What Is An Average Cost of Kitchen Backsplash?

Several factors determine the average cost of kitchen backsplash, ranging from tile material to installation and transport costs. Before going into depth, first, we understand what the backsplash is and how it works. 

The backsplash is the area behind the countertop that not only gives an exquisite and fresh look to the kitchen but protects the wall from the water and food splashes.

Several materials are available to create backsplashes, like quartz, stone, ceramics, and many more. 

Besides that, the backsplash is also available in fabulous designs and colors that make your kitchen more decorative.

The installation cost of the backsplash is around $1000 on an average basis.

The typical price per square foot falls between $30-$75. The average labor cost accounts for $50. 

The overall cost of the backsplash depends upon the design, color, and nature of the material to be installed.

Do you need a backsplash in the kitchen?

kitchen backsplash

Splitter of grease and water from the cooking damage the vertical surface behind the countertop. The stained wall badly distorted the natural beauty of the kitchen as well. 

This problem is quite common due to the presence of a sink and stove in the front of the wall.

That is why you need a backsplash in your kitchen that acts as a preventive surface against those elements that damage the wall. 

The backsplash must be made of highly durable material that is easy to clean.

The presence of a backsplash also helps you to avoid dripping that occurs between the wall and cabinet below the countertop. It would help if you sealed the area effectively.

Otherwise, it will damage the wall and will be stinky as well. 

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Is backsplash expensive?

In most cases, the backsplash tiles are a bit expensive due to their material and the labor cost. The ceramic, brick or tin tiles are cost-effective, while the high-end tiles like glass or marbles will cost you a high price. 

The tiles are available in 4 different categories ranging from V1-V4. The V1 is a bit simple and looks alike, while theV3 and V4 exhibit a vast diversity with a stunning look and are more expansive. 

The tiles made up of stones are also determining high cost due to the involvement of extensive labor.

Curving stone into a tile is more tedious than manufacturing ceramic tiles. 

Polishing and glazing are other factors that significantly affect the overall price of the backsplash tiles.

The most expensive tiles are of glass and marble origin. 

The per square foot price is around $32. You need a high budget to install such a magnificent tile backsplash.

How much value does a kitchen backsplash add?

In many different ways, backsplash adds value to your kitchen. It raises the kitchen’s aesthetics to the next level and divulges completeness. 

Apart from its protection from the wall, it gives a fresh look to the kitchen and assists you in cleaning up conveniently.

Many backsplashes made up of different materials and designs are available. 

In context to material, it is better to use the glass as it has high durability, easy cleaning, and stress-free installation.

The eye-catching finishes, pattern, and color of the glass will make a perfect kitchen backsplash. 

Moreover, the metal or glass tiles are laminate, making the kitchen more appealing. 

Apart from the kitchen, you can use a backsplash in the bathroom as it is directly associated with the increasing value of your home.

The right backsplash choice will have a lost longing impact and can make an actual difference.

Factors affecting the cost of Kitchen backsplash

Several factors determine the overall cost of the kitchen backsplash. Let’s take a look;

  1. The cost of tiles per square foot is directly linked with the material of which the tile is comprised. Take the example of ceramic tiles, which are less costly than tiles made of glass, marble, or carved stones.
  2. The convolution of tile material like the angle, pattern, and shapes can also withhold or increase the installation cost.
  3. The finishing touches while the remodeling of the kitchen may majorly affect the cost of the backsplash.
  4. The installation cost of the backsplash will increase with the hiring of a contractor, or you can save money by making your efforts.
  5. The transport of the material from the vendors is also one of the factors that affect the overall cost.

Other factors including are the repainting of the area around the newly installed backsplash, modification of the countertop for the adjustment of backsplash, and moving of cabinet lights and other electronic outlets.

These are some hidden costs that may arise during the backsplash installation.

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Per square foot cost of different materials 

Various materials are used to install backsplash, ranging from traditional to modern. The details of the material cost and labor cost of the backsplash are given below:

Cost to install subway tile backsplash

The average cost to set up a subway tile backsplash is about $7-$13 per square foot, while the labor cost is $4 per square foot. The overall price depends upon the contractor and the condition of replacing the existing backsplash or installing a new one.

Cost to install mosaic backsplash

The average per square foot cost of installing a mosaic backsplash is almost $3. It provides a beautiful look to the kitchen due to its light-reflecting feature. 

The cost of machine-made mosaic tiles is $5-$50 per square foot, while that of handmade falls between $30-$75. The labor cost of a mosaic backsplash is about $10-$15 per square foot. 

Cost to install stone backsplash

The backsplash of stone like granite will cost you around $7 to $10 per square foot. The labor cost is about $30 on an average basis. These tiles are more robust and more reliable than ceramic tiles. 

Cost to install marble backsplash

The high-quality marble will cost you about $7 to $10 per square foot, while the expected labor cost is about $10-$15 per square foot.

Cost to install porcelain backsplash

Porcelain backsplash is relatively cheap compared to the other tiles, and it will cost you around $3-$5 during installation. The labor cost involves about $25 per square foot.

Cost to install glass backsplash

The glass installation cost is about $32 per square foot, whereas the glass will cost you about $7 to $30. It requires a high budget as it is expensive.

Cost to install quartz backsplash

The average cost of quartz backsplash is about $90. It is more expensive than the traditional backsplashes. It requires little or no maintenance at all. 

The installation cost ranges from $10-$100 depending upon the extent of work.

Kitchen Backsplash Removal Cost

kitchen backsplash

Overall, $300-$600 will cost you if you are willing to remove the existing kitchen backsplash. The average price range is about $3-$6 per square foot. 

In the case of debris disposal, you have to pay the extra money, which will cost you about $100 to $150. For removing the backsplash, you have to pay the contractor per hour, and if you do it by yourself, it will help minimize the labor cost. 

Cost to Replace a Backsplash

The replacement of the existing backsplash will typically cost you almost $1500. In case of using superior quality material, it can cost you $2500. 

For the conventional type, you have to pay around $900. The overall cost of replacing the backsplash is hooked mainly on the material type, patterns, and installation process. 

If you do the installation yourself, you can save enough money for yourself instead of paying the contractor.

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What is the easiest backsplash to install?

Compared to the conventional tiles, the peel and stick tiles are low cost and easy to install. The tiles with the adhesive features will allow you to stick them directly to the wall without grout. 

The tiles are available in various colors and patterns to choose from. Besides that, the square-shaped tiles are also easy to install as they are stress-free to cut and align altogether.

The average cost of kitchen backsplash –FAQs

How do you measure for a backsplash?

First of all, you need a pencil, measuring tape, a notepad, and a calculator. Initially collect the data using the measuring tape and note it down into the notepad. 

Then multiply the height by weight to find the area. Then divide the whole calculated area by 144 to calculate the square foot. 

For example, if the measured height is 10 inches and the width is 36 inches:

10 × 36 = 360

360/144 = 2.5 square foot

Remember that you need to order about 10%-20% more to avoid any loss while cutting during installation. 

How much square foot is an average kitchen backsplash?

Typically, the backsplash covers almost 30 square feet of area. Using ceramic tiles, you will pay around $700, whereas the granite will charge you about $7000 for an exotic stone. 

The average cost of installing a backsplash in 30 square feet will fall between $900-$2500.

Is subway tile The cheapest?

The subway tiles are classic and quite the cheapest compared to the other tiles. These economical tiles will cost you around $3 per square foot. 

Can you replace the backsplash without replacing countertops?

Yes, you can easily replace the backsplash without damaging or replacing the countertop. While changing the backsplash, cover the countertop, pry the tiles of the backsplash, and install a new one. 

This idea will facilitate you in carefully replacing the backsplash without damaging the countertop and even replacing it.

Is quartz cheaper than granite?

Granite is relatively more expensive than quartz. The granite per square foot cost ranges from $60-$250, whereas the quartz will charge you $70-$100 per square foot. 

Sometimes the manufacturing treatment keeps the quartz is more expensive than granite varying from 20 to 40%.

Is quartz backsplash cheaper than tile?

The answer is yes because quartz is less costly as compared to buying tiles. In the case of quartz, there are no installation charges, whereas tiles will charge you for grouting and fixing. 

The installation of tiles will take many days to complete.

Can a backsplash be done in one day?

The backsplash installation takes 1 to 4 days, depending on the material.

The installation of backsplash adhesive tiles can be installed in a single day, while installing other tiles like ceramic, glass, and stone may take several days from grouting to fitting.

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The Bottom Line

The setting up of the backsplash not only gives a beautiful look to the kitchen but can also protect the wall from damage. 

There is considerable diversity in form and pattern of backsplashes to choose from. The installation cost also ranges from a few to thousand dollars. 

Before buying a backsplash, measuring the area to fit it effectively is better. Remember the durability and available budget; otherwise, you will pay more for replacing it.