 per square foot.

The average cost of ceramic tiles is $1 sq. ft, $2 for porcelain and slate kitchen tiles, and $5 for travertine. $7 for marble and $20 for limestone tiles are the most expensive.

Sheet vinyl flooring costs between $0.2-$5 per square foot.

However, luxury vinyl flooring has a price range between $3-$6, which is comparatively expensive.

If you want concrete flooring, it will cost you between $3-$15 per square foot, depending on the finish and material used.

Hardwood flooring is the most expensive one, whose average cost is $5 and can reach up to $220, depending on the type of hardwood used.

Things you should Consider Before Installing a Kitchen Flooring

Besides searching for how much kitchen flooring costs.

Before selecting and installing kitchen flooring, consider the following points.

·         Your flooring should be durable. It should be able to withstand pressure and traumas without breaking.

·         It should be easy to clean. Nothing is worse than flooring catching stains and being difficult to clean.

·         Slip resistance is a must to prevent you and your family and pets from slipping.

·         The material should be waterproof.

·         Before installing the flooring, ensure the sub-surface is flattened, smooth, and even.

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How much does kitchen flooring costs- FAQs

How much does the cheapest kitchen flooring material cost?

Vinyl is the cheapest flooring material, and its price starts to form $0.2-$5 per square foot.

How long does kitchen flooring last?

Kitchen flooring lasts up to many decades, and in most cases, up to a lifetime when installed properly.

Which is the best kitchen flooring material?

Engineered wood and porcelain tiles are the best kitchen flooring material.

They are waterproof, rugged, and longlisting.

Can you install kitchen flooring yourself?

It depends on the material.

If it is vinyl or tiles, you can install it yourself.

However, you may need help with hardwood flooring.

Which kitchen flooring is easy to clean?

Vinyl and wood flooring is the easiest to maintain and clean.

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Final Words

Kitchen lining is an essential element of a completed house.

One should know everything from the variety of materials and their prices.

That’s why we discussed how much kitchen flooring costs with different materials.

The most popular kitchen lining materials include porcelain and ceramic tiles, stone tiles, engineered hardwood floor, and vinyl.

The average cost of this flooring material is between $3-$20.