How Much for Kitchen Light Installation

Some homeowners who are comfortable working with electricity can do Kitchen light installation by themselves.

Others would readily pay hundreds of dollars and leave the job to a professional.

Lighting installation charges range from as little as $75 for a dimmer switch to about $300 for more complex lighting installations.

This cost might double if you want a light fixture installed where one did not exist before.

In this post, we have provided the average national costs for installing various types of home lighting fixtures.

1. Installation cost of a Pendant light     

an image of kitchen light installation

Pendant lights look trendy in kitchens.

These ornamental lights hang from the ceiling and typically include one or more bulbs.

The average cost of installing a pendant light typically varies from $95 to $250.

This cost may rise if you install another switch for the light.

Since these have low-voltage requirements, you can directly connect them to your pre-existing junction boxes.

Pendant lights are extremely popular and add an elegant touch to every room.

As a result, the cost of a fixture is often greater than the cost of installation.

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2. Installation cost of recessed lights

Recessed light is a type of fixture directly installed inside a ceiling, a wall, or other surfaces.

The main components include trim, casing, and bulb.

a) For existing ceiling

In the U.S., the average cost of installing recessed lights is between $130 and $150 per fixture.

This rate generally includes lighting materials and labor costs.

Certain factors may alter the installation costs, such as:

Ceiling height – The cost of installing recessed lights increases if there are high ceilings since it requires more effort.

Attic space – Installing recessed lights in a ceiling with attic space is easier compared to those without attic spaces.

The installation time decreases when installers can access the attic, thereby lowering the installation cost.

Switches and Wiring – If there are no existing electrical switches and wiring for your new recessed lights, it may also increase the installation cost.

b) For new construction

You can expect the installation charges to be $50 – $75 per fixture under-construction ceiling that is open and easily accessible.

3. Installation cost of a chandelier

Installing a new chandelier typically costs from $100 to $200.

If you want to install a chandelier in a new location without existing switches and wiring, it can cost between $300 and $2,000 or more.

Note that these are only the installation charges and don’t include the chandelier’s cost.

Factors that can affect the cost of installation of a chandelier include:

Weight and size of the chandelier – It’s generally easier to install small chandeliers; therefore, the cost is lesser compared to heavier, large chandeliers.

Ceiling height – Electricians may charge greater for installing a chandelier in houses with high ceilings that need a lift to reach.

4. Installation cost of under-cabinet lights

The national average cost of installing under cabinet lights ranges between $230 and $300 per fixture.

The cost of both materials and labor is included in the price range.

Some factors that may affect the cost of under-cabinet lighting installation are:

Whether to plug or hard-wire – Hard-wired under-cabinet lights can be operated with a switch, take more time to install, and hence cost more. If you choose to plug the fixtures into an existing outlet, the cost of installation will be much lower.

The number of fixtures – The more lighting fixtures you want to install, the higher the price.

5. Installation cost of Wall-Mounted Lights

an image of wall mounted lights

The average cost of installing a wall-mounted light ranges from $90 to $250.

To install a wall-mounted light, you need to access an electrical outlet that connects the lights to your existing house wiring.

The pricing varies depending on the style of light fixtures used.

6. Installation cost of LED lights 

The average installation cost of a single LED light strip is about $100 to $150 if you have the complete kit with the required wiring and transformer.

The cost may vary based on your location.

The reality is that an LED is simply a type of light being used.

The actual cost depends on the type of lighting fixture you want to install.

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How Much for Kitchen Light Installation – FAQs

1. How much does rewiring cost?

The cost to rewire a kitchen typically ranges from $1,898 to $2,269.

2. What factors determine the cost of light installation?

Kitchen lighting installation costs depend on the type of lighting fixture, the number of lights, your location, the electrician, and any electrical wiring work required.

3. What type of lighting is best for an average kitchen?

Warm white lights are probably the best for the kitchen.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to saving cash on the installation cost of lights, the first thing that comes to mind is to install the light fixtures yourself.

However, if you prefer someone else to do the installation, you may save money by increasing the job size.

Electricians may reduce the costs if they are hired to do more work than just coming in to install a single light fixture.