What Happens If You Stick A Fork In A Toaster

You may have heard that sticking a knife or fork into the toaster is dangerous, but do you think it is dangerous enough to be lethal?

We will try to answer this important and good question as clearly as possible.

You are probably wondering what would cause injury to someone who sticks kitchen utensils into the toaster.

This post will provide you with all the details.

Putting a metallic object into the toaster can kill you.

If a person’s feet are making contact with the ground, the electric current will flow through the body, which can cause heart failure.

Sticking a metal fork or knife into the toaster is extremely dangerous and must always be avoided.

Now that you understand sticking a knife or fork in the toaster can be fatal, you probably have more queries.

You might think about whether there is any danger in sticking metal in the toaster when the toaster is turned off or unplugged.

You might also want to know your kitchen’s other toaster-related safety hazards.

So keep on reading to learn more!

Why is it dangerous to put a fork in the toaster?

an image of fork sticking in the toaster

The heating element of the toaster can send current through any conductor, like a metal utensil (for example, a fork).

If the toaster is plugged in, you risk receiving an electric shock if the fork comes in contact with the internal electrical components.

This is also true even when the toaster button is turned off.

The coils may still carry an electric current that can transfer from the fork into your body.

Your body may get electrocuted, resulting in severe injury or even death.

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Would you get electrocuted if the toaster is turned off?

Even if the toaster is off, you can still get a shock if the toaster is plugged in.

Of course, the possibility of shock or electrocution increases many times when the toaster is turned on.

Sticking a fork or knife in the toaster is always considered a safety hazard, whether your appliance is off or on.

It is still considered a safety hazard whether the toaster is plugged in.

Is it still dangerous if you put a fork in an unplugged toaster?

Although sticking a fork in an unplugged toaster will not cause electric shock, it could cause a safety hazard.

The fork or knife could damage internal components of the toaster, which could result in fires when you use this appliance in the future.

If you are trying to take out stuck bread, it is safer to stick the fork in the part of the bread above the toaster, then pull it out.

In this way, you will not be putting the utensil into the toaster, which could damage the internal parts of the appliance.

Always ensure that the toaster is unplugged before salvaging the stuck bread.

How many deaths are caused by sticking a fork in the toaster?

The statistics give us the number of deaths caused by toasters yearly.

However, the data for these deaths is not divided into specific causes (such as sticking a fork into the toaster).

About 700 deaths happen worldwide each year because of toasters.

In the US, 300 fatalities are caused by toasters every year.

The possible causes include fire and electrocution.

How to prevent toaster fires?

an image of toaster

Firstly, remember that you must not stick anything into the toaster to remove stuck bread because it can cause damage to the electrical parts of the appliance.

When using the toaster, only put items that are supposed to go into the toaster.

Only use bread slices that are narrow enough to fit in the slots without getting trapped easily.

This will prevent you from sticking a kitchen tool into the slot, which may cause a fire hazard in the future.

Ensure your toaster is placed far away from any water source, like your kitchen sink.

Make sure it is not kept in the splash zone or near any area where you might accidentally spill liquids.

Do away with any flammable items close to the toaster to prevent fire hazards.

Toasters complete the job very quickly, so it is advised that you should not leave your toaster unattended during operation.

A faulty toaster timer can cause the heating coils to remain on for several minutes and possibly start a house fire.

Safety tips for cleaning a toaster

Cleaning your toaster regularly can help keep it in good working condition for longer and prevent fire risk.

It may surprise you how much regular cleaning of your toaster can extend its life.

Over time, bread crumbs and food particles will accumulate in the toaster that should be removed regularly.

Not only do these particles prevent your toaster from working to its total capacity, but they also create a fire hazard.

So how should you clean out your toaster? We have outlined below a few easy steps for you to follow.

1.       Unplug the toaster

2.       Detach and empty the crumb tray

3.       Clean the inner part of the toaster

4.       Wash and dry the crumb tray

5.       Wipe down the outer body of the toaster

6.       Replace the tray

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In Summary

Around 300 people are killed from toaster-related accidents annually in the United States, whereas 700 deaths happen worldwide.

It shows that sticking a fork or knife into the toaster is not a good idea, and doing so can electrocute or kill you if the toaster is plugged in.

While you may not experience electrocution if the toaster is unplugged, this can still cause a fire.

Nowadays, kitchen appliances and electrical outlets have additional safety features that secure you against electrocution or fire hazards.

However, taking precautions when using electrical appliances is always a good policy.