Best Backsplash For Busy Granite Countertops

Backsplashes come in various styles, materials, and colours ranging from typical white ceramic to glass tiles or even wood panels.

However, choosing a backsplash that coordinates perfectly with a particularly busy granite countertop may be intimidating.

After all, how do you complement a countertop so busy without it becoming overwhelming?

Since your countertop is already busy, it would be best to opt for a solid-coloured backsplash that is not too busy in itself.

Deciding on a kitchen backsplash for busy granite counters can be challenging, so we are here to lend you a hand.

Keep reading to understand how to select the perfect backsplash for your busy granite countertop.

How to pick a backsplash for your busy granite countertop?

an image of Backsplash for Busy Granite Countertops

When considering a backsplash for busy granite, ensure that you complement instead of competing with the natural look of your granite countertops.

You can start by examining your granite surface closely.

Do you observe anything that stands out, like a dominant colour tone or a prevailing pattern?

You can get a backsplash that helps bring forth some of these details.

In a more traditional approach, a solid ceramic backsplash that matches a predominant colour in your granite countertop will beautifully complement one another.

Going one step further, you could make a bold choice by having granite all around and matching your granite backsplash to the granite countertop.

On the other hand, you might want to add an impression of luxury and classiness to your kitchen.

In that case, you should consider a marble backsplash to boost your kitchen’s ambiance.

Even if your backsplash shades are relatively neutral, you can still spice things up to help bring more charm to your backsplash.

For one, you could play with the size and positioning of the tiles.

You will be amazed to see how grand a backsplash with large tiles may look compared to the same material with smaller tiles.

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Six Backsplash Ideas for a Busy Granite Countertop

an image of kitchen backsplash

1. White Backsplash

White tiles are a great combination with any granite countertop.

The cream-coloured countertop, spotted with black and brown, blends perfectly with the white ceramic backsplash.

There aren’t too many tile patterns, thanks to the solid colour.

White subway tile has always been a highly in-demand choice for kitchen backsplashes.

An elegant slab of grey and white granite will be the focal piece in a kitchen, so it is important not to overshadow it with something else.

Adding a boisterous backsplash to a granite countertop that is already busy would make the space look cluttered and steal the countertop’s chance to shine.

But a subway tile backsplash can easily fit the bill for any busy granite countertop.

2. Black Backsplash

Black tiles work as well as white if you want something to match a busy granite countertop.

The black backsplash does not overpower the speckled grey countertop with a herringbone pattern, even with the white grout.

Black tiles hide stains and are easy to clean as well.

Naturally, black tiles contrast nicely with white granite countertops.

The counter-to-ceiling subway tile backsplash perfectly balances the white granite kitchen countertop.

It ensures that the dark shade of the tiles does not subdue the other colours in the room.

The fact is, black in itself appears to be a busy tone.

It is a colour that shrinks space if it isn’t appropriately incorporated.

However, black granite countertops can give your kitchen a sleek look.

It would be best if you did not forget about the black-and-white combo.

If you are someone who loves a busy backsplash with a busy granite countertop, it may be challenging to achieve but not impossible.

For instance, consider a backsplash with black and white tiles above a black countertop.

It is a great design that displays beautiful different coloured stones without overcrowding the kitchen space.

3. Similar Color Backsplash

There is a way around using a plain backsplash for a busy granite.

It is called a similar colour backsplash.

One example is a mosaic backsplash containing similar shades of brown and grey coupled with the granite countertop.

This prevents it from looking too busy by creating a matching appearance that makes it feel like they belong together.

The same thing can be said for a herringbone pattern backsplash that could feel overwhelming in some settings, giving the room a cluttered look.

But, if it shares similar colours with the countertop, the two can blend easily.

Choosing similar colours is a technique that does not resonate with many people.

As they worry that there wouldn’t be any distinction and the two items will bleed into each other in an unappealing way.

However, when you use a pattern other than the one your countertop has, you will realize that the match works out.

4. Continuous Granite

To avoid a backsplash option that clashes with your granite countertop choice are to extend the same material from your countertop up the wall to act as the backsplash.

You may be concerned that the space will probably feel smaller and crowded with the continuous granite.

But rest assured that this design will uplift your kitchen to the next level.

This design looks great with floating cabinets over the countertop.

For instance, a white and dark brown granite countertop can be made into the backsplash to make the space feel open and much lighter, especially against the dark cabinets.

5. Contrasting Color Backsplash

Moving forward from taking the easy option of installing a granite backsplash, we can opt for some more complicated choices.

Striking the proper contrast between colours can be tricky, so here is some advice to help you out.

Consider a black pearl granite countertop which will be a point of interest in the kitchen.

What is very interesting is how the pale solid colour behind it is paired with it.

The light colour completely contrasts with the black granite countertop, although it still fits beautifully with the design.

It can be a hassle to deal with busy granite countertops, but if you choose a solid colour to contrast, the result turns out rather well.

Similarly, mint green and dark grey seem to be an unlikely combination for backsplashes and countertops, but they pair surprisingly well.

These two contrasting colours are rare to be found together, but it doesn’t mean they cannot work hand in hand.

Even if your preference is as simple as not wanting a simple subway backsplash in your kitchen.

Then pick a colour combination that you think might not work and see whether the pieces fall into place.

6. Brick Backsplash

Brick style is always going to be a trendy choice for a backsplash.

Granted, it is more than likely that you will want to cover the entire wall with it rather than just one segment, but it will never be too much brick!

Although you might be skeptical of installing a brick backsplash for a busy granite because the patterns might seem too much, it is not necessarily the case.

A simple backsplash might be the most straightforward answer for your busy granite countertop.

But you can still find a way around that to achieve the look you like.

However, there is one downside of brick backsplashes.

They can be a little challenging to clean because of all the grooves, dips, and imperfections that make them so lovely in the first place.

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Best Backsplash for Busy Granite Countertops – FAQs

1. How do you coordinate a countertop with a backsplash?

If you have a light-coloured countertop, you should select a dark backsplash to give more depth to the kitchen space.

If you have a very dark countertop, pair it with a light backsplash that will help the kitchen look fresh.

2. Should the backsplash go all the way to the cabinets?

How high a kitchen backsplash should go is entirely a personal choice.

Many homeowners take their backsplash up to the bottom of the upper cabinets.

However, some people choose to take the tiling up the roof.

3. What looks better: granite or quartz backsplash with a granite countertop?

Quartz is tougher than granite and thus works best with a granite countertop.

4. Which type of backsplash is easiest to clean?

Metal, glass, and ceramic tiles are the easiest to clean since they are naturally non-porous and resist staining.

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The Verdict

Granite countertops can overwhelm the overall impression of a kitchen.

So choosing a backsplash would strike the correct balance when you plan your kitchen design is essential.

Consider matching your granite countertop with a subway tile backsplash for extra minimalism and a farmhouse charm.

Or you can pick something more luxurious and pair your granite countertop with a herringbone tile backsplash.

No matter what you select, backsplashes play an essential in keeping your kitchen beautiful and durable.