What Size Rug Under The Kitchen Table?

One of the simplest techniques for boosting the aesthetic of your dining room is putting a rug underneath.

But sadly, most homeowners are unaware of how to select the right rug size. 

Learning the correct size allows the homeowners to invest in an ideal product.

Therefore, this helpful guide will discuss everything relevant to this matter to push you on the right track. 

Usually, the rug for the dining room is supposed to be bigger than the dining table by 24-30 inches on all sides. 

Tips for Choosing Your Dining Room Rug.

an image of rug under the kitchen table 

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Match the rug to the room’s shape

Depending on the shape of the dining room, the rug should reflect the same shape.

If the room is square, buy a round or square rug. 

Likewise, purchase the same shape for the rug if the room is rectangular.

This will lead to a relaxing feeling of order in the room.

Pick a short pile rug or a flat weave.

As the convenience of pulling back a chair is important, and spills can’t be avoided, low-pile or flatweave rugs are a great idea.

Moroccan carpets, shag rugs, and other thick rugs can opt for the living room. 

Select easy-to-clean materials.

Usually, natural fibers, such as wool and cotton, are the easiest to clean, wash, vacuum, and maintain.

On the other hand, synthetic fibers are the most difficult. 

So, pick a rug that can tolerate scrubbing and is resistant to stains. 

Avoid light shades.

It’s best to avoid neutral and white rugs in the dining room.

The reason is that these show spots and dirt way sooner.

On the other hand, rugs featuring a dark shade can easily camouflage stains and last for a long time. 

Soak in the whole room.

Take into account all the elements of the dining room and beyond it ;

  • Floor material
  • Wall hues
  • Dining room furniture
  • Window treatment

Afterward, invest in a rug that compliments and strengthens all these details. 

Best size rug for under dining table 

Deciding the best rug size isn’t rocket science or guesswork.

Generally, the rug should be bigger than the space occupied by the table and chairs during usage.

While choosing the correct size for the dining room rug, measure the dining table as best as possible.

The table’s width and length are essential parameters for revealing the right rug size. 

So, if the table is 4×6 feet and the chairs are 2 feet when occupied, a decent rug size is 8×12 feet.

The rug is supposed to be directly underneath the dining table and be in the room’s focal point to make the space look balanced. 

The chairs should be settled on the rug, with sufficient space for pulling them out, and still be positioned on the rug. 

How to measure for rug under kitchen table 

Choosing the right rug size for the dining room is critical as you only need to cover the floor under the table and chairs and the nearby surroundings.

If the rug is huge, it will look like something is being hidden on the floor.

And if the rug is too small, the visitors will get the impression that the homeowner is hiding a noticeable imperfection, such as a cracked tile or a stain. 

After deciding the rug size, mark the area in the room to see how it appears before placing the rug. 

Rug size for 2-seater dining table 

A dining table with only two chairs demands a 4’×6′ rug.

But if the table is bigger, so should the rug. 

What size rug for a table that seats 4

A table for 4 people features the dimensions of 3’×3′ (for a square table) or 3′ (for a round table).

It goes well with an 8’×8′ square rug or an 8′ round rug.

The dining table can float in the middle of a standard 6’×9′, 5’×7′, or an 8’×10′ rug. 


If you’re employing a bigger rug, the table can be located on one side, and a console table or buffet can be placed on the other. 

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What size rug for a table that seats 6

A table for 6 people has at least 5’×3′ dimensions and fits ideally on an 8’×10′ rug.

This offers 30 inches of space on four sides for the chairs to move easily. 


Rug size for dining table for 8

A massive table for 8 people measures 4’×6′ or 3’×6′ and fits the best on an 8’×10′ or 9’×12′ rug.

This leaves a minimum of 24 inches on four sides for the chairs to move freely while staying on the rug. 


What rug size for round dining table 

If the table is round, its diameter is vital. For a circular table, a round rug is more suitable for framing the table.

The rug size is supposed to be a minimum of 3 feet bigger than the diameter of the table. 

For instance, if a homeowner has a table 6 feet in diameter, it’s wise to purchase a rug featuring 9 or 10 feet in diameter. 


Rug size for rectangular dining table 

Most rectangular tables have a length of 4 to 5 feet and 36 to 40 inches.

Dining tables that accommodate 8-seaters display a minimum of 6.5 feet in length.

So, it’s wise to pick a rug several feet longer and thicker than the table’s measurements. 

For instance, if the table is 70 inches long and 40 inches wide, the smallest rug you can buy should be 8.8 feet long and 6.3 feet wide. 


Can you have a small rug under the dining table?

Irrespective of the table dimensions, some homeowners don’t feel a large rug, even if the table is big.

If the table is medium and there aren’t many people in the house, it’s possible to place a small rug. 

Ensure to accentuate the table’s aesthetic and consider the room’s details while picking a small rug. 

Can you have an oversized rug under a dining table?

It’s a common practice to place a bigger rug under the table in the homes where children and pets live.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a minimalistic or a thick rug.

Just make sure that it pairs well with the room’s décor. 

Can you put a round rug under a rectangular or square table?

Yes! While it is advised, for the sake of balance, it is recommended to place a round rug under the circular table only.

The same rug can work perfectly with different table shapes. 

However, ensure that the circular rug is big enough so that the shapes look coordinated. 

Can you put a standard rug under a round table?

Similar to rectangular or square tables, while placing a standard rug underneath the circular table, ensure that apart from the boundary of the tabletop, 18 to 24 inches of rug edges are visible. 

This is important so the chairs don’t slip off the rug while pulling them out. 

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Final Thoughts 

Determining the suitable size of the dining room rug is essential to maintain the floor’s integrity against scuff marks and scratches.

It’s also a frame for the dining table, bringing it into the limelight.

Traditionally, the correct rug size is 4 feet longer and wider than the table.