Best Self-Sharpening Knife Set Reviews – A Buying Guide

From chopping vegetables to slicing thick meat, knives are essential in every kitchen’s cutlery.

Cutting with a blunt, dull knife blade requires more pressure, time, and energy.

But thanks to the in-built mechanism of the self-sharpening knives block.

Every time a knife is pulled out or inserted in the sheath, it hones the knife edge.

This continuous blade honing keeps the knife sharp for longer, so it can do the job without requiring less frequent sharpening.

In this article, our detailed discussion on self-sharpening knife sets will guide you in determining which type of knife is a good fit for your lifestyle.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Table of Contents

What Is a Self-Sharpening Knife Set?

an image of self-sharpening knife set

As the name suggests, a self-sharpening knife set automatically sharpens, so they remain convenient and time-saving.

It prepares to chop everything perfectly whenever you pull the knife through its compartment. 

Also, a self-sharpening knife set consists of diverse knives useful for chopping different things.

Each knife is allotted a slot in the organizer, where blades are installed.

It organizes the knives, keeps them clean, and maintains hygiene.  

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What to Look For in a Self-Sharpening Knife Set?

1.     Number of Knives in the Set

There are over a dozen knives, each dedicated to another purpose.

While looking for a self-sharpening knife set, one should analyze the number of knives that are a daily essential in their kitchens. 

As they say, never settle for less.

It is sensible to compare the number of knives in each set you check and select the one which gives you versatile options. 

2.     Easy Handling

A cake might be easy to eat, but baking is an effort of hours.

Similarly, every aspect of cooking consumes time and energy.

In these circumstances, a good set of knives without much caution to handle is a desire.

When opting for a self-sharpening knife set, hold the knife to feel if it is comfortable for you.

Some knives can be slippery and have a large or very small blade.

These manufacturing malfunctions affect the user’s experience and raise the feeling of risk while handling them.

3.     Lightweight

The weight of a knife depends typically on its future purpose.

Knives are used to cut heavier meat.

Whereas, for standard usage, they come to be lighter in weight, contributing to their easy handling. 

Lightweight knives can be sharpened easily and speed up the work in the kitchen.

It is vital for a self-sharpening knife set that holds lightweight knives, as holding a knife for too long causes hands to get sore and numb.

A heavy knife will contribute to complicating the workflow. 

4.     High-Quality Steel Blades

The market for every product holds different qualities and styles.

The same goes for knives.

The purpose of knives is confined to their blades. 

A good blade makes a good knife.

High-quality steel is mandatory when opting for a self-sharpening knife set.

Not only are they durable, but they avoid chipping, maintain sharpness, and are corrosion-resistant.  

5.     Easy to Maintain

The organization of knives is the essence of a self-sharpening knife set.

The product becomes a multitasker when it comes to organizing and maintaining.

The job on your end is to check its efficiency.

Make sure that the knives are inserted in their slots without any resistance and likewise when they are pulled out.

The compartment for each knife is recognizable and will not consume time to find the right one.

6.     Design Look

A self-sharpening knife set is not only efficient in organizing and sharpening but is also great at serving its looks.

The product looks sophisticated and classy when kept with the rest of the cutlery.

When buying a self-sharpening knife set, check how it is manufactured and designed.

So it meets your size requirements and does not look too space-consuming.

7.     Sharpness Durability

Where organizing ability and maintenance of a self-sharpening knife set are mandatory factors.

It is necessary to know if the particular set works well in its common purpose.

Sharpening the knife does not end the job of a self-sharpening knife set, but the sharpness and durability matter immensely.

No one prefers to be frustrated with a weak, unsharpened knife despite having a sharpening set. 

3 Best Self-Sharpening Knife Sets

1. HENCKELS Statement 20-pc Self-Sharpening Knife Set with Block

Henckels statement self-sharpening knife set is one of the most demanding and efficient. 


Blade Quality 

These knives are made out of high-quality stainless steel. 


