What Are The Different Types Of Ice Makers – An Essential Guide 

If you’re frequently hosting parties or guests, you need more ice than all your ice trays can collectively produce.

Or, if you run a restaurant or a medical facility, it’s no surprise that you want a consistent supply of fresh ice.

Well, we know just what you need – an ice maker. 

But what are the different types of ice-makers?

And which type would best serve you?

If these questions have you stuck, we’ve got you covered! 

What is an Ice Maker?

an image of fridge ice maker

An ice maker is a stand-alone device that helps produce ice on a large scale.

And that, too, from the comfort of your home.

Getting your hands on an ice maker saves you the hassle of stocking up on ice for special occasions.

No matter the quantity you require, the appliance will fulfill it for you!

However, make sure to pick the right type for your needs.

Let’s walk through different kinds of ice-makers and some factors to consider when buying one for yourself.

What Are The Different Types of Ice Makers?

While there are many ice-makers out there, we’ve listed the most basic ones that would best meet your needs.

Before you choose one, don’t forget to analyze its unique features, sizes, and production capacities.

Modular Ice Makers

If you wish to produce large quantities of ice in one day with minimal water and energy usage, the modular ice maker is your top choice.

It’s ideal for food chains, hospitals, and cafeterias, producing up to 3000 pounds of ice per day.

Undercounter Ice Makers

If you have constrained counter space, it’s best to consider an under-counter ice maker.

Measuring under 41-inches, these portable machines are perfectly compact and effective.

Not just that, they are the ideal fit for small bars, cafes, and restaurants that need quick access to ice without working around for hours.

Countertop Ice Makers

As the name suggests, this ice maker works on the counter.

Often found in healthcare settings, they give out easier-to-chew nugget-style ice, which is ideal for hospital patients.

Even with a small ice storage bin, they produce up to 400 pounds of fresh ice daily.

Combination Ice Makers

These little dispensers can dispense both water and ice.

Also, they are ideal for use in workplaces, cafeterias, break rooms, and healthcare centers with the constant production of nugget ice. 

If you lack space, don’t worry!

You can still manage to produce up to 500 pounds of ice per day with the combination ice makers.

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Considerations Before Buying an Ice Maker

Ice Production Rate

Before purchasing your ice maker, it’s essential to determine how much ice you need.

If you need an abundant supply daily, look for one with a high ice production rate.

A typical ice maker can produce up to 130 cubes in 24 hours, but that also depends on your ice maker’s cycle time.

Storage Capacity

Typical ice makers will hold up to 11 pounds of ice per day.

However, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to ice-makers.

The amount of ice storage one person needs can be different than others.

So, make sure your ice maker meets your daily requirement.


Would your ice maker be standing free?

Or would you instead install it on your refrigerator/freezer?

Well, that’s a critical consideration before you buy one.

Remember, you need to cover the installation costs for it too.


When it comes to the drainage of ice makers, you may buy one with a built-in pump or install your ice maker within a few feet of your drain.

You might also consider purchasing a drain pump separately. 

Water Filters

If you wish to produce the cleanest ice, installing a water filter with your ice maker is best.

It removes any impurities and ensures the ice you get is free from sediments and other contaminants.

Another option is to buy an ice maker with a built-in water filter if that suits your budget.


Don’t forget to consider the aesthetics of your ice maker!

Add a custom front panel that matches the theme of your kitchen for a more sophisticated look.

How is an Ice Maker Different from an Ice Condenser?

an image of ice maker

Many people mistakenly believe that an ice maker and an ice condenser are the same.

But that’s not true.

Instead, an ice condenser is a vital part of an ice maker that helps it run efficiently. 

The ice condenser cools down the heated refrigerant vapor from the compressor and converts it into a liquid that freezes into ice.

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What Are the Different Types of Ice Makers  – FAQs

How quickly can an ice maker produce ice?

Although the cycle may differ for each, the ice producers usually need 15-20 minutes to produce a batch of ice.

Do ice makers need water filters?

No, an ice maker doesn’t need a water filter. However, it is highly recommended to install one if you want the cleanest possible ice.

Do ice makers refrigerate also?

No, the ice maker monitors the temperature level of the water.

How much power does an ice maker require?

Typically, an ice maker requires a 200-amp, 220v power outlet to work efficiently.

Do ice makers need drains?

Ice makers need a floor-level drain to drain extra water and the melting ice from the ice storage bin.

Where can one use an ice maker?

Ice makers may be used in offices, homes, outdoor kitchens, bars, restaurants, or anywhere where you need a constant supply of ice.

What ice shapes can you make from an ice maker?

Ice-makers produce ice in various shapes, including nuggets, flakes, crescents, full cubes, or even half cubes. 

Can you use hard water in an ice maker?

No, they use hard water in the ice-maker results in severe issues with their functions.

Is an ice maker self-installable?

Yes, you can easily install an ice maker yourself. 

How to clean an ice maker?

Use a soft cloth with some warm water to clean the exterior and the insides of your ice maker.

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Wrapping up – Types of Ice Makers

While there are numerous ice makers available, you can narrow it down for yourself by determining the amount of ice you need.

Hopefully, this article will help you determine which ice maker will best serve you.