Galley Kitchen Remodel Cost 

Most homeowners are unsure about the galley kitchen remodel cost.

A galley kitchen design configuration includes a 3-5 feet walkway or corridor between two parallel cabinetry walls. 

The average remodeling cost of a galley kitchen varies from $17k to $21k

Why are galley kitchens the best?

an image of galley kitchen remodel

There are many reasons why homeowners lust over galley kitchens.

Some main reasons are described below:

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You can hide the mess easily.

If you’re lazy with cleaning up the kitchen, a galley kitchen can partially hide the dirty dishes in the confines. 

The smells don’t spread.

Galley kitchens are entirely separate from living and dining rooms.

This means that the stink – even in a cramped residence – will not spread if you do some wrong cooking.

There’s tons of cabinet space.

Homeowners can enjoy three times the space from the spacious cabinet walls due to the hallway-like configuration.

This guarantees that galley kitchens capitalize on the storage potential.

You will never hear that a separate galley kitchen isn’t equipped with immense space.

The arrangement makes you feel like a culinary expert.

Narrow kitchens can make anyone feel like a Top Chef.

During cooking, there will be countertops on both sides of you.

Most galley kitchens employ the kitchen triangle – a triangular path between the oven, sink, and refrigerator.

This is the epitome of efficiency. 

Factors affecting Galley Kitchen Remodel Cost 

What factors influence the final receipt for the galley kitchen remodeling cost?

This is critical to know before you finalize your decision.

Below are the primary factors to help you understand whether you can afford this remodeling or not.

Shape and size

As most materials are sold and priced by the square foot, like wallpaper, a bigger galley will usually cost more to remodel.

Shape and size go hand-in-hand in this aspect as some galleys include a single row, some offer a double row, and some are U-shaped or L-shaped.

Plenty of configurations are possible, and each affects the overall price.

The more complicated the layout, the higher the price will be.

Two parallel countertop rows with the least distance of 3 feet of space in between are the most common configuration.

The average dimensions of this layout will be 12’6″ × 8’8″ for a total of 108 square feet.

Construction materials

The second factor is the quality of construction materials.

For example, marble costs $60 per square foot.

This is double the price of less upscale laminate countertops, which costs $30 per square foot. 

The same principle applies to galley elements – from countertops, flooring, cabinets, and more.

You are responsible for finding the costs of all construction materials, then deciding on the materials within your budget. 


Labor is a significant factor that determines the cost.

Hardly any homeowner boasts impressive construction abilities.

This is why people hire contractors for all home improvement projects, including this one.

It also ensures confidence and finesse.

However, some homeowners are bold enough to perform most of the labor themselves.

For instance, installing the tile floors.

This can massively reduce the financial burden.

If you do most of the job, very little work will be left to the professionals. 

However, practice care if you’re a newbie to construction and installation.

Although self-installation can slash the final cost, a poor job that demands revision will only waste materials and time.

In the long run, this will cost you more than hiring a professional.


Finally, the huge expenditure on the galley kitchen remodeling gets affected by the kitchen appliances that have been installed.

All kitchens require specific basic appliances, but others are optional based on your lifestyle.

The list of appliances will affect the overall cost. Some essential kitchen appliances are:

  • Microwaves
  • Toaster oven
  • Coffee maker
  • Stoves
  • Washing machine

Consider the available space you have when outfitting your kitchen with appliances.

No homeowner wants their kitchen to become cramped or messy, which harms the visual appeal and becomes challenging to work.

So, only stick with the appliances you will use.

Galley Kitchen Remodeling Services 

If you have decided to remodel your galley kitchen or have one from scratch, the following are the top-rated galley kitchen remodeling services operating in the USA:

  1. USA Services LLC
  2. Remodel USA Inc.
  3. USA Kitchen Expo | Kitchen Remodeling & Bath Remodeling
  4. CORE Remodeling Services Inc.
  5. Star Home Remodeling

All of these boast excellent experience in the kitchen remodeling industry.

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Galley Kitchen Remodel Cost – FAQs

Can you put an island in a galley kitchen?

For homeowners who want a kitchen island in your galley kitchen, it’s possible to do so without any construction.

Just invest in a portable kitchen island.

You can purchase a small island that can fit inside your galley kitchen. 

Where should a refrigerator go in a galley kitchen?

For a usual galley kitchen configuration, it’s recommended to place the refrigerator at one end.

The cooktop and sink are on opposite walls, and wall ovens and a pantry on the other side. 

If the galley kitchen is wide, the cooktop can be located directly across from the sink. 

How much space should be between counters in a galley kitchen?

The width of a galley kitchen should vary from 7 to 12 feet, with at least 3 feet between the opposing countertops.

Three feet of clearance is ideal for a single-occupancy kitchen.

The space should be increased if more people are using the kitchen.

How do you make a galley kitchen feel wider?

Almost all galley kitchens are narrow, so homeowners are confused about how to make the space look bigger.

This can be achieved by:

Consider open shelves

Bulky cabinets can make the kitchen feel cramped. But accept the cabinets.

Just install open shelves that lower visual weight.

These should be ideally located on top of the cooking area and should pack all the essentials. 

Open shelves can make an interior statement, too, by displaying dishes or favorite artwork.

To boost storage, the upper cabinets can be replaced with new shelves.

Alternatively, remove the cupboard doors and work with the existing shelves. 

Pattern or painted walls

Painting the cabinets the same shade as the walls will dispel visual boundaries.

But if you want differentiation, select a pastel color.

The pale color will reflect light and achieve your purpose.

The walls can be painted charcoal or navy to have the same illusion. 

If you want no colors, add patterns through wallpapers. 

Add lights

Appropriate lights will make a significant difference.

If you have heavy curtains, replace them with blinds or light materials. 

Alternatively, you can consider a new ceiling light or under-cabinet lights.

Tons of options are available, even at hardware stores.

Battery-powered lights are also sold, which makes things more convenient. 

Lastly, utilize white lights more, creating an illusion of a bigger room.

What is a gallery-style kitchen?

This is a narrow, long kitchen with countertops and other services positioned on one or both sides of a central walkway.

It’s also called a corridor kitchen.

What do you call a kitchen on one wall?

One-wall kitchens are built into a single linear wall.

These are efficient apartments and small residences to save construction expenses and floor space.

Everything, including cabinets and appliances, are on one wall.

Where do you put a dishwasher in a galley kitchen?

It’s suggested to place the dishwasher next to the sink.

How do you attach a pantry to a galley kitchen?

Utilize dividers, bamboo organizers, and bins for organizing cabinets and drawers.

The extra space in the upper cabinets can be used for the pantry. 

How wide should aisles be in a galley kitchen?

To reduce issues with congestion, the aisles should have a minimum width of 4 to 6 feet, with the range on one wall and refrigerator and sink on the opposite one. 

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The Bottom Line

We hope you’re now familiar with galley kitchens – dimensions, usage, and, most importantly, cost of remodeling.