The wooden sharpening block compliments the black knives, and everything looks organized. 

Easy Handling

Each knife is well labeled, so there are no misunderstandings about which knife goes in which slot.


– The set includes 20 knives. 

– Each knife is made of durable blades 

– Durable sharpener installed. 

– The quality of the knife offers smooth cutting. 

– The blades are rust-resistant. 


– The size of the block is very space-consuming. 

– A little overpriced. 

2. Calphalon 15-Piece Classic High Carbon Self-Sharpening Kitchen Knife Set Block

High carbon stainless steel construction is the specialty of Calphalon knives, which sets them apart from the competition.

They are also famous for being extremely easy to use and for their quality.


High Carbon 

Due to its 100% high carbon content, this steel is entirely stainless, making it safe for cutting.

Labeled Blocks 

Each knife’s slot is labeled to avoid confusion and save time. 


They have used tang and bolster designs for balance and strength.


– The set includes 15 knives. 

– The blades are made of high-quality steel. 

– The brand offers a lifetime warranty

– Effective sharpeners leave the sharp to be durable. 

– Rust-resistant knives. 


– The knives have visible imperfections in their manufacture. 

– The bolster is found to be thick, which interferes with smooth work. 

– The knives are huge and uncomfortable to hold. 

3. Ninja K32017 Foodi NeverDull 17 Piece Premium Knife System Block Set with Built-in Sharpener

As one of the best self-sharpening knife sets on the market, this set is durable and sturdy.

In addition to this, it is extremely loved, appreciated, and popular among many users. 


German Steel

The blades are made of German stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and durable. 


There is a built-in sharpener that sharpens the knives effectively through each use. 

Stone Sharpening Wheel

On swiping, the wheel takes a good angle and sharpens the blade.

The sharpness is durable. 


– Beautiful and eye-catching design. 

– The set includes 17 knives. 

– Cuts through stubborn meat effortlessly.

– The bottom of the block has suction cups installed to maintain the knives’ position. 


– They can only be washed by hand 

– The steak knives are misaligned 

– The knives are heavy to hold. 

3 Best Budget Self-Sharpening Knife Sets

an image of knife sharpening

1. McCook MC29 Self-Sharpening Knife Set, 14-Pc

The McCook self-sharpening knife set is highly demanded.

People find it convenient to use and pocket-friendly. 


Easy Handling

The knife block is easy and quick to clean. It is advised to clean them by hand. 

Taper Grind Edge Technology 

This technology is convenient and highly effective for properly sharpening the blades. 

High Carbon

The knives are highly carbon, keeping the blade stainless and rust-resistant. 


– Their products are tried and tested multiple times. 

– The design is unique and classy.

– Comfortable and easy to hold knives. 

– Worth their price. 

– The knives are super sharp. 


– They are not washable in the dishwasher.  

– Some customers received knives that were rusting.

1. Sabatier Self-Sharpening 10-Piece Forged German Steel Knife Set

Sabatier self-sharpening knives are forged from German steel and are famous for their quality and effectiveness.

Let’s take a look further into the product. 


Sharp Blades

Each blade is exceptionally sharp and retains its sharpness for a long time. 

High Quality 

The steel of the blade is stainless and rust-resistant. 


Each knife is made of one metal piece, which does not allow any breakage. 


– The set includes 10 knives. 

– Comfortable to hold and use 

– Sensible selection of sizes 

– Does not require too much maintenance 


– The steak knives are not self-sharpening 

– They can only be washed by hand 

6. Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17 Piece Kitchen Knife Set Block

The Chicago cutlery fusion is known for its beautiful design and effectiveness.

Let’s take a look at its features.


Composed of High Carbon: 

Combining high-carbon steel and black polymer makes these knives extraordinarily durable and high quality. 


The knives are manufactured in a way that they are perfectly placed and balanced in the block. 


These knives are black, which adds to their beauty and makes them stand out.


–   The set includes 17 knives 

–   Non-slippery and easy to hold 

–   Stainless and rust-resistant steel

–   Durable sharpness of the blades 

–   Classy wooden block


–    The knives are not safe to be washed in the dishwasher.

–    The knives are not very sharp.

Are Self-Sharpening Knives Legit?

Self-sharpening knives are indeed legit.

The self-sharpening blades are covered with a layer of hardened material on the cutting edge.

This rigid material ensures the cut quality of the blade. 

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Self-Sharpening Knife Set – FAQs

1. How do self-sharpening knife sets work?

Every time the knife is drawn out from its block, it gets sharpened automatically.

There are ceramic sharpeners installed inside the knife block.

You may not notice them, but they sharpen the knife’s edges to maintain their self-sharpening property.

2. Are self-sharpening blades real?

Self-sharpening blades are genuine.

Many argue that this technology does not work, but this is not true. 

3. Do knife blocks sharpen knives?

Knife blocks are known to sharpen knives, but they hardly fulfill the purpose that they are known for.

Knife blocks only maintain the knife edges.

However, they do not help with sharpening knives properly.

4. Can You Sharpen Self-Sharpening Knives?

an image of best self-sharpening knife set

As the name suggests, these knives are ‘self’ sharpening.

This means you do not need to put in effort to sharpen the knife. 

5. How Does Self-Sharpening Knife Block Work?

The self-sharpening knives have a sharpener hidden inside the knife block.

Each time you take the knife out of its block, the sharpeners inside will sharpen all the edges of the knife.

6. How does Henckel’s self-sharpening block work?

The Henckel’s self-sharpening block does not require manual struggles to sharpen a knife.

It comes with ceramic sharpeners perfectly fitted within them.

Putting in or removing the knife from its block would sharpen them without effort.

7. Do pull-through knife sharpeners work?

Pull-through knife sharpeners are the conventional way of sharpening knives.

They work to a certain extent but end up distorting the original contour of the blade.

8. Is there a kitchen knife that stays sharp?

The self-sharpening kitchen knives stay sharp 24/7.

With their in-built sharpeners in the knife, blocks will sharpen the knife every time you pull it out or store it back inside, keeping the knife sharp all the time.

9. Is Zwilling the same as Henckels?

There are some significant differences between the two.

While Zwilling knives are pricey and the blades are forged, Henckels knives are reasonable compared to the former.

It comes with stamped blades.

10. How do I identify Henckels knives?

When opting for a Henckel’s knife, search for the logo on the knife.

Henckels knives present to be stamped and harbor a single stick figure logo.

11. What is the last thing you must do after sharpening a knife?

Typically, while sharpening a knife, the burr is eventually felt on both sides of the blade.

This indicates that the knife has been sharpened, so you must stop.

This leads you to move on to the last step, removing the burr.

12. How do Chinese chefs sharpen their knives?

Chinese chefs use whetstones or Waterstones to sharpen their knives in two steps.

The first step is to wet the stone and then flatten it out to remove any uneven margins.

In the next step, the knife is held at 20° and then pushed back and forth on the stone.

Repeating this step over the other side of the knife would sharpen both sides evenly.

13. Why are Japanese knives so good?

All the chefs in the world greatly appreciate Japanese knives.

Their lightweight, fine steel and excellent balancing in hand make them popular worldwide.  

14. What angle are most knives sharpened?

Knives are sharpened at different angles across different parts of the world.

However, most knives are sharpened at a 17 to 20-degree angle.

15. What angle are chefs’ knives?

Most chefs angle their knives at 17 to 25 degrees.

Different chefs opt for a different angle between this range. 

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Wrapping up Our Best Self Sharpening Knife Sets Guide

Nobody likes to make the manual effort of sharpening knives before cooking.

Self-sharpening knife sets not only save you from spending extra energy on hustling with knives but are always there for you 24/7 with in-built sharpener slots.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your self-sharpening knife set and make cutting and slicing a convenient chore.