Kitchen TV size

Do you get bored while doing chores and want to add an LCD television in your kitchen but don’t know the best kitchen tv size?

I was facing the same problem and added one to my kitchen after surveying many in the stores.

The standard size for kitchen TVs ranges from 24 to 40 inches.

You would not believe the relaxation I got while cooking and cleaning my beloved kitchen after installing a 40-inch flat-screen TV.

There are various kitchen TVs available in stores, but the best suited for you depends on the space you have in your kitchen.

It turned into a luxury.

Let’s dig into some common queries to help you choose the best one for your precious kitchenette.

1. Why Do People Put the TV in Kitchens?

an image of kitchen TV

There are many reasons why people install Tv in their kitchens.

Some of the reasons can be:

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It looks trendy: 

Modern televisions add a contemporary look to your kitchen.

They are sleek and get installed, saving a lot of space.

Old-styled TV may have looked tacky in the past, but modern Tv systems can now add an array of styles and colors to your cooking space.

A quality time in loneliness:

When people are alone in the kitchen and seek some entertainment, a TV in their kitchen can become their companion.

While cooking their favorite dish or boiling gravies, they can watch a series, a movie, or even the news.

People’s lonely time can be changed into a good quality time they spend with themselves.

Great, isn’t it?

An intriguing kick start to a hectic day:

Usually, people start their day with the same old tedious rituals or in an exciting way by preparing their coffee and breakfast while watching TV.

This electronic in their kitchen adds a vibrant kick as it is not the same as watching TV in their bedroom or living room.

People keep Tv in their kitchen as they like the music and sounds in their background while doing their morning kitchen chores.

A means of wireless internet in your kitchen:

The new flat-screen TVs have wireless internet connections that help people see cooking videos, cooking blogs, or tips and tricks.

It also saves time for people to watch their favorite Tv shows while multitasking. 

Where should a TV be placed in a kitchen?

The ideal places for TV in the kitchen can be as follows:

Install TV at a height on the wall:

The people who like doing kitchen chores while standing can install their flat-screen tv above the refrigerators or over the pantry.

This can be ideal as it will not come in your way and out of reach of naughty children.

Chef’s eye level:

With the chef’s eye level in mind, flat-screen TV should be considered.

The height of the cook and their preferences matter to the core.

Install the TV near the charging point :

The kitchen TV can be ideally placed near the phone charger or where there are music gadgets, so all the modern electronics in the kitchen are together.

Tuck your TV in a corner:

If you do not have a modern TV that you want to flaunt, you can keep it in the corner so it doesn’t get the guest’s attention.

Drop your TV down:

Yes, you got it right! You can just put your Tv in the areas behind the light valence or under the island in your kitchen.

This flipping down ensures a less occupied space, and your TV setup can jell well among your other kitchen appliances.

3. What Is The Best Size TV For A Kitchen?

The ideal size for your kitchen TV ranges from 20 to 40 inches, depending on your kitchenette area.

If you have a small kitchen, a 20-to-24-inch Tv will be good enough.

But, if you have a large kitchen, a 40-to-42-inch TV will be perfect.

4. What Are Some Best Kitchen TVs? 

The TV you select should be according to your kitchen space. Some best kitchen TVs on our list in recent times are:

5. How Can I Hide My Kitchen TV?

If you intend to hide your TV because you don’t want to show it to the guests or others, we have some excellent and innovative ideas that will help you immensely.

The ways to camouflage your kitchen Tv are:

  • You are installing an electric lift that can allow you to hide it behind your cabinet with a click of a button. Say hello to technology!
  • Hide it behind the kitchen curtains
  • Put it into an antique armoire in the kitchen. Make it classy!
  • Place it off-center from the main wall.
  • Seal it in wall cabinets-it gives an open and close door option.
  • By using a projector and connecting it to the WiFi, you can enjoy the Tv screen when you desire
  • Hide it behind the painting decoration
  • Purchase a hidden Tv cabinet
  • A sliding panel can be custom-made for hiding your kitchen TV.

6. Can You Put A TV On A Microwave?

If you have a portable TV, you can put it in the microwave when it is not working.

But, if you intend to permanently install your kitchen Tv on the microwave, it is not a good idea.

The radioactive rays from the microwave can be hazardous to your Tv.

Moreover, the heat transmitted can cause damage to your TV too.

Another reason for avoiding this act is that it can make your TV messy and gross.

7. Do All Smart TVs Have WiFi?

All the latest Smart TVs have integral WiFi systems built in them, and you should be able to attach them to your home wireless network when setting up your TV. 

8. What Is The Best Size TV for the Kitchen Wall?

The best size TV for your kitchen wall can be from 20 to 40 inches, depending on your empty wall size. 

If you have an elongated wall and a big-sized kitchen, a 40-to-42-inch size can be ideal. 

For example, Insignia 39-inch Class F20 Series Smart HD 720p Fire TV (NS-39DF310NA21, 2020 Model) can be an excellent addition to your kitchen wall.

9. What Size TV Fits Under Kitchen Cabinets?

The TV size that can ideally fit under your kitchen cabinets ranges from 22 to 24 inches.

10. What Size TV Should I Get For My Kitchen?

If you have ample kitchen space, you can opt for a 32 to 40-inch Tv, but a 20 to 24-inch size can be suitable for you if you have a small space.

11. Best Kitchen Size Flat Screen TV

an image of flat screen TV in kitchen

Among the 32 to 40-inch TVs, for example, the LG 22LJ4540 TV has earned the maximum positive reviews from all customers.

If you are looking for a small-sized TV, a 20-inch to 24-inch TV like Insignia™ – 22″ Class N10 Series LED HD TV can be a perfect addition.

12. What Size TV For Kitchen Diner

Ideally, if you have a big kitchen diner area, a wall is empty for placing a TV.

The ideal size for your TV can be 40 to 43 inches.

13. What Is Kitchen Counter TV Size?

An easy-to-carry and move Tv for your counter should be in the range of 22 to 24-inch size.

14. What Are Some Small TV Sizes For The Kitchen?

Some small TV sizes for the kitchen vary from 20 to 24 inches.

15. What’s The Difference Between LED and LCD?

LED is abbreviated for Light Emitting Diode, while LCD is the Liquid Crystal Display short form.

The difference is the type of light used in their making. 

Diodes are used in LEDs, while fluorescent lights are used in LCDs.

LEDs are also sleek, while LCDs give you a clearer picture and an HD display.

16. What Is Smallest Size Smart TV?

The smallest kitchen TV available is Axess TV1705-13, which is 13.3 inches.

17. Is 32-inch TV Too Big For The Kitchen?

32-inch TVs are the best size for an average-sized kitchen.

It is neither too big nor too small.

18. How Wide Is A 24-inch TV?

The width of a 24-inch Tv is 22.6 inches diagonally.

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The Bottom Line :

A TV in your kitchen adds style and comfort to your cooking time.

You don’t get bored or exhausted while working.

The size you select for your kitchen TV should be according to your size. 

The ideal size for a kitchen TV varies from 20 to 40 inches. 

You will have a luxurious time when you will add this electronic to your kitchen. 

After all! 

You deserve the best time, both indoors and outdoors! Happy watching TV in your kitchen.