Kitchen Savers Cost – Everything You Need To Know

Kitchen Savers is a US-based family-owned business established in 1979.

Initially, they offered cabinet refacing and kitchen remodeling services.

Due to their top-notch and reliable service, their clientele gradually grew, and over time, Kitchen Savers moved towards more specialized services like Custom Cabinet Refacing.

Their business is now spread all over the Mid-Atlantic and operates from multiple locations in the States.

Refacing from Kitchen Savers ranges from $4,292 to $9,974.

Custom Cabinet Renewal Process by Kitchen Savers

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As the kitchen is the heart of any home, it is one of the most used places and so are the kitchen cabinets.

Cabinets are also the star feature of any kitchen. They need to be aesthetically designed and should have flawless functionality.

Due to the frequent usage of kitchen cabinets, they often need renewal or refacing, and people need a reliable and efficient service provider.

This is where you can count on Kitchen Savers for help. They will upgrade and reface your kitchen cabinets according to your wishes.

The Custom Cabinet Refacing program of Kitchen Savers is the complete kitchen upgrading process.

It offers way more than a traditional cabinet refacing and includes the organization of accessories, electrical and plumbing modifications, and countertop upgrades as well.

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How is Kitchen Saver’s Custom Cabinet Renewal better than traditional refacing, cabinet replacement, and kitchen remodel

Kitchen Saver’s Custom Cabinet Renewal Process is better than the conventional refacing, cabinet replacement, and kitchen remodel for mainly three reasons;

1.      Cost-Efficient

Custom Cabinet Refacing will be way cheaper than a Kitchen Remodel, and as it is custom, it will also cater to all of your requirements, unlike traditional refacing.

The cost of a custom reface by Kitchen Savers will be three to four times less than a kitchen remodels and cabinet replacement.

2.      Takes less time

Going for a kitchen remodel, will take at least 6 to 8 weeks, whereas Custom Cabinet Refacing by Kitchen Savers is a much less intrusive process and takes about 3 to 5 days only.

3.      Inconvenience

Going for cabinet replacement or full-blown kitchen remodeling will keep you from using your kitchen for quite a long time, and as the kitchen is one of the most used parts of your home, not being able to use it for a long time will disrupt the functioning of your home.

With Kitchen saver’s custom cabinet refacing, it will barely take 2 to 3 days to breathe new life into your kitchen.

What makes Kitchen Savers better than competitors?

Many factors give an edge to Kitchen Savers over its competitors. Some of them are discussed below;

1.      Premium Quality Material Usage

Kitchen Savers only use the finest quality material, be it a wood replacement or premium quality laminate.

Other cabinet replacement service companies mostly use sub-standard materials like thin veneer, particleboard or thermofoil, etc but Kitchen Savers use top-quality materials that are highly durable and resistant to weather changes, warping, and humidity.

2.      Trained Staff

The staff at Kitchen Savers is highly trained and skilled in their job. They use full-time craftsmen for the job rather than subcontractors.

This not only ensures consistent quality work but also speedy turnarounds.

The finishing methods used by Kitchen Savers are so efficient that it’s hard to distinguish a refaced cabinet from a replaced cabinet.

3.      Reliable Service

One of the reasons for the Kitchen Saver’s significantly grown client base is its reliability. At Kitchen Savers, a project is considered complete only when the client is 100 percent satisfied.

4.      Customization

At Kitchen Savers, the client is presented with a wide range of cabinet styles, colors, and hardware options to choose from to ensure that refacing is done according to the client’s expectations.

5.      Above and Beyond Refacing 


The custom cabinet refacing process of Kitchen Savers doesn’t end with refacing.

It includes services and features that aren’t available in the traditional refacing, like the refacing of the bottoms and sides of the existing cabinetry, the replacement of drawer boxes, new light fittings, countertop installations, etc.

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Kitchen Savers Refacing Cost

The cost of refacing from Kitchen Savers ranges from $4,292 to $9,974 with an average of $7,132, which is 30 to 50 percent less than replacing.

It also depends on a couple of other factors like the size of cabinets, the repair needed, the customizations done, etc.


Kitchen Savers have a dedicated department and a helpline for handling warranty-related matters. Other than that, Kitchen Savers extend a comprehensive 10-year warranty on all labor and material.

Social Proof

You can find many video reviews and testimonials on their website, with clients genuinely praising their services.

One client wrote, “Totally satisfied! Love it! Our installer was the best ever! We were so lucky to have him. Thank you!”

Another wrote, “Kitchen Saver transformed my 22-year-old kitchen into a modern and vibrant kitchen. The wood cabinets and trim are first-rate. I love my new pantry with slide-out shelves.”

One of the satisfied clients specifically mentioned the ease and affordability of the Kitchen Savers Refacing “I’m so pleased with the final results of my kitchen. The process was easy and much less expensive than replacing all the cabinets. It looks like a brand new kitchen.”


Kitchen Savers is a household name now and operates at 18 different locations in the US, namely;

  • Maryland,
  • Delaware,
  • New Jersey,
  • Washington,
  • D.C,
  • Virginia,
  • Harrisburg,
  • Allentown,
  • Scranton,
  • King of Prussia,
  • Williamsport,
  • Altoona,
  • Pittsburgh,
  • Columbus,
  • Zanesville,
  • Cleveland,
  • Cincinnati,
  • Indianapolis, and
  • Orlando.

How to Contact

You can find each location office’s address, office hours, and contact number on their website.

Or you can have them contact you by filling out a specialized form on their website that requires some basic contact details, and the Kitchen Savers representative will reach out to you.

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The bottom Line

Kitchen Savers is committed to providing their clients with high-quality services and the most innovative home improvement products available not just that. Still, they are also highly affordable and easy to work with.

If you are considering refacing your kitchen cabinets, Kitchen Savers is the way to go.