What Size Bar Pulls For Kitchen Cabinets?

Are you confused about what size bar pulls for kitchen cabinets?

Are you looking for the finest handles for your kitchen cabinet with the best size? 

white kitchen cabinets with bar pulls - What size bar pulls for kitchen cabinets

Here are the ideal sizes of bar pulls for kitchen cabinets.

  • 3.5 to 5 inches is the best size for Bar pulls of average-sized kitchen cabinet
  • 1.5 inches is the best size for Knobs of average-sized kitchen cabinet
  • For 25 inches cabinet, 3 to 6 inches long bar pulls are used
  • For cabinets smaller than 25 inches, 1 to 4 inches bar pulls are used
  • For 36 inches cabinet, 6 to 12 inches long bar pulls are preferred
  • For cabinets taller than 36 inches, more than 11 inches bar pulls are recommended

Can you use both knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets?

Yes, you can use both knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets. Knobs and pulls both are handles doing the same task of opening your cabinets. Knobs are spherical while pulls are longitudinal in shape. 

You can use any one of these hence select the one that seems more appropriate.

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Should I use knobs or pulls on kitchen cabinets?

It depends on your choice whether you like knobs or pulls on kitchen cabinets. 

Knobs are small and broad, they are attached by a single screw. 

While pulls are large and thinner, they get attached to the cabinet by two screws. 

Knobs are mostly spherical, mushroom-shaped, or square-shaped handles. 

Pulls are longer D or C-shaped handles. Get the one that you find perfect for your cabinets.

If you have a budget then pulls are more suggested due to the convenience of grabbing them.

Are knobs or pulls better?

Both pulls and knobs have the same function, both are used for opening cabinets. However, here is a comparison between knobs and pulls:

Knobs are in budget handles

Knobs have lower prices than pulls due to their small size.

It also saves money as it uses only one screw to get fixed and gathers less space, on the other hand, pulls require two screws to get fixed on the cabinet and take more space than knobs.

Knobs are rather hard to grab than pulls because of their small size. 

So, if you try to open your kitchen cabinet with oily hands or with lotion on your hands, you shall face difficulty.

Pulls are more convenient

So, why are pulls available in the market? 

Pulls are preferred by some people because they can be opened with a single finger. 

Imagine you have many things in your hand, only one finger is free by which you want to open the cabinet, you can open it easily if pulls are attached to your cabinets. 

You shall apply a little force by single finger and cabinet will get opened.

Buying tips for Kitchen knobs

If you have decided to buy knobs then here are some tips and suggestions for buying knobs.

  • Mushroom-shaped knobs are better than round and square knobs because they have a thin base that prevents them from slipping from your hands.
  • Round-shaped knobs are often difficult to grab. If you want to buy round knobs then choose the one with a thin base.
  • Square-shaped knobs, these knobs have rather pointed edges which pose risk of getting injured. If you like to have square knobs then choose the one which has rather curved edges.


Buying the knobs with a thin base allows you to hang other things on them, in this way your knobs will be like killing two birds with one stone, doing two jobs for you.

Buying tips for pulls

If you like to buy pulls for your kitchen cabinets then here are some tips to buy the perfect pulls for your nice kitchen. 

Pulls come in C and D shapes, some in the market are also straight or bar-like. 

Bar pulls with pointed ends are not recommended as people get injured sometimes when they accidentally collide with them, so it is better to go for C or D-shaped ones.

  • Bar pulls or straight pulls should have a protection cap attached to the ends to make them collision friendly. They look really fine overall.
  • C-shaped pulls have open ends, if you want to buy these then choose the ones having a bit curved edges. In this way, you can use these handles for hanging other things as well without having a risk of pointed edges.
  • D-shaped pulls are almost the same as C-shaped, the only difference is that their ends are not open but are attached completely to the cabinet.
  • Finger pulls are modern handles, due to their unique design they are liked by people. But we don’t recommend them as they always have pointed edges.
  • Cup pulls are also a good choice with its smooth design but it takes a bit more effort to clean them underneath, if you are comfortable with them then you can buy them.

What size should cabinet pulls be?

For small pulls like cup pulls and finger pulls the size starts from 1 inch. For long bar pulls this size can be more than 20 inches.

So we can say that 1 to 20 inches are the normal size for pulls on your kitchen cabinets.

What is the most popular cabinet pull size?

The most popular cabinet pull size is 3 to 4 inches. This pull size is for medium-sized cabinets. For large cabinets pull size should be 6 to 12 inches. For small sized cabinets pull size should be less than 4 inches.

How do you measure for cabinet pulls?

To measure for cabinet pulls you need to measure the distance between the centers of two screws of the cabinet using inch tape or painter’s tape, this is termed “center to center” distance. 

Where should pantry cabinet pulls be placed?

Pantry cabinet pulls should be placed horizontally, because the pantry is actually a large drawer used for storing food. So, drawer pulls are always attached in a horizontal position.

Should cabinet pulls be vertical or horizontal?

Cabinet pulls should always be placed vertical, to open them with ease. While drawer pulls are always placed horizontally.

