Can You Place A Toaster Oven On Top Of The Microwave?

Ever thought of placing your toaster oven on top of your microwave to make room for other appliances like food processors to fit?

You might be curious if it is safe to put the toaster oven on top of your microwave.

While it might be safe to keep the toaster oven on top of your microwave, it could be dangerous if, for some reason, you become neglectful of the consequences if you do not take care to practice some safety measures.

Read on to become aware of what might arise if you put the toaster oven atop your microwave.

What may happen if you put a toaster oven on top of the microwave?

an image of toaster oven

  1. Both appliances can raise the surrounding temperature to dangerous levels if you run them simultaneously. At worst, the continuous heat from the toaster oven might cause a fire.
  2. It might result in the protective paint peeling off the Microwave’s exterior or damaging its control panel.
  3. If your toaster oven is relatively more significant than the microwave, this can dent or damage the interior parts of your microwave.

So placing your toaster oven on top of your microwave might not be an issue until these situations arise.

However, you may overcome these issues if you know why they happen and how to keep your home out of danger by doing safety checks before putting your toaster oven on your microwave.

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Why putting a toaster oven on top of a microwave might not be recommended?

As you may know, the heat generated by a toaster oven is more than the heat from a microwave.

So leaving the toaster oven on the microwave might not be a good idea.

Microwaves come with vents on top and sides to allow heat dissipation out of the microwave.

So it is not a good idea to block air circulation around the microwave by keeping the toaster oven on it.

Putting a heavy toaster oven on the microwave

It is unsafe to place any heavy item on the microwave as it could dent the microwave’s surface and damage the panel or its interior parts.

If you don’t want to see your microwave’s body bend or cave in due to the weight of the toaster oven, you should reconsider placing your bulky toaster oven on your microwave.

I am running both devices at the same time.

It may be unsafe to use the two appliances simultaneously.

While a microwave does not get too hot outside, a toaster oven releases heat from all sides.

Your microwave will be exposed to a lot of heat, and the food inside will be treated to a higher temperature than required.

Together the toaster oven and microwave can produce a high amount of heat, creating a risk of scorching your food or even starting a fire.

Safety tips for placing and using a toaster oven on top of a microwave

Allow for ventilation

Appliances that use heating elements need enough space to ventilate and take the heat out.

Allowing the heat to build up in either the microwave or the toaster oven could damage the coating.

At worst, it could result in a fire outbreak.

To avoid this, allow for a few inches of space between the microwave and the toaster oven for sufficient airflow.

Do not put your toaster oven directly on your microwave.

If there is insufficient space, use a heat-safe glass or metal plate as a buffer between your toaster oven and the microwave.

Take the toaster oven off before using it.

Another safety tip is to remove it from above the microwave before using your toaster oven since it generates more heat.

Consider the weight of your toaster oven.

If the weight of your toaster oven is relatively more significant than your microwave, do not stack your giant toaster oven on the small microwave.

Remember that excess weight can leave imprints on your microwave and cause it to press in.

Avoid using the two appliances at the same time.

Whatever you do, never use both appliances at the same time.

Apart from the fire hazard, you might end up overcooking the food in your microwave.

Toaster Oven or Microwave: Which is safer?

an image of microwave

A toaster oven may not be safer than a microwave, but it has some advantages.

For instance, a toaster oven does not emit harmful electromagnetic radiation as a microwave does.

Moreover, compared to a microwave, a toaster oven heats food more consistently, so there is less chance of overcooking or scorching your food.

On the other hand, microwaves are generally considered safer than toaster ovens.

However, there have been some reports of accidents due to microwave radiation, so it is always wise to be cautious.

If you have a pacemaker or going through pregnancy, then you should avoid standing in front of a microwave.

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Toaster Oven On top Of Microwave – FAQs

1. How much space to give in between when placing a toaster oven on top of the microwave?

Microwaves require about 12 inches of space above and at least 3 inches on all sides.

2. Should I use a stand to place my toaster oven on the microwave?

If you have no alternative, you can place the toaster oven on a shelf on top of the microwave.

3. What type of insulations to use between the toaster oven and the microwave?

A rubberized mat or other heat-proof material works well to keep the heat from the toaster oven transferring to the microwave.

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In a Nut Shell

As long as the toaster oven is not very close to the microwave’s top, and there is nothing combustible nearby, it should be safe enough to put a toaster oven on top of the microwave.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you were heedful of the toaster oven’s weight, make sure the vents are not blocked, and always take off the stove before turning on the microwave.