How Much Does A Kitchen Island Cost?

A kitchen island can be a valuable addition to your kitchen, making it both stylish and efficient.

Being an unattached structure, it makes your kitchen spacious and improves the overall layout.

Also, you can now dine in your kitchen and get rid of the ‘extra space’ you wanted for storage in your kitchen.

An entire remodeling of the kitchen will cost you all your savings.

Thanks to the idea of the kitchen island, helping the kitchen become more functional and appealing.

However, estimating costs for your kitchen island can be tricky.

You might not always know the answer to ‘How much does a kitchen island cost?’.

The average cost of a kitchen island varies from $3000 to $5000. 

Let’s dive in to help determine the cost for your kitchen islands!

Cost Based On Your Kitchen Island Material

an image of kitchen island material

The cost of adding a kitchen island may vary depending on the material and the size of your kitchen.

  • Island with a wood countertop-$500
  • 4-feet island featuring granite top and custom cabinets- $3500 
  • 8-feet island featuring a sink- $9500 
  • Custom Hardwood Island with marble countertop and sink-$1500

Some of them also come with stovetops and sinks for greater convenience.

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How Much Does A Kitchen Island Cost

There are various ways to determine the cost of a kitchen island.

Here are some ways to help you execute the idea well within your budget.

By Manufacturing Method

By manufacturing, there are three kitchen islands;

  • Stock or prefab
  • Semi-custom
  • Custom island

The most common out of all is the Stock Kitchen Island.

Some stock cabinets are just moveable structures within your kitchen, while others have table legs.

For a fact, most stock islands require self-installation.

Semi-Custom kitchen islands require professional help with the installation process.

You buy them directly through the company.

Hence, you get to choose the color and styles for this type.

For a more personalized experience, custom kitchen islands would best suit you.

You can incorporate your choices and accessories into them.

However, they may cost you the most.

Stock Kitchen Island Cost

The cost of a ready-made or Stock Kitchen Island may range from $150 to $2000.

Hence, these are pocket-friendly and ready-to-use options for you. 

Since most of them require DIY assembly, you don’t have to seek help from a professional.

Also, the wheels or table legs make them a perfect fit for your small kitchen.

Semi-Custom Kitchen Island Cost

The cost of a Semi-Custom Kitchen Island is primarily determined by how many alterations you make to its style.

You might want to change the color, overall layout, or cabinet size. 

On average, the semi-custom option would cost around $12000 to $15000.

Then, you make changes with your designer to get the desired appearance.

Custom Kitchen Island Cost

A Custom Kitchen Island will be completely customized to fulfill all your needs.

You can include everything of your choice in this type, including size, color, or even the entire layout.  

However, they cost between $3000 to $25000.

Custom Kitchen Island is for you if you have enough budget and a personalized idea to best suit your kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Island is for you!

By Type

Choice of Kitchen Islands can be sorted by their type.

Certain types of Kitchen Islands include:

  • Seating
  • Working
  • Cooking
  • Prep sink
  • Storage islands

If you choose Stock models, you have relatively less choice.

This is because of no space for a sink, sitting, or stove.

However, you have a greater degree of choice with semi-custom and custom kitchen islands.

You can select your island’s layout, drawer style, and size.

Seating Island

If your kitchen has no space for dining, the Seating Island will provide you with it.

Adding seats will not change the overall look of your island. 

If you go for a semi-custom island with seating expenses, it will cost you around $2500 to $19000.

However, choosing a custom island costs about $6500 to $30000.

Prep Sink Island

Prep Sink Island, or Prep and wash, is specially designed to prepare food and do the cleaning side by side.

Moreover, you add a dishwasher and a tap to its layout. 

The semi-custom prep sink costs from $3000 to $21000.

Whereas, if you opt for custom prep and wash, you will have to incur a cost ranging from $7000 to $32000

Working Island

A working island generally consists of a marble surface, particularly for working with dough.

Thus, it is your desired island for pizza and pastry making. 

The cost of a semi-custom working island ranges from $3000 to $21000, while that of custom averages about $7000 to $33000.

Cooking Island

Cooking Island is the most common type of Kitchen island.

Due to the large space, it provides a pleasant cooking zone for you.

Inclusive of all other costs, a semi-custom cooking island would range from $5000 to $23000.

A custom cooking island costs about $9000 to $35000.

Storage Island

Getting your hands on a storage island would be the least costly to you.

They are designed, consisting of a countertop and cabinets.

A semi-custom storage island ranges from about $2000 to $18000, while the custom one averages $6000 to $30000

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By Style

StyleSemi-Custom Average costCustom Average Cost

By Countertop material

The countertop material is a significant factor when estimating kitchen island installation costs.

If you opt for pricey material, it may affect your total costs by up to 75%.

Here are the costs for installing a kitchen island countertop;

MaterialAverage cost/square foot
Ceramic tile$1-$7
Porcelain tile$3-$28
Laminate$8 -$27
Butcher block$10-$40
Engineered stone quartz$15-$70

Labor Costs to Install a Kitchen Island

The ease of installing your kitchen island depends upon the island type.