How do you measure the center for cabinet pulls?

Center of the cabinet pulls is measured by measuring tape. Place one end of measuring tape at the center of one screw holder, and another end of tape at the center of the other screw holder.

In this way, you can measure the center for cabinet pulls.

How do you measure cabinet knobs?

Cabinet knobs are measured according to the width of the rails of the cabinet. Knob width should always be smaller than the rails. If your cabinets are without rails then you just need to place them in an appropriate place.

How to choose the right size cabinet pulls?

Choose the right size cabinet pulls according to the size of your cabinet. If your cabinet is large then buy longer pulls, if your cabinet is small then go for small size pulls. For 24 to 36 inch cabinets get 2 to 12 inches long pulls.

What size hole do you drill for cabinet pulls?

Mostly a 3/16 inch hole is drilled for cabinet pulls if the screw is 8/32 inches. This is the common size for medium-sized cabinets.

Can you use cup pulls on cabinet doors?

Yes, you can use cup pulls on cabinet doors but bar pulls are more recommended for cabinet doors. Cup pulls are more suitable for drawers and not suggested for cabinets. If you still want to get cup pulls then choose the ones with wide space so that your fingers can easily get into them.

Where do you place handles on Shaker cabinets?

You can place handles on the center of top rail or on the center of the dish drawer panel of these shaker cabinets. 

What size pulls for 36-inch cabinets?

For a 36 inches kitchen cabinet, the ideal size of bar pulls is between 6 to 12 inches. For the ones smaller than 36 inch, it’s better to use bar pulls less than 9 inches.

What size cabinet pulls for 42 inch cabinets?

For 42 inch cabinets the ideal size of cabinet pulls should be more than 12 inch. The best size for it ranges from 12 to 16 inches.

What size drawer needs two pulls?

Large drawers with a width of more than 30 inches require two small pulls to get opened. These pulls are attached to both ends of the drawer. Using one large pull instead of two small pulls is also fine.

Are cup pulls still in style?

Cup pulls give a traditional style to cabinets they add look in a modern kitchen. If you are setting up a modern kitchen then go for finger pulls. Cup pulls are mostly used if you are setting up a traditional kitchen.


Should cabinet pulls all be the same size?

No, all cabinet pulls should not be necessarily of the same size. Their sizes can vary according to cabinet size as big cabinets require longer pulls to get open easily. If all the cabinets of your kitchen are of the same size then you can use the same size pulls for all of your cabinets. 

How do you change knobs on cabinet handles?

You can change knobs on cabinet handles by removing the previous one. Then measure the distance between holes, get the screws according to the hole of the handle and of equal size to the previous screws. After doing that, place the new handle carefully.

Standard cabinet handle hole spacing

Cabinet handle hole spacing depends on the length of the handles. Standard spacing between handles should be 2 inch for small pulls and about 5 inch for longer pulls. 

What type of cabinet knobs are in style?

Mushroom cabinet knobs with satin nickel are the most popular knob style and are liked by most of people due to their style, grip, and beauty.

How long should cabinet pull screws be?

The generally used cabinet pull screw size is  8/32. This size can vary and if you find a larger screw than this size, then you can use a washer to place it properly.

What is the standard size for drawer pulls?

The standard size for drawer pulls is 3 to 4 inches. This size can be more for an oversized drawer.

What size are drawer pull screws?

Drawer pull screws are of 8/32 same as other cabinet pulls have.

Can you mix drawer pull sizes?

Yes, you can mix drawer pull sizes according to the size of the drawers but if you use the same size throughout it will look more attractive. We suggest you use the same size except for an oversized drawer.

What is the fake drawer under the sink?

Fake drawers under the sink are just used for an aesthetic look. Fake drawers are not the real closed drawers but are placed to equalize the look of the kitchen.

These drawers are placed at the places where drawers are not appropriate to be. Fake drawers hide the pipes under the sink ang give a clean look to your kitchen.

These drawers are used to store detergents, cleaning tools, and related stuff.

Do you put pulls on fake drawers?

Yes, you should attach pulls on fake drawers to give a fine overall look. It looks aesthetic and consistent.

Where do you put handles on kitchen drawers?

You can place handles on top rails of kitchen drawers. Placing them on the top quarter part is also right.

Do cabinet pulls have to match the faucet?

It is not necessary to match cabinet pulls to the faucet but if you do match them it will give a consistent and decent look.

How do you put handles on kitchen cabinets?

You can put handles on kitchen cabinets by measuring the size of handles then drilling holes in the cabinet and placing the handles correctly with screws.

What is a standard drawer size?

12 to 36 inches is a standard drawer size for a kitchen.

How many knobs are in a drawer?

One knob is enough for a drawer, but if your drawer is oversized then you can use two knobs for it. For an oversized drawer using a long pull is recommended to open it easily with one hand.

Final Thoughts

Pulls and knobs both have their own grace on the cabinets of your kitchen. Picking the right size is essential to give perfection to your cabinets.

These handles not only perform opening tasks but also act as an ornament for cabinets, giving cabinets a fine charming look.