6 Benefits of Double Oven That Make Life Easier

Considering getting a double oven?

The benefits of owning a double oven are much more than just doubling your cooking space.

Installing a double oven in your kitchen may sound like a needless expense to some, but the truth is having double ovens in your kitchen brings a whole host of benefits.

From space-saving to flexibility, read about all the advantages below.

1. More Cooking Space

an image of double oven

Whether you are cooking for your family, entertaining friends, or want to learn to make gourmet meals.

Then a double oven provides you with the extra space you need to produce your desired quantity and quality of food.

For instance, consider a family dinner where a roast in a huge pan can be cooked in the lower oven, while potatoes and a green bean casserole are cooked in the top oven.

It wouldn’t take you all day to make these dishes or require you to heat the veggies again before serving. 

Think of a birthday party when you are making lasagna for 25 guests.

With two trays in the top oven and two in the bottom, you can feed everyone simultaneously rather than serving them in shifts.

The significant number of dishes you can cook using the double oven at once makes it an efficient kitchen appliance.

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2. More flexibility

When you have dual ovens, you can cook foods exactly how you want them in whatever mode you like.

A double oven gives you the flexibility to customize your meals.

Roast, broil, bake, or steam; you have many options.

If you have tried making a broccoli casserole at 325 degrees and roasting a meatloaf at 400,

It turns out to be a headache setting the correct temperature and time to cook two dishes in the same space.

 A double oven can solve this problem by allowing you to cook each dish in a different oven.

When they are done, you can set one oven to warming mode and continue cooking in the other.

3. Save More With Less

A double oven makes life easier for you because it saves time.

Large, full-course meals need scheduling and time for rotating all the dishes through the oven.

Imagine a Thanksgiving holiday if you don’t wake up early to cook the turkey and have to cook veggies, potatoes, and pies while drying out. 

Cooking dishes simultaneously, plus the option to use your oven in warming mode, saves you precious time and the trouble of reheating before serving.

Another advantage is the energy savings that come from using a double oven.

It indeed consumes more energy to use both ovens, but you will not be cooking full-course dinners for large groups every other day. 

For making a regular meal for just a few people, you can use the smaller top oven that requires lesser energy to heat.

And by doing so, you can also credit yourself for being environmentally conscious.

4. No Strange Flavors

Have you ever had to taste a dessert that was flavoured like the garlic you put in the main course?

Say you are making a pound cake at the same time as you are roasting a whole fish.

Odours from the fish would be so strong that they would permeate everything else.

So you will have to wait for your oven to air before putting in the pound cake.

With a double oven, you can avoid this problem altogether.

Your garlic chicken can comfortably cook in one oven while your brownies bake in the other.

It may look like a little benefit.

But if you are a detail-oriented person, a cooking enthusiast, or don’t like your cookies tasting like pesto, you will genuinely appreciate this advantage of the double oven.

5. Allergy-friendly

an image of best double oven

People having food allergies can cook their allergy-sensitive meals in a separate oven from the rest of the family.

Must ensure there is no exchange of ingredients between the dishes.

For example, if you are cooking cheese Macaroni (which contains gluten) for your family, there might be contamination between the dishes when you put both in one oven.

Using a double oven, you can make your gluten-free recipe in the smaller top oven while the rest of the family’s meal cooks in the larger main oven. 

A double oven means you can enjoy a lovely meal with your family even though you eat entirely different things.

6. A worthwhile investment

A double oven makes for a profitable investment because it brings you more than just food.

In the housing market, kitchen revamps still give the highest return on investment.

A double oven is not merely an addition to your kitchen.

It is a complete upgrade because it is a more efficient appliance with better features.

Some models include:

  • One-touch controls
  • LED displays
  • Heat-distributing sensors
  • Removable doors and porcelain-coated shelves for easy cleaning
  • Multiple cooking modes
  • An automatic turn-off function

So not only will you get more space and more time, but you will also have all the latest features.

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Benefits of Double Oven – FAQs

1. Is a single or double oven better?

A double oven should be the better option for you if you cook a lot.

However, if your kitchen is small or you are concerned about energy bills, you should opt for a single oven.

2. Does a double oven save energy?

Using the small oven of a double oven range for everyday cooking consumes lesser energy than a single large oven.

3. Where a double oven should be placed in the kitchen?

Generally, double ovens should be installed 50 to 60 inches above the ground.

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The Bottom Line

A double oven lets you enjoy more time with your friends and family, whether entertaining or making a simple family meal.

You can spend more time outside the kitchen, hanging out with family or chatting with guests, rather than sweating out in front of the oven.