A Great Cooking Appliance For Your Kitchen: Toaster Oven Low Wattage

A toaster oven is a convenient and smart kitchen appliance that can save you energy and time when cooking.

There are many types and models of toaster ovens available in the market, so you can choose the one that suits your needs best from the whole host of options.

If you are looking for a cooking device that requires less energy, then a low-wattage toaster oven would be one good choice.

Why use a low-wattage toaster oven?

an image of toaster oven

There are a few things to consider when weighing the usefulness of a low-wattage toaster oven.

The most important factor is probably the small size of the unit.

A low-wattage toaster oven is all you need if you have a family of four and want to reheat a few slices of pizza or cook a few chicken tenders.

Low-wattage toaster ovens consume less electricity than conventional ones, which can help curtail your energy costs.

They also have shorter cooking times to save time spent in the kitchen.

When selecting a low-wattage toaster oven, it’s essential to consider the device’s size, features, and ease of use.

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Pros and cons of toaster ovens low wattage

Here are some possible benefits of a low-wattage toaster oven:

  • Space saver: The best selling point of toaster ovens is their compact size. You want to save as much space as possible in a small kitchen. Getting a small toaster oven will solve the problem of limited space.
  • Energy-efficient: Toaster ovens consume between 750 and 1800 watts of power, approximately half that of a regular oven. You can save big on your electricity bills, thanks to the low power consumption of a toaster oven.
  • Affordable: The upfront price of toaster ovens is much less than a regular oven. The best models cost under $50, so they are very budget-friendly.
  • Innovative cooking: With its compact size, you will be amazed at so many ways it can be used. Most models offer a toast, bake, and broil functions, while others have even more.

On the other hand, a low-wattage toaster oven has some downsides too that you should be aware of:

  • Small capacity: Since toaster ovens are compact, their internal capacity is much less than conventional ovens.
  • Inconsistent results: A toaster oven might give unreliable results compared to a slot toaster. If you only want to make toasts, use a dedicated toaster model.
  • Cooks slower: A toaster oven takes a bit longer to cook food than the microwave. However, considering all the multiple functions you can get, it’s a small compromise.

Best low-wattage toaster ovens

1. Hamilton Beach 31344D

If the door-swing models are not practical for your needs, then the Hamilton Beach 31344D roll-top door toaster oven might be perfect.

Its design is very convenient as you can easily take the food out without touching the hot interior.

Cleaning is also easy since there will be no food spills on the door.

Utilizing 1200 Watts, this unit offers three temperature settings: bake, toast, and broil.

Even if the entire unit looks compact, the internal capacity is spacious enough to hold more food items.

2. DASH Clear View Toaster Oven

While most toasters do not let you see the bread slices toasting inside, DASH DVTS501AQ provides a see-through window to check your toast’s progress visually.

Running at 1100 watts, it offers seven toast settings to achieve your preferred doneness.

As for the design, the aqua colour adds a modern accent to your kitchen.

The controls are easy to operate and marked clearly.

Also, this toaster rarely flops out the toast when popping it out.

3. COMFEE 10L Toaster Oven

an image of toaster oven

Comfee toaster oven consumes 1000 Watts.

It has an upper dial to control the heat and a lower dial to set the 30-minute timer.

This model allows you to choose your favourite toast shade from light to medium to dark.

The super convenient crumb tray under the unit makes cleaning very easy.

When you are done with cooking, tip the unit backwards and press the tray’s dial back.

Remove any contents that you find on the detachable tray.

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Toaster Oven Low Wattage – FAQs

1. Is a toaster oven more energy efficient than a regular oven?

Cooking a dish in a toaster oven saves over 50% of the energy used for cooking the same meal in a regular electric oven.

2. How many amps does a low-wattage toaster oven need?

A toaster oven rated at 1000 W using 120V would draw roughly 8.3 Amps of current.

3. Is it cheaper to use a toaster or a regular oven?

An electric oven costs about $0.16 an hour to run, whereas a toaster oven costs $0.03, making the toaster oven much cheaper to use.