Will Blackstone Griddle Rust?

Blackstone griddles are world-famous for their durable design and premium materials.

This is because high-quality materials are used by the manufacturers for the framework and griddle top.

Most of their griddle models are designed with a seven-gauge steel surface and a stainless steel basting coverage.

A Blackstone griddle naturally corrodes over time due to the action of moisture and heat and turns reddish brown because of all the rust.

This impairs the cooking capacity of a Blackstone griddle and increases the risk of food mixing with harmful particles from corrosion.

Let’s find out what causes rust on your Blackstone griddle and how you can restore it.

Will Blackstone Griddle Rust – Reasons

an image of Blackstone griddle

1. Insufficient seasoning

It is common for people to forget to season their griddle before they use it, or they simply do not realize the importance of seasoning.

Without enough seasoning, food particles will scorch quicker and be hard to peel off.

Moreover, seasoning should be done regularly because it is essential to retain the surface.

2. Grease accumulation

The griddle top is exposed to high temperatures during the cooking process, which results in the hardening of the grease residues.

Furthermore, it leads to the charring of grease, which gets stuck to the cooking surface.

Remember that the charred particles will keep accumulating and damage the surface, which eventually causes flaking.

3. Improper Cleaning and Maintenance

If you are not following the correct cleaning method, it will do more damage than good.

For instance, the liquid dishwasher cannot be used to clean the grease.

The greasy areas must not be washed because soap tends to remove the griddle’s seasoning layer.

Don’t even consider scraping off the sticky food bits with a scraper.

This is because the sharp metal of the scraper can cause scratches on the surface, resulting in rusting.

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How to Prevent Your Blackstone Griddle from Rusting Again?

Here are some measures to protect your Blackstone griddle from rusting.

1. Store your griddle in a dry place

One of the chief reasons the griddle can rust is because you stored it in a humid area.

So, place your griddle in a dry environment and cover it adequately to shield it from humidity.

2. Do the seasoning regularly

For seasoning, the Blackstone griddle, apply oil evenly over it, and heat it for 15 to 30 minutes until it smokes.

Allow your griddle to cool for 10 minutes after that.

Repeat this process until your griddle turns dark brown, and then coat it with additional oil to prevent rusting.

Season the cooktop regularly to create a protective layer to avoid rust again.

3. Keep the griddle covered     

Keeping the Blackstone griddle covered would also help protect it from rusting.

Get a dual-layer canvas covering for your griddle to keep moisture at bay and save it from wear and tear.

How to clean rust from your Blackstone griddle?

The first step is to grab everything you need to remove the rust from your Blackstone griddle.

Items needed for cleaning the rust

  • Microfiber towel
  • Paper towels
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Sandpaper
  • Non-metallic scrubbing brush or pad
  • Pumice grill stone
  • Heat Proof gloves
  • Vegetable oil
  • Vinegar or lemon juice

If you feel that obtaining all these materials could be a hassle, you can buy a Blackstone Griddle Cleaning Kit.

Steps for cleaning the rust

1. Sweep the surface

Make sure to turn off the griddle.

Wear your heat-resistant gloves.

Before removing the rust, sweep the griddle surface clean to expose the rust.

2. Heat the Griddle

Heat the Blackstone griddle to the maximum level and wait thirty minutes for it to get fully hot.

The heat will help dislocate the existing rust that has affected the griddle’s surface.

Afterward, please turn off the heat and let it cool.

The rust will not harden again so quickly, so start clearing it up as soon as possible.

3. Scrape off the rust

Start removing the rust with the non-metallic scrubber while the rust is still loose.

The rust will scale off the griddle.

Repeat this process until the cooking surface feels smooth.

4. Scrub with oil

Coat the surface with a thin film of oil. Adding some lemon juice or vinegar to the oil is also good.

Now scrub the griddle with sandpaper or a grill stone.

The scrubbing motion should be circular and gentle, so you don’t leave out any place untreated and don’t scratch the griddle’s metal.

You must keep on scrubbing until the griddle becomes bright and smooth.

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Techniques for Removing Old Rust from the Blackstone Griddle

an image of removing rust from griddle

If you clean it with citric acid or other washing liquids, old rust doesn’t come off.

It would be best to use special techniques to remove the hardened rust.

1. Grinding

Remove the heaviest buildup of rust using an angle grinder.

After grinding away the rust, use a dishwashing solution and a paper towel to clean up the griddle.

2. Sanding

Sanding is less powerful than grinding, and you should use a sander for treating rust when the surface you are cleaning is flat.

To remove rust fast, cheaply, and quickly, use an orbital sander with hook and loop sanding discs.

Note: After using the above techniques, the griddle should be cleaned with a paper towel and seasoned using a layer of oil to be ready to use.

Will Blackstone Griddle Rust – FAQs

1. How frequently should you clean your Blackstone Griddle?

Clean your griddle after every use.

Make sure to clean all the tough grease before it cools and hardens.

2. Is vinegar effective as a rust-removing agent?

White vinegar is an effective anti-rust agent.

The rust gets dissolved by reacting with the vinegar.

3. How can you use baking soda to remove Blackstone griddle rust?

Make a solution with one-part baking soda and two-part water.

Allow the rusty spots to soak this solution for about 10 minutes before cleaning it.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping your Blackstone griddle well-maintained could last for as long as 15 to 20 years.

You can follow the cleaning procedures outlined above to keep your food free from harmful rust particles and enhance your Blackstone griddle’s lifespan.