Mission Style Kitchen Table

Mission-style kitchen table: Here is everything you need to know!  

You have your dining table. You have your living room table.

And now you’re wondering what a mission-style kitchen table is? 

Mission-style kitchen tables are solid and sturdy, made of solid wood.

They are stylish and simple, and their build makes them go an exceptionally long way.

The signature feature of Mission-style kitchen tables are the horizontal and vertical lines, natural wood grain character, and inset or flat paneling.

With sleek and simple designs, accented joinery, and heavy proportions.

The price of these tables varies from design to design, but the minimum can average around $2000.

If you have the budget, it is a significant investment to make!

Some great examples show how this layout works well in many homes and living spaces.  

This guide will help you choose the right mission-style kitchen table to start planning your new space!

Different Styles of Mission Style Tables

an image of mission style kitchen table

Mission styles tables come in various styles so that you can pick one according to your liking!

Following are some of the most significant styles of Mission Style Tables:

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Craftsman Mission Trestle Table

First up is this simple and classic mission-style kitchen table with a 1” thick top, rounded Mission edges leg levers, and soft curved top ends.

While the signature Mission parallel lines aren’t added between the legs of either end, four are amidst the block leg on each end of the table.

Kingsbury Mission Trestle Table

Next up is a more complex design with a tabletop that is 1” thick with no rounded edges.

The wood attached around the hem of the tabletop is also relatively longer in height.

This Mission-Style Kitchen Table also comes with a Mission Central Rail and straight block legs. 

Olde Century Mission Trestle Table

Next is this elegant-looking Mission Kitchen Table with a 1” Tabletop, Mission edges, and flared-out leg ends.

Moreover, it has a classic skirt with very distinguishable half-lap corner joints.

West Point Mission Leg Table

Being the simplest of them all, this Mission-Style kitchen table has long 3 “x3” legs with corbels with the same tabletop thickness.

All these tables come with different size options, which distinguishes their price.

Design Elements of a Mission Style Table

Let’s discuss some unique design elements of Mission Style Tables to understand better what they might be!

  1. Straight and simple vertical and horizontal lines
  2. Squared, flat, and chunky elements such as legs  
  3. Parallel and vertical slats or stiles
  4. Tenon joints and exposed mortise
  5. Chairs with vertical stiles running across the backrest

These were some of the distinguishing design elements of a mission-style table.

Do you have a better understanding of how to recognize one?

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Space

Wood type is vital for a durable table, so select carefully.

Additionally, keep your kitchen environment and usage in mind!

Here are some of the woods that you might want to look into!


This wood stands out for its bold and dark look, with shades that range from dark chocolate to light brown.

The most prominent feature of this wood is that it is dense and complex, making it perfect for a dining table but also expensive.


This is the sturdiest wood of them all, with its timeless beauty.

Since Oak trees take longer to grow, this wood can be costly for some people, but it is worth it.


Pine Wood is a soft and light wood that’s sturdy and durable nonetheless!

It also has a lighter color that can be easily stained to suit your kitchen’s interior!

Additionally, its shades range from yellow to creamy white, which can be perfect for fulfilling your aesthetic.

Finding the Right Height for Your Space

This is where a measuring tape will come in handy!

First, measure out an area that leaves some moving space within your kitchen.

Next up, place your measuring tape perpendicular to the floor and stand next to different heights.

The one that gives you enough room to walk around, go for that height!

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How to Match a Mission Style Table to Your Home and Theme

If you have a small home, go for a round table since they have no corners poking out.

If not, then a classic rectangular one works perfectly fine! 

As for the theme, it all rides on your aesthetic sense, so take the wheel!

Best places to buy mission-style kitchen table

Since everything is done online nowadays, some of the best places to buy mission-style kitchen tables are:

  • Amish Outlet Store
  • Crafters and Weavers
  • Wayfair

Mission-style kitchen table – FAQs.

What are the different table styles?

The table styles range from Kingsbury to WestPoint, Craftsman, and Olde Century Mission Style Table.

What shape dining table saves the most space?

Round-shaped tables save the most space.

What is a trestle-style table?

A trestle-style table has two to three legs or supports linked by a stretcher.

The tabletop is placed over these.

What type of dining tables are in trend?

Modern-looking, simple, and minimalistic dining tables.

What do you call the table in the middle of the kitchen?

They are called Kitchen Island tables.

What kitchen table shape is best for a small space?

A small, round table is best for a small space!

Why are round dining tables better?

They free up more space since they don’t have any corners poking out.

How much space do you need for a 60-inch round dining table?

Use 12sqft/person with 8/table for a 60-inch round table.

Can I use a trestle table as a dining table?

Yes! You most certainly can!

What is the most durable kitchen tabletop?

Stainless steel countertops are usually the most durable due to their heat resistance!

Are farmhouse tables out of style?

They aren’t going anywhere but sure are getting a makeover!

What do you call a table that goes against a wall?

They are called console tables.

What are the different shapes of dining tables?

Dining tables can be oval, round, rectangular, or square.

Usually, the rectangle is the most common shape!

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