Kitchen Cabinets Color Change – Ideas and Guide

Renovating a kitchen is a necessity that follows every eight to ten years.

However, redefining your kitchen design from scratch gets unbearably expensive as time progresses.

Kitchen cabinet colour change allows you to touch up your kitchen by changing the paints of your cabinetry without an extensive budget.

It may seem petty, but changing your kitchen cabinet requires more strategic planning and creative thinking.

Because you have to answer questions like, which are the trendy designs?

Will the theme fit in with the entire house or not?

Here is a list of excellent kitchen cabinet colour-changing ideas that will spice up your kitchen renovation to an entirely new level of envy!

Types of Kitchen Cabinets Color Change

an image of kitchen cabinets

When changing the kitchen cabinet colours, you have endless possibilities.

However, there are two approaches that homeowners usually prefer: a single tone or a combination.

As the name explains, a single tone consists of only a single paint, while the combo allows you to pick different hues for different cabinet sections.

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Ideas for Single-Colored Kitchen Cabinets

Single-toned kitchen cabinet colour changes are ideal if you have a classic-styled kitchen theme.

Here are some exciting ideas.

1.      The Classic Wooden Stain

Wooden stained cabinets are one of the timeless kitchen colours.

There are different depths of colour available you can easily find the one suiting your kitchen theme and preferences.

These are affordable as you can easily paint them yourself and the products are available everywhere.

2.      White

White is another lasting colour that can light up kitchen interiors.

However, you’ll need to take more cleanliness with them.

If you initially had dark-coloured cabinets, repainting them white may require more effort and cost.

But it will be far less than redoing things from scratch.

Brilliant whites are common, but warmer tones of white are more in trend nowadays.

You can choose dove white or off-white colours for a more trendy-classic renovation.

3.      Beige

Beige is an excellent choice if you want something that is not flashing or gloomy dark.

There are a variety of shades available.

The colour scheme allows space for bright combinations and contrasts as well.

For instance, you can contrast beige perimeter cabinets with teal or brown centre counter cabinetry.

4.      Cherry Wood

Cherry wood cabinets are a no-fail choice for your upcoming kitchen cabinet colour change.

You can contrast them with cream walls to attain a more eye-catching look.

Mahogany is also a good alternative if you want darker shades and don’t want the cabinets to look completely black. 

Ideas for Dual-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

The second type of kitchen cabinet colour change is the dual-toned design.

Some of the trending combos are here.

1.      Navy Blue and White

Most 2022 kitchen cabinet design ideas use a splash of white in them.

Combining navy blue with bright white gives a modern-day look.

Since white-coloured surfaces make the area appear spacier, it is an ideal theme for small kitchens.

2.      White and Cobalt

Cobalt and white also make an ageless combination when you want some extraordinary.

You can explore the cobalt palette to choose a theme for your kitchen.

3.      Cream and Grey

Grey makes an ideal choice for all kinds of kitchen designs.

However, you can combine it with cream or warmer white tones to elevate the overall look of your kitchen.

4.      Neutral Grey and Sky Blue

Blue hues have a lot of design flexibility.

You can easily spice up your kitchen by pairing a sky-blue combo with bright marble countertops and grey cabinets.

5.      Gentle Yellow and Off-White

Farmhouse vibes are more of a thing in countryside houses.

Here gentle yellow and off-white kitchen cabinets make the best combination.

Another alternative for this theme is the natural wood finish with off-white cabinets.

Things to Keep in Mind during Kitchen Cabinets Color Change

an image of painting the kitchen cabinet

1.      Light Orientation

Many homeowners think that kitchen cabinets’ colour change is all about choosing your favourite colours.

However, it is essential to consider the light orientation as well.

If you have less exposure to light, you’ll need to stick to light and neutral colours because they create a spacey illusion.

In comparison, darker shades work well in brightly lit settings.

2.      Choose Different Colors for Upper and Lower Cabinets

Creating contrasts is a great way to elevate your kitchen.

However, it is essential to note that dark-coloured top segments might create an overweighing look.

Hence, experts suggest that you keep lighter shades for the upper cabinets. Remember, it’s only a suggestion!

3.      Shade Variations of the Same Color

Picking up colours for contrasts is an effort requiring a job.

So, exploring the shade variation of the same colour is a good alternative.

For instance, if you are going for walnut cabinets, you can pick a lighter and a darker shade to create an elegant contrast. 

4.      Selling or Not

When renovating your home before the sale, it is crucial to stick to neutral kitchen themes like white, grey, or beige because not all homeowners have equal preferences.

However, if the buyers allow it, you can take their suggestions and pick a theme for the kitchen cabinets colour change accordingly.

5.      Remember the Walls

Walls play an essential role in elevating your kitchen theme as well.

The ideal practice is to stick to white shades.

White walls help create an illuminated look.

If you have darker cabinetry shades, it is important to balance them with bright walls and lights so the theme looks bright and welcoming.

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Kitchen Cabinets Color Change – FAQs

How much does it cost to change the cabinet colour?

Cabinet painting is less expensive than redesigning the whole cabinetry.

However, the final costs will depend on the overall product and labour costs.

How long does cabinet paint last?

Cabinet paints usually last up to 8 to 10 years.

If maintained properly, they can endure longer as well.

How to do an inexpensive kitchen cabinet redo?

Resurfacing or repainting is the best way to redo your kitchen cabinets with minimal cost and effort.

What are some timeless colour styles for kitchen cabinets colour change?

Some everlasting styles include marble, timber combo, and neutral white and grey combinations.

Can kitchen cabinets have two different colours?

Absolutely! You can paint different sections of your kitchen cabinetry with varying colours for a more elegant and modern décor look.

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The Bottom Line

Kitchen cabinet colour change is exciting for some homeowners, while it is an effort for others.

However, you’ll enjoy the process if you have some excellent ideas to work with.

The ideas above make reasonable solutions.

But you can customize them to your preferences.

However, the most important thing to remember is that you consider the light orientation and wall colours.

If you want darker contrasts, you must balance them with bright walls or appropriate lighting arrangements.