Where are Omega Juicers Made? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Everybody is looking for cool, reliable, yet worthy things in this technologically advanced era.

The same is the case with juicers.

But among their list, the omega juicers come at the top.

People of all ages, specifically health-conscious folks, found omega juicers helpful due to their

  • Durability.
  • Exceptional working features.
  • Quality.
  • Warranty.

Their construction material is of high quality.

Besides it, omega juicers are made in a wide variety.

Since Omega is emerging rapidly, people wonder where the omega juicers are made.

Therefore to help you answer it, we have compiled the guide containing every single piece of information related to the manufacture of omega juicers.

Where are omega juicers manufactured?

an image of omega juicer

The omega juicers are made in South Korea.

However, some omega juicers are also made in China.

So basically, Korea is the omega juicer’s country of origin.

The omega juicers are considered the best juicers in the present age.

To be more specific, fitness freaks find omega juicers as their best friend.

Because omega juicers don’t oxidize the nutrients much.

Moreover, they can extract juice more than the other juicers.

Besides having numerous qualities, the Omega leaves no stone unturned to bring additional features to the juicers.

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Omega juicers made in the USA

Some people ask, is an omega juicer made in the USA?

So let us know the exact answer to this question.

Omega is an emerging worldwide brand of juicers in respect of quality products.

Therefore its products are available in 120+ countries.

Accordingly, Omega has partnerships with many well-known companies worldwide to promote the brand more.

Even the US has some headquarters of Omega juicers in Florida and Pennsylvania.

However, the US Legacy company has recently taken ownership of Omega.

So it can be said that the latest owner of omega juicers is the Legacy company.

But irrespective of the ownership, the omega juicers are predominantly made in South Korea.

Are omega juicers made in China?

Omega juicers are known for their durable and quality products throughout the world.

Most omega juicers are made in South Korea.

But as we said above, Omega has international partners.

Thus some of the omega juicers are made in china.

It would be helpful for you to know that the following juicers are made in China:

  • Omega 8007 Horizontal Slow Juicer
  • Omega 8008 Horizontal Slow Juicer
  • Omega O2 Centrifugal Ejection Juicer

But it would be best if you kept in mind that besides the above three models, all other Omega juicers are made in South Korea.

Which Omega juicers are made in Korea

Among one of the advanced countries in terms of technology, Korea is not behind in providing standardized Omega juicers.

Therefore you can trust the excellent quality and stable features of these juicers.

Besides three models of omega juicers, other models are made in Korea.

Accordingly, the 8 omega juicers made in Korea are listed below, along with their names and models.

  • Omega NC802HD Nutrition Center Juicer
  • Omega VSJ843RS Low-Speed Vert Juicer
  • Omega VRT402 Heavy-Duty Juicer
  • Omega 8228C Nutrition Center Juicer
  • Omega BMJ332S Megamouth Juicer
  • Omega CUBE3025 Juice Cube Nutrition Center
  • Omega NC902HDC Nutrition Center Juicer
  • Omega 8227 Nutrition Center Juicer

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Where are omega juicers made———FAQs

Who is the recent owner of the Omega juicers?

Back in 1985, Robert Leo laid the foundation of the Omega brand.

First, he named it Olympic products.

But later on, he changed the name to Omega juicers.

Then, in 2009, the Legacy company took ownership of Omega juicers.

So now, the legacy company is the recent owner of Omega juicers.

What is the lifespan of the juice extracted by omega juicers?

The manufacturers of omega juicers claim that their juice can last for a long time compared to other well-known juicers.

Accordingly, the random juice of Omega vs. juicer lasts about 72 hours.

Why should you go for omega juicers?

an image of omega juicer manufacturing

There are multiple pros to the omega brand.

But the common among them is producing a wide range of juicers ranging from citrus to slow speed masticating, 15 years of warranty, and specifically a low oxidation process.

What is the average cost of omega juicers?

The omega juicers cost somewhat between $200 to $300. But it is an average estimate.

Thus the price can go above $300 for the omega juicers with exceptional features.

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Wrapping Up

Anybody looking for some money-worth juicer would find the omega juicers as their utmost precious friends in the juicing chores.

They are made in Korea, the US, and China and now have chains worldwide.

Besides using standardized materials in manufacturing, they also have a warranty of 15 years.

Therefore you can trust Omega for quality juicers.