What Are The Most Popular Granite Countertop Edges For Your Kitchen

Granite countertop edges are available in several beautiful shapes and styles.

Stone edges are fully customizable design elements, and you can choose every detail in the edges before the countertops’ fabrication.

A common trend in house decor is staying simple regarding how your furniture and fixtures look.

The same is true for the installation of kitchen countertops and the choice of edges.

Some edges are more popular than the rest because people generally opt for minimalist patterns over intricate ones.

The square edge is one of the most popular and minimalist edge designs of all time.

There are several varieties comprising curved edges or sharp angles, so choosing the edge style that matches your decor can be demanding.

As such, we are here to help you pick the countertop edge that will uplift the ambiance of your kitchen.

Before we begin, let’s first talk about the importance of countertop edges.

Why are countertop edges important?

an image of the most popular granite countertop edges

To simplify it, granite countertop edges add the finishing touch to any countertop.

It creates that important final accent that can enhance the colors and finer details of your finished countertop.

The edges serve a practical purpose too. They make your food prep work safer and more comfortable.

If the edges are rough or sharp, they may cause pain or even injury.

That’s why edges are smoothed to make them more comfortable to work around.

Moreover, some granite edges make it difficult for spills to drip directly onto the floor.

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Most Popular Edge Types

1. Square Edge

Square edges suit all styles of countertops, especially more current designs.

Square edges are not so expensive and very easy to clean.

Their sides and corners are very slightly smoothed to save you from injuries and prevent chipping.

The problem with these edges is that they are less likely to survive collisions, and they are not ideal if you have young kids who may run into them and get hurt.

Also, some people think this design is too minimalist, but minimalism has been around for decades and doesn’t seem to be fading away.


  • Suits nearly all styles of kitchens (traditional, modern, etc.)
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Easy to wipe food crumbs off the edge
  • It also looks great with other stone options (such as quartz)


  • Less likely to withstand damage
  • Too minimalist for some people
  • Not recommended if you have children

2. Full Bullnose Edge

One of the coolest designs you will see for countertops is the full bullnose edge style.

It makes a smooth curve around, which prevents accidents if you have children.

This edge is not very easy to clean, though.

If you wipe crumbs off this edge, they would usually slide below the kitchen countertop due to the rounded edge.

Nonetheless, the full bullnose style for countertops remains famous worldwide, owing to its utility and family safety.

It is one of the most popular options, especially for granite countertops.

This countertop edge has many pros and cons, but it will not go away soon.


  • Full bullnose edges are very safe if you have young children.
  • Suitable for contemporary and modern stone varieties
  • Prevents damage to your kitchen countertops
  • Works well with quartz, Dupont, granite, natural stone & more


  • Liquids easily spill over the edge and onto your cabinets
  • It is not easy to wipe crumbs off your countertop as they drop underneath the curved surface of the edges

3. Half Bullnose Edge

A half bullnose edge (or demi bullnose edge) is a gently rounded profile that slopes down to turn into a vertical line.

This means that the countertop’s surface is easy to clean as things like water spills will not spread all over the place.

The main disadvantage is that they are not quite as child-safe as a full bullnose edge.

While a demi bullnose edge is not exactly the most lavish design in the world, simplicity is the key here.

This is the perfect option if you want to keep your countertop clean and simplify your kitchen chores.

However, this edge will drag the overall appearance down if you prefer luxury and class.


  • Pretty easy to wipe up and clean
  • Relatively low-priced and modern kitchen countertop design
  • Easier to prevent liquid spills from spreading
  • A simple edge that is good for various stone types


  • Not as child-safe as full bullnose edge
  • Not very classy

4. Ogee Edge

This edge style has an S-shaped cross section associated with luxury and opulence.

You may have noticed an ogee edge if you have visited a high-class casino or stayed in a fancy hotel.

Ogee edges are generally child-safe, though they are a pain to clean and can seem a little overstated if you use them all around the kitchen.

You can also choose the double ogee edge, a classic, timeless edge profile.

Many ogee edges can look luxurious, particularly if chiseled into granite or something similar.

Done right, these edges will highly enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

Done wrong, they can look vulgar and over the top.


  • Unique edge design
  • Opulent traditional style having a lavish feel
  • No sharp corners, generally safe for children
  • Ideal for granite or quartz countertop material


  • Using too much if this style can look exaggerated
  • Limited use – best for kitchen islands only
  • little awkward to clean

5. Beveled Edge

A beveled edge is one of the classiest countertop edge styles that can look either modern or traditional depending on the stone type (natural, artificial, etc.) they are cut into.

With a smart twist on the squared edge, a beveled edge is a great all-rounder style.

This edge profile will add a modern touch to your kitchen decor when done on quartz countertops.

These edges also make cleaning easy, as spilled liquids tend to fall straight onto the floor instead of making it to your kitchen cabinets.


  • This edge style can give both modern or classic appearances
  • Liquids spill directly to the floor, so the cabinets don’t get soiled
  • Simple design to wipe and clean
  • Great with granite and quartz countertop options


  • Not the most luxurious style in the world
  • Children can get easily injured if they bump into these countertop edges.

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Some other exotic edge types

an image of granite countertop edge

1. Mitered edge

A mitered edge produces the effect of a thick tabletop.

This is achieved without the cost of a solid slab.

It complements both modern and classic kitchen themes.

2. Quarter-Round Edge

This countertop style, like the half bullnose, has a rounded bevel on top of the surface, but it is somewhat slighter with a pencil diameter.

This profile will make your countertop a bit thicker, making it appropriate for modern and classic designs.

3. Pencil Edge

The name ‘pencil’ refers to the finish of the curved edge’s radius, which resembles a pencil’s roundness.

They tend to have a linear design but no sharp edges or corners, so you don’t need to worry about children getting hurt if they run into them.

4. Waterfall Edge

Waterfall edge is a contemporary style with a countertop turning around the top toward the floor like a waterfall, as the name suggests.

This makes the countertop extend downwards, with the slab spreading out from the countertop along the side, in the direction of the floor, for a flowing look.

5. Crescent Edge

It has a curving shape similar to that of a classic Bullnose edge, though with a sharper appearance.

Its simplicity is appealing and fits nicely with more modern design schemes.

Most Popular Granite Countertop Edges – FAQs

1. Can you cut granite countertops after they are installed?

Granite countertops are relatively expensive.

If you want to remake your existing granite countertop design, you can cut out the edges you want to alter.

Kitchen countertops can be reused and should only be replaced when there is no other option.

2. What edge is best for quartz countertops?

an image of countertop edges

The full bullnose is the most common edge style for quartz countertops and is undoubtedly a popular choice for homeowners.

3. What countertop edge looks good with shaker cabinets?

Eased edge is a common choice for shaker cabinets as its profile fits best with them.

It is simple, clean, and modern-looking and has a crisp, square look but isn’t sharp.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the specific granite countertop edge you pick will significantly impact the final cost of your countertops.

Of course, you can custom-tailor your design, but each change you make will affect the following:

  • Function
  • Durability
  • Appearance
  • Feel
  • The overall cost of the finished product.

When choosing your edge type, consider whether your countertops require additional strength and durability.

You may prefer the edges that are easiest to clean or the safest.

But whatever you choose, you can be sure to make an impressive style statement with an elegant countertop edge.