Which Is The Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo?

Multifunctional machines are some of the best aids you can have in your kitchen, and owning a microwave-toaster oven combo is the cherry on top.

These multifunctional devices are a must-have for large families who love eating pizza, cookies, bagels, chicken, and other delicious dishes.

The 2-in-1 Microwave Oven Toaster by Hamilton Beach is our pick for the number one toaster oven combo available in the market.

It can toast 40% faster than other toaster ovens and cooks everything from 9-inch pizzas to crispy brown toasts, which makes it a great multipurpose machine.

If you want to make a practical investment.

We have prepared a list of the 10 best microwave toaster ovens to help you choose your valuable kitchen aid.

We have also provided general details about microwave toaster ovens and their essential features.

So let’s read on.

A little about Microwave Toaster Oven Combos

an image of microwave toaster oven

A microwave-toaster oven combo is a product that lets you heat food items fast and cook foods both at the same time.

Hence, it makes cooking a lot easier and more efficient.

For the same reason, a microwave-toaster oven combo might also be considered a necessary product for a household kitchen.

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What to look for in a Microwave Toaster Oven Combo?

If you are considering selecting the perfect microwave-toaster oven combo, here are a few aspects to consider to ensure that you make the right choice.

1. Wattage

The whole purpose of buying a microwave-toaster oven combo is that it perfectly heats your food quickly.

So please look for a product with a minimum wattage of 950 watts.

2. Design

When you are going to make an addition to your kitchen, that will affect the look of the place.

Then you should go with a design that matches your kitchen’s vibe.

3. Size

Keep in mind your kitchen space.

You must make sure you pick the unit that perfectly fits your kitchen.

For example, if you have a small kitchen and want to keep your countertop free and clear.

You should choose a toaster oven size that can be housed in an open cabinet.

4. Capacity

The ideal internal capacity of your microwave-toaster oven combo should be at least one cubic foot.

Although it depends on your needs and requirements, you should buy a product you can make the most of.

5. Quality

Quality must not be ignored, as a good product gives incredible results and lasts longer.

Before buying a microwave-toaster oven combo, you should check the customer reviews

and ratings to be sure that you are purchasing the right one.

Top 10 Microwave Toaster Oven Combos

an image of best microwave toaster oven combo

1. 2-in-1 Microwave Oven Toaster by Hamilton Beach

As we mentioned earlier, the best thing about this microwave toaster oven is that it can toast 40% faster.

It is a great 2-in-1 purchase that will not take up much space on your kitchen countertop.

With its unique functionality, you can cook, toast, broil, and bake delicious dishes.

With this model, you get a large interior with two rack positions, making warm crispy toasts within seconds.

You don’t want to set a timer on your phone as it is a 60-minute timer.

The timer goes off when the cooking is done, and the oven switches off automatically.

So, no need to worry about burning or overcooking your food.

2. Toaster and Microwave Combo by Cosori

The Cosori oven toaster and microwave combo have 12 pre-settings as follows:

  • Pizza
  • Roast
  • Bagel
  • Air fry
  • Ferment
  • Broil
  • Rotisserie
  • Cookies
  • Bake
  • Keep warm.
  • Dehydrate

It also has a huge capacity, which means you can bake a 13-inch pizza, toast six slices of bread, cook a giant chicken, and do much more. 

It boasts a user-friendly, intuitive design with dial controls, an LED screen, and an oven light.

Its accessories include a recipe book, crumb tray, fry basket, wire rack, and a rotisserie fork set.

One of the best qualities is that while it is compact, it is installed with many helpful presets, which makes it a great value addition to your busy kitchen.

3. 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven by Breville

Breville’s oven is smart as it ensures the suitable timer and the right power is adjusted to maintain taste and flavor.

It runs at 1800 watts with 5 quartz heating elements.

The oven has nine presets for bagels, cookies, pizza, toast, broil, bake, warm, and reheat.

You can toast as many as 6 slices of bread in one go and bake a 13-inch pizza.

It features a bright LCD screen that changes color from blue to orange as the cooking starts.

The oven has slow-cooked settings for making succulent chicken and other meats.

It also has a convection heating system, which means that the hot air circulation will speed up the cooking process. 

4. FlashXpress Compact Toaster Oven by Panasonic

Panasonic’s oven comes with double infrared heating and high-end quartz elements that toast, bake, defrost and reheat everything perfectly.

It comes with precise heat control for baking and preparing different recipes.

Its smart temperature control sensor makes sure that each recipe is cooked at the right temperature without the risk of burning the ingredients.

The FlashXpress toaster oven includes a square-shaped inner tray that can fit a 9-inch pizza or 4 slices of bread.

This oven is highly versatile and can cook and bake any fancy recipe.

In short, a great multifunctional utility for your kitchen.

5. French Convection Toaster Oven by Oster

With its unique and elegant design,

The Oster French stands out for making cooking comfortable for everyone.

It has a double door that opens with a single pull, so putting your meals inside is easy.

It has different settings for toasting, baking, warming, and more at the press of a button.

The best thing about this oven is its huge capacity to cook two 16-inch pizzas, toast 14 slices of bread, or roast a large chicken for the whole family.

You will find different commands on the control panel for dehydrating, defrosting, adjusting temperature, etc.

The oven also provides a slow cooking option where you can cook food at a preset temperature of 150 degrees °F for up to 6 hours.

6. Convection Toaster Oven by Nostalgia

The name ‘Nostalgia’ fits with this toaster oven’s retro look and feel that many people love today.

This oven has 0.7 Cu. Ft. of capacity means that you can toast 12 slices of bread or bake two 12-inch pizzas at once.

You can also make delicious cookies, casseroles, stews, and other items.

It has a light indicator that lets you know if the machine is on.

It also has four heating options: upper and lower, upper, lower, and off, along with adjustable temperature that ranges from 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Nostalgia model is great for big families who need more space to cook large quantities of food.

7. TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven by Cuisinart

This is an 1800-watt toaster oven with seven distinct functions: toast, bake, air fry, broil, convection broil, and warm.

It also has a non-stick 0.6 cubic foot interior and an oven light for excellent visibility.

It can bake a 12-inch pizza, toast 6 slices of bread, roast a 4-pound chicken, and air fry 3 lbs. of chicken wings.

The oven has an adjustable temperature control with a 60-minute timer and auto-shutoff.

Its accessories include a baking pan, an oven rack, and an air-fryer rack.

Overall, it’s a smart microwave toaster oven having a reasonable price.

8. 4-Slice Toaster Oven by BLACK+DECKER

This model has a compact design with convection heating technology that allows you to cook faster while maintaining flavor.

For toasting, it can handle 4 slices of bread or a 9-inch pizza.

It also features a 30-minute timer with a stay-on function to bake foods for a longer time if needed.

You also get a rack and a pan with this model.

The oven was designed keeping thermodynamics in mind to achieve efficient airflow throughout.

It cooks food using 4 settings: bake, toast, broil, and keep warm.

9. Air Fryer Toaster Oven by Instant Pot

It is a smart oven that lets you pick the preset you want, and the oven will estimate the weight against the time it will need to cook.

You can bake, roast, broil, dehydrate, and air fry different foods and serve them in no time.

If you love cooking chicken, try the air fry option, which reduces oil consumption while cooking it perfectly inside and out.

The toaster oven comes with many accessories, such as:

  • An air fry basket
  • A cooking pan
  • An oven rack
  • Rotisserie spits
  • Forks

10. Digital Convection Toaster Oven by Cuisinart

Air frying is one of the healthiest ways to cook foods and one of the many good options that you will find in this toaster oven.

Having an 1800-watt motor, heater, and fan, the hot airflow will do its job perfectly without making extra noise.

It also includes a wide range of options, such as roast, toast, pizza, bake, broil, bagel, dual cook, warm, and reheat, under its list of toaster oven functions.

A slow-cook function is also available, including dehydration and proofing.

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Some benefits of using a Microwave Toaster Oven Combo

an image of microwave oven combo

1. It saves space

You can save a lot of counter space by owning a microwave-toaster oven combo.

They are compact and have so many functions in one that you do not require various appliances to keep in your kitchen.

2. Cooking made easy

You can multitask efficiently while cooking with this microwave-toaster oven combo, as you can cook, roast, toast, or bake and perform many other tasks using one appliance only.

3. Light on your budget

Apart from saving kitchen space, you can also save money as the microwave-toaster oven combo is not too expensive and is cost-efficient.

Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combo – FAQs

1. How does a microwave-toaster oven combo work?

A regular microwave oven heats food using radiation, while a toaster uses convection to cook the food.

A microwave-toaster oven combo combines the two techniques and heats your food quickly, evenly, and more efficiently.

2. Is a convection microwave the same as a toaster oven?

Yes, a convection microwave is similar to a toaster oven as it can perform the same job as a toaster oven, albeit not so well.

3. When should you not use a convection oven?

In a convection oven, a fan circulates hot air inside, so moist foods prone to splattering or shifting (like quick bread, cake batter, and other baked goods) can get dry or unevenly baked.

4. How do you keep the bread from getting soggy in the microwave?

On a microwave-safe plate, put a double layer of paper towel before placing your bread.

Then loosely cover the top of the bread with another layer of paper towel.

5. Why do you put a cup of water in the microwave with pizza?

The cup of water makes the pizza base crispy while allowing the cheese to melt.

6. Do you need to preheat a toaster oven?     

Preheating a toaster oven is not a must, but it’s highly recommended.

This is because it allows the oven time to attain a ready temperature for fast cooking when the food is placed inside.

7. How long do toaster ovens last?

The average lifespan of a toaster oven is about five years.

Regular cleaning can help prevent food build-up, improve performance and increase life expectancy.

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The Bottom Line

After reviewing all of the top ten microwave toaster oven combos and laying all the necessary information about them before you.

We feel that the 2-in-1 Microwave Oven by Hamilton Beach is the clear winner here, being so rich in features.

From saving space to saving cash, it is a complete package!