For instance, it can be relatively simpler to install a storage type than other types.

Moreover, you can choose a particular company and pay them the entire installation cost.

For example, you may pay a fixed rate of about $120 per cabinet to a builder.

It would cost you a total of $720 for 6 cabinets.

In case of sink installation, you need a plumber who will charge you around $75 to $130.

When installing a cooktop, you might incur about $500 to $1000, while an electric cooktop requires an electrician who will charge you about $40 to $120 per hour.

For a gas line extension, your cost would range from $220 to $350.

Therefore, you must consider all these costs and then decide on your budget for your Kitchen Island Installation.

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Cost of a Kitchen Island With a Sink and Dishwasher

an image of kitchen island with a sink

If you want a Kitchen Island with a sink and dishwasher, you must make up a total budget of about $5300 to $9500.

However, this range holds for 24 square feet only.

Your prices may vary depending on the size, materials, and type of sink and dishwasher you use.

Your island will cost you an average of $3000 to $6000.

Then, the installation cost would be about $600.

You’ll need to pay $1000-$2000 for the countertop.

The sink costs $400 and around $325 to $500 for the dishwasher.

Hence, if you decide to install a kitchen island with a sink and dishwasher, you must plan ahead of time.

Make sure to take into account all costs!

Replacing An Existing Unit With A New Island

If you’re tired of your existing kitchen unit, you may want to replace it with a more functional Island.

This means you have to remove the existing one before installing the new one.

The removal of the old island will range from $300 to $500.

This makes an average of $4500 to $8500 to replace your old island with a new one.

How Much Would It Cost To Build An Island?

The estimated cost for building an Island would be an average of $850 to $1000.

Prefab islands cost you relatively less.

However, they require putting together, which you must undertake only if you have adequate knowledge.

Custom islands with electric, plumbing, and expensive countertops range from $6500 to $1000.

You might have to appoint a kitchen designer, electrician, or plumber.

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Tips to make your kitchen island more affordable

Kitchen islands can be expensive to install at times.

However, you needn’t worry.

You can cut down on costs and make your kitchen island more affordable.

Look For Alternatives

To lessen your costs, look for alternative materials.

For instance, a Quartz countertop might replace that marble for a much lower cost.

Moreover, do you need a kitchen designer, or would your knowledge suffice?

Hence, assess your needs, and decide accordingly.

Decrease The Size

To cut down on costs, you may decrease the size of your island.

The bigger it is, the more cost it requires.

However, make sure your choice is as per the size of your kitchen.

Effortless Kitchen Island

You can include this kitchen island hack in your DIY plan.

For this, you need wood (for tabletop and legs) and some planks.

Once you got these in hand, try assembling them with nails and screws.

Next, paint it with your desired color.

Add On Later

It is unnecessary to do everything about your kitchen island installation simultaneously.

You can go on with the basics and add on later to your island.

This way, you can invest in your island at a time according to your convenience.

Make It Portable

You don’t have to worry about the standards if your furniture keeps moving.

Hence, your overall installation cost can be reduced this way.

Also, you might upgrade an existing old cabinet.

You will only have to add a countertop and refinish the piece, significantly reducing costs.

How much does a kitchen island cost – FAQs

Can You Buy A Kitchen Island?

Yes, it is possible to buy kitchen islands from online retailers separately.

However, you must be mindful of the size you require for your kitchen.

Is It Cheaper To Build A Kitchen Island?

It depends on the size and the materials you choose for your island.

However, a DIY assembly island will cost you up to $1000 to $3000 for materials, which is less than the cost of buying a kitchen island.

Does A Kitchen Island Add Value?

Kitchen Island can be a valuable addition to your kitchen space.

It will provide you with space storage and add beauty to your kitchen.

Does A Kitchen Island Have To Be Attached To The Floor?

It is preferable to have your islands attached to the floor.

However, it depends on your needs.

You can also opt for a rolling island if it suits you better.

Can You Put A Stove In A Kitchen Island?

Yes! You can easily install a stove on your kitchen island if you have the right space.

What Is The Average Kitchen Island Size?

The average size of a kitchen island is 80 x 40 inches, bearing an overall height of 36 inches.

Why Does My Kitchen Island Shake?

Poor anchoring of the kitchen island to the base floor might cause it to shake and produce undesirable movements.

What Is A Floating Kitchen Island?

A floating kitchen island is one with countertops that have no support from the cabinets situated below.

Can You Fit An Island In A 10×10 Kitchen?

Yes, you can choose a small island that does not occupy much space.

Are Kitchen Islands Out Of Style?

No, kitchen islands do not go out of style.

Particularly, those built attractively are still very popular.

How Many Chairs Can Fit At A 6-Foot Island?

For a 6 ft island, you can easily fit in 6 average-sized stools.

Is It Better To Have A Kitchen Table Or Island?

Even though a kitchen table allows more accommodation, a kitchen island will also serve other purposes, such as :

  • Storage,
  • The appealing overall layout, etc.

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A kitchen island can be a useful addition and add great value to your home.

However, you must be mindful of your needs before getting yourself one.

In case of any queries, feel free to reach